Long Story Short

  • Cats are carnivores – meat-good ✔️ fruit meh 🤷
  • Blueberries aren’t toxic to cats, but there really aren’t any benefits. 🐈
  • Sometimes, blueberries can make your cat feel blue… with allergies. The most common symptoms are itchy skin and digestive issues like vomiting or diarrhea. 🐈

Cats are the ultimate carnivores! Their bodies are specially designed to get the most out of meat, so there’s no point in treating them to fruit. But what if they eat some anyway? Can cats eat blueberries and be fine?

Are There Any Health Benefits of Blueberries for Cats?

Alright, feline fans, I know you’re curious – are blueberries toxic to cats? Well, good news, they aren’t! But hang on, before you go tossing some to your kitty, there’s a catch. There aren’t really any health benefits to blueberries for cats either. Sorry, Fluffy. As much as our human brains love antioxidants and vitamins, cats get what they need from good ol’ fashioned meat, fish, and eggs. (Plus, those sources are easier for them to digest, so they’ll actually absorb more of the good stuff.)

Editor’s Note  🐈

Can cats eat blueberries for the vitamin C they’re packed with? That’s a feliNO. They can produce that themselves (which is super cool, right?).

Is It Risky to Feed Your Cat Blueberries?

As you can probably guess, a big bowl of berries is far from good. To be honest, even a small bowl is problematic! Liver problems, dental problems, weight problems, and even diabetes are on the table!  The same goes for other berries (like strawberries and raspberries). 

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In other words, not deadly but not super safe either. 

If your cat has diabetes, stay away from any treats that contain carbs and sugar. 

is it risky to feed your cat blueberries

Are Cats Allergic to Blueberries?

Believe it or not, some cats can be allergic to blueberries! Watch out for itchy skin and digestive issues like vomiting or diarrhea (and a stinky poop). And while blueberries are generally safe for cats, it’s important to remember that other fruits like grapes and raisins can be toxic.

Can Cats Eat Frozen Blueberries to Cool Down?

In general, it’s not a good idea to give your cat frozen fruit. What you should do is to pet them with a cold cloth. You could even put some ice cubes in their water bowl (they’ll make the still water more interesting to your pet).

Can Cats Eat Blueberries Cooked?

It depends on what you mean by cooked blueberries. If it’s compote or sauce, the recipe will typically include sugar and lemon juice. Both of these ingredients are harmful to cats. Besides, when you cook blueberries, you lose some antioxidants and vitamins that make them a superfood for humans.

If you’re cooking up a batch of muffins or pancakes with blueberries, your cat shouldn’t have any. They’re all carbs and no protein – and your pet can’t taste sweetness anyway.

Joke of the Day 🐈

Why do cats always get their way? Because they are BERRY PURR-SUASIVE! 

Can Cats Eat Blueberry Yogurt?

Cats shouldn’t really eat dairy, but plain yogurt without any sweeteners added isn’t too bad for them. Blueberry yogurt, on the other hand, will typically have sugar in it. It’s not a healthy cat snack, but a few licks won’t hurt them.

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Can Cats Eat Treats With Blueberry Extract?

Cats can eat products made specifically for them with blueberry extract, but make sure to check the label for other ingredients that could be unhealthy for your cat. While the blueberry powder in treats is safe for cats, some varieties of snacks may be filled with grains and contain low-quality meat.

How Many Blueberries Can Cats Eat Safely?

Can cats eat blueberries in little amounts? It’s best not to give them to your cat at all, but if they steal one or two, they’ll probably be fine. Anything more than that and you run the risk of upsetting their stomach.

Is your cat drawn to blueberries? While they may seem like a delicious snack to you, to your furry friend they could just be seen as a fun toy! Give them a rubber ball to play with and see if they show more interest in that than the soft fruit. If they still seem curious about the blueberries, let them sniff them (but no nibbling!)

how many blueberries can cats eat safely

You Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat Blueberries

So, can cats eat blueberries? No, not really. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the occasional treat! Stick to giving them animal-based products like meat, fish, and eggs as their main source of nutrition, and you can rest assured they’ll be just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if a Cat Eats a Blueberry?

If a cat eats a blueberry, she will likely be fine. 😺

Why Does My Cat like Blueberries?

Your cat may be attracted to the sweet smell of blueberries. She might also just like to play with them. 😼

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What Berries Are Poisonous to Cats?

Some berries that are toxic to cats and dogs include winterberries, nightshade berries, mistletoe berries, and bracken. 🙀

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