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  • Can cats eat bread? They shouldn’t, but it won’t harm them!🥖
  • Freshly baked bread will result in tummy troubles.🥖
  • The safest types of bread for cats to eat are plain white or wheat bread. (Rye and sourdough breads should be avoided). 🥖
  • Raw dough is an absolute feliNO! The yeast in the dough will continue working in the kitty stomach and produce ethanol and carbon dioxide.🥖

Hey there! Did you know that cats are natural carnivores? That means their bodies are built to process animal proteins and thrive on a diet rich in meat and healthy fats. It’s important to avoid too many carbs in their diet, as they are tough for our feline friends to digest. So, can cats eat bread?

Bread Can Give Your Cat an Upset Tummy

A small piece of bread is more or less safe, but a whole slice? No, thank you. Plant products are hard for cats to digest, especially if they’re high in fiber. If your cat eats a piece of dark bread, you can expect vomiting or diarrhea. 

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Which Types of Bread Are the Safest?

Cats can eat bread as long as it’s plain bread? Well, yes. If you want to give some crumbs to your cat as an occasional treat, white or wheat bread is the safest option. 

Before sharing your bread with your kitty, double-check the ingredients. Some contain onion or garlic powder, which can make them seriously ill. So, keep bread-at-ease and take caution before sharing your snacks with your furry friend.

Editor’s Note 🥖

There is plenty of human food that is actually bad for cats. And you can easily spot it! Cats that regularly eat bread, salted meat, or potatoes, grow round bellies. They don’t look fat, but bloated. 😿

Why Do Cats Eat Bread?

Why do kitties like munching on bread? It’s not because they’re carb-loading for the day. They’re probably just intrigued by the texture or smell. Don’t believe the myth that cats eat bread because they’re missing vital nutrients. In reality, too much bread could leave them malnourished. 

why do cats eat bread

Don’t Let Your Cat Eat Unbaked Bread Dough

Oh no, kitty! Don’t even think about getting your paws on raw bread dough! That stuff ferments and builds up some nasty ethanol and carbon dioxide. If your feline friend munches on it, they could end up feeling pretty darn sick – intoxicated, even! And if that’s not bad enough, the yeast can cause some serious trouble in their belly, leading to a condition called bloat. Stay away, Fluffy – it’s not worth it!

Garlic Bread Is Dangerous to Cats

At this point, it should go without saying: garlic bread is a big NO-NO! Garlic is very toxic to cats. They may love the smell, but trust us, they won’t love what garlic does to them. To put it simply, compounds found in garlic damage cats’ blood cells. Consequently, they may get anemic, and that is a very bad condition for them. 

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The same goes for onion bread! Like garlic, onions contain the same problematic compounds.

Editor’s Story 😺

My cat Bonnie loves to eat white bread with butter, so I never eat it in front of her. But that doesn’t stop her! I once caught her chewing through the plastic packaging of a loaf. Needless to say, I invested in a bread box. 😹

Can Cats Eat Breaded Chicken?

Resist the temptation to share your breaded chicken or shrimp with your furry friend. Your cat will think it’s worth it, but that is far from reality. Fried and baked breaded meat is too oily and caloric for her digestive system. And don’t even think about offering your kitty a piece of raw meat before breading it. (Raw meat for cats should be stored separately, and served fresh out of the fridge.)

can cats eat bread crust

What About Bread Pudding?

Can cats eat bread pudding if they want some? Generally, it’s best to avoid giving your cat any kind of pudding. Most pudding contains milk or cream, something they really don’t need. And while bread pudding doesn’t usually contain onions or garlic, it can have raisins or currants. These fruits are poisonous to cats and can cause kidney failure. So it’s best to keep bread pudding away from your feline friend.

If Your Cat Is Obsessed With Bread, Hide It Away

In conclusion, can cats eat bread? Yes… but they shouldn’t. A stolen piece or bite is not dangerous. A stolen loaf is another story. Whatever you allow, let it be just a nibble. And never let your cat eat raw dough!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Bread Can Cats Eat?

Plain white or wheat bread. 

Why Does My Cat like Eating Bread?

Your cat is probably attracted to the smell or texture of bread. Some cats also enjoy chewing on bread crusts, which can feel like a natural chew toy for them.

Can I Give White Bread to My Cat?

So, your cat looks at you with her big, pleading eyes, asking for a tiny morsel? Well, a little bit of white bread is okay.

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