Are you a fresh–made puppy owner that has to choose a name for the new furry friend? You don’t have to limit yourself to Spats, Spikes, and Fluffs. To find something unique, it’s worth delving in other cultures! Hawaiian one can inspire you like no other.

About Hawaii

Hawaiian Dog Names - About Hawaii

Hawaii is an American territory, but its culture is far from homogenous. As the youngest of all US states (it became a state only in 1959), it has maintained a distinct identity combined with different influences. 

The first settlers of a Polynesian origin arrived at the islands in the third century. The first European – James Cook – arrived there only in 1778. Thus, naturally, their culture has the strongest representation on the archipelago. However, the population of the Hawaiian islands consists mainly of migrants, with Japanese as a dominating nationality. 

In today’s article, we’ll focus on Hawaiian culture, digging the best names for your pup rooted in it. If Hula or Aloha are the only ones that come to your mind, worry not – we’ve prepared an extensive list of the best Hawaiian dog names. You don’t have to limit yourself to Spats, Spikes, and Fluffs. To find something unique, it’s worth delving into other cultures!

Female Hawaiian Dog Names With Meanings

Hawaiian Dog Names - Female Hawaiian Dog Names With Meanings

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Disney, you’ve probably heard about Moana – a film based on Polynesian mythology that has become one of the studio’s most recent hits. After it premiered at cinemas, this name, popular in Hawaii, has become trendy worldwide! However, there are many other beautiful female Hawaiian dog names – we’ve gathered them all so that you can easily find a match for your pet!

  • Alaina (precious);
  • Alani (precious/orange tree);
  • Alana (awakening);
  • Anela (angel);
  • Anonui (patience);
  • Alana (beauty);
  • Aolani (heavenly cloud);
  • Iolani (bird of heaven);
  • Kalea (prayers);
  • Kailani (beach and sky);
  • Kanani (beautiful);
  • Kailua (two seas);
  • Ke’ala (the path);
  • Noelani (heavenly mist);
  • Nalani (heaven);
  • Oline (joyous);
  • Luana (enjoyment);
  • Mahina (our moon);
  • Moana (ocean);
  • Malu (peace);
  • Heiau (temple);
  • Pohaku (rock);
  • Wena (glow).
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Male Hawaiian Dog Names With Meanings

Hawaiian Dog Names - Male Hawaiian Dog Names With Meanings

Among the male Hawaiian dog names, Keanu is the most popular – for obvious reasons! But there are others that have a beautiful sound and carry meaning. Let’s just take:

  • Alleyne (precious);
  • Aloha (joyful sharing of love);
  • Alaka’i (leader/guide);
  • Aukai (sailor);
  • Aloiki (famous warrior);
  • Akamu (of the Earth);
  • Kaleo (the voice of one calling out);
  • Kawai (coming from water);
  • Kauai (a favorite place);
  • Kanoa (the free one);
  • Keoni (God is gracious);
  • Keoki (farmer);
  • Kalani (sky/the royal one);
  • Keanu (cool breeze over the mountains);
  • Kekoa (the brave one);
  • Mano (shark);
  • Makani (wind);
  • Mahina (our moon).

Hawaiian Gods Male Dog Names

Hawaiian mythology shows strong Polynesian influences, since the indigenous inhabitants of the Marquize islands were the first settlers of the archipelago. The main male deities include:

  • Lono – god of peace, music, and learning;
  • Kane – god of forests;
  • Kamapua’a – god of wild boars;
  • Ku – god of war;
  • Maui – god of the sun.

Hawaiian Goddess Female Dog Names 

Hawaiian Dog Names -Hawaiian Goddess Female Dog Names 

Just like in the case of male gods, the female ones also represent the forces of nature that have shaped the stunning archipelago. Their beautiful names could fit your furry princess. Here are some of the best Hawaiian dog names inspired by goddesses:

  • Lilinoe – goddess of mist;
  • Laka – goddess of beauty, love, and fertility;
  • Pele – the goddess of fire and volcano;
  • Poli’Ahu – the goddess of snow;
  • Na-Maka-o-Kaha’I – the goddess of water and the sea.

