We have prepared an extended list of unusual dog names together with a short handbook on what to take into consideration while choosing names for dogs especially for you. One thing is certain: by choosing one of our male and female dog names, you will certainly make your puppy stand out of the pack.

What to take into consideration while choosing a dog name for your puppy?

There are no limitations when it comes to the choice of a name for your new pet. However, there are several rules that you should follow, if you want to make life easier for you and your buddy:

  1. Keep it short and simple. Although dogs are able to recognize words that we say, they usually have trouble understanding long phrases. Keeping your dog’s name short will allow them to easily learn and remember it. It is always convenient in case you need to call them.
  2. Go for a unique dog name. Many dog owners choose popular dog names for their pets. In fact, this can turn out to be problematic. Imagine that you take your pooch to a dog playground and want to call them. You scream their name and all of a sudden several dogs come closer because they all share the same name.
  3. Don’t choose words with double meaning. When you pick a name for your furry buddy, avoid words that have double meanings, or resemble commonly used words. Your dog may be confused when you use their name all the time in other contexts than calling them.
  4. Adjust it to your pet. If you are looking for an unusual name for your dog, focus on your pet’s traits and try to make use of them. Examples? If you have a tiny dog, you can call them Baby, and if they’re big, why don’t you call them Tank?
  5. Be serious. You will use your dog’s name in a variety of places, so keep in mind that it should be appropriate. Avoid names that may be insulting, ambiguous, or can embarrass people around you. Of course, a name for a dog can be hilarious, but be careful not to cross the line.
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Cool dog names for male puppies

If you have a male puppy, check out some of our unique name ideas for boy dogs:

  1. Avi
  2. Baxter
  3. Dex
  4. Drew
  5. Hank
  6. Knox
  7. Leo
  8. Levar
  9. Malik
  10. Nico
  11. Nox
  12. Richie
  13. Ryder
  14. Scout
  15. Skip
  16. Stuart
  17. Tino
  18. Trip
  19. Van
  20. Ziggy

Unique female dog names

Looking for a cute dog name for a female puppy? Choose one of the following:

  1. Alta
  2. Amy
  3. Arya
  4. Ellie
  5. Fay
  6. Flora
  7. Indy
  8. Juno
  9. Kama
  10. Keke
  11. Lilly
  12. Lolly
  13. Malia
  14. Nyla
  15. Sally
  16. Sheena
  17. Sonya
  18. Stella
  19. Vivi
  20. Zee

House-inspired female and male dog names

If you don’t know how to name your dog, look around to find your inspiration. It can be anything that you like – your favorite fruit or veggie, the title of the book that lies on your bedside table, or the brand of your favorite cosmetics. All names that are short (preferably no more than 3 syllables) and will work.

Discover some of our ideas and get a sense of where to find your inspiration:

  1. Apple
  2. Coco
  3. Flora
  4. Ketchup
  5. Matcha
  6. Mustard
  7. Pepper
  8. Sneaker
  9. Snickers
  10. Zipper

Uncommon names for pups inspired by geography

Do you like traveling and sightseeing? If so, why don’t you name your dog after one of the places that you desperately want to visit, or you have already seen and won your heart? This way, your dog’s name will mean something to you and bring a smile to your face whenever you call them.

Check our short idea list for inspiration:

  1. Asia
  2. Atlas
  3. Cairo
  4. Chelsea
  5. Cher
  6. Dale
  7. Diego
  8. Eden
  9. Egypt
  10. Paris

Human names for girl dogs

Baby names are not exclusively for people. Our pets can also have them. Have you ever considered giving your adorable pooch a human name? If you have a strong bond with your new best friend and treat them like a family member, why do you have to restrict yourself to giving them a meaningless pet name? Instead, you can choose an actual name for humans. This can be the name of a film star, a protagonist of the book that you are currently reading, or just a name that you like.

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Here are some great dog names for female pups:

  1. Ann
  2. April
  3. Carrie
  4. Cassie
  5. Cece
  6. Dana
  7. Eliza
  8. Ella
  9. Kelly
  10. Kristi
  11. Linda
  12. Lisa
  13. Nancy
  14. Sadie
  15. Sasha
  16. Selena
  17. Spencer
  18. Stacey
  19. Tracey
  20. Victoria

Baby boy names that suit your dog

If your new dog is a boy, you can also find their name among those for humans. Just like in the case of female names, you can find your inspiration wherever you want. Perhaps you will name your pooch after your favorite actor or a writer? It is up to you to decide!

Find a name for your pooch:

  1. Al
  2. Austin
  3. Brad
  4. Colin
  5. Dan
  6. Ego
  7. Eric
  8. Gerald
  9. Jeff
  10. Jimmy
  11. Joel
  12. Kyle
  13. Lloyd
  14. Matt
  15. Max
  16. Mike
  17. Nate
  18. Phil
  19. Ryan
  20. Scott

We hope that our tips and moniker proposals will make it easier for you to choose the name for your new furry friend. Keep in mind that you don’t have to look far to come up with an uncommon dog name, and anything that you like can inspire you. If you are still unclear on what name to choose for your truly unique pup, carefully study our name lists and go for one of the monikers that we suggested. Have fun while picking the perfect name!

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