Hawaiian Islands-Inspired Dog Names

Since Hawaii consists of many islands, it’s worth looking closer at their specifics. If you have already visited the archipelago, you probably know how diverse they are. Their vibrant names could be an inspiration to Hawaiian dog names for your pup.

  • Hawaii (the largest and the youngest of the Hawaiian islands, known for its volcanoes and sugar cane plantations);
  • Maui (second-biggest Hawaiian island, known for its deep valleys and plantations of pineapples, citrus fruits, and sugar cane);
  • O’ahu (the most inhabited island of the Hawaiian archipelago, its main city is Honolulu, which is also the capital of the state);
  • Kaua’i (a small, mountainous island attracting tourists with its deep valleys, cliffs, and waterfalls);
  • Moloka’i (a mountainous island with a small population, known for the plantations of pineapples and cow farms);
  • Ni’ihau (the second smallest of the Hawaiian islands, flat and with not much vegetation, it’s called a Forbidden Island since any visit requires a special invitation from the private owner. A small indigenous population lives on the island, cultivating the ancient culture and speaking the Hawaiian language);
  • Kaho’olawe (the smallest of the Hawaiian islands, inhabited and relatively dry).

Hawaiian Food-Inspired Dog Names

Hawaiian cuisine reflects its history, stirring up the influences of different ethnic groups and national traditions. Since Asians constitute almost 40% of the Hawaiian population, the cuisine undoubtedly has a Far East touch. In Hawaii, soy sauce, sesame oil, raw fish, and rice flour are the essential ingredients, and many dishes show the influence of Japanese and Chinese culinary traditions. And they also sound cute! Pick your favorite among those we’ve gathered below:

  • Poke (raw fish salad served in a bowl, the most iconic dish from Hawaii, often served with edamame, tropical fruits, sushi rice or quinoa, seasoned with different sauces, mainly shoyu or teriyaki);
  • Saimin (Hawaiian version of noodle soup with Chinese and Japanese influences);
  • Taro-Ko (famous sweet potato chips);
  • Luau (a hearty stew made with taro leaves, often seasoned with ginger, coconut milk, or seaweed);
  • Mai’ia (banana);
  • Paina (pineapple);
  • Hua’ala (raspberry);
  • Huawaina (grape);
  • Apala (apple);
  • Kaloti (carrot);
  • Paukena (pumpkin);
  • I’a (fish).

Summing Up

When picking the Hawaiian dog names, make sure that it’s easy to pronounce and relatively short. With the Hawaiian ones, it will actually be easy. Most of the names listed above are one or two-syllable and full of vowels. Anyway, remember to choose something usable that you don’t need to shortcut. And rethink your choice a few times so that you don’t have to change it later! Once the dog gets used to the name, it won’t be easy to switch. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Hawaiian Word for a Dog?

Īlio (ee-lee-oh) is the Hawaiian word for a dog. It can also refer to a type of Native Hawaiian hunting dog that was used by ancient Hawaiians for hunting and working.

What Are Some Tropical Names for Dogs?

There are many different tropical names for dogs. In the United States, some popular tropical dog names include Coco, Atoll, Bali, Aruba, Barbados, Jamaica. Some people also name their dogs after tropical fruits, such as Mango or Papaya.

What Is a Good Hawaiian Name for a Male Dog?

There are a few good Hawaiian names for male dogs. Some popular ones include: Koa, Ipo or Kala. Each of these names has a special meaning in Hawaiian culture.

What Do Hawaiians Name Their Dogs?

There are many names that Hawaiians use for their dogs, and many names have a special meaning. One of the most popular names that is chosen for dogs in Hawaii is Kona. 

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