The Chiweenie is a modern dog breed that is a cross between the Dachshund and the Chihuahua. These small dogs can steal your heart with their kind eyes, floppy ears and lovely personality. When it comes to their flaws, such as excessive barking, you can either play them down or reduce unwanted behavior with training. If you can devote some time to it, your Chiweenie puppy can grow into the best dog in the world.

Chiweenie – appearance

When you are contemplating to get a Chiweenie, it turns out that you have a wide array of qualities to choose from. The appearance of individual dogs can be full of contradictions. They can inherit features of either of the parent breeds. As a result, Chiweenies can have:

  • long or short bodies;
  • long or short legs;
  • floppy ears or erect ears;
  • a longer or shorter snout;
  • a moderately long tail.

Make sure you know what Dachshunds and Chihuahuas look like because mother nature will design a dog that will be a unique blend of these two breeds.

Chiweenie – fur

The main coat colors of this chihuahua dachshund mix are black, brown, blonde, tan and white. Their fur comes in two combinations: solid or a mix of two colors (bi-colored). Their hair is generally short, although there exist slightly longer variations if the parent breed is long-haired. Possible textures of this mixed breed are:

  • short and bristly;
  • long and silky.

Pick a coat option that is both visually appealing and suitable for your needs. Long fur usually requires more weekly brushing session. The short one, on the other hands, doesn’t need much grooming and is more hypoallergenic.

Chiweenie – size

Considering its parent breeds, it comes as no surprise that Chiweenies are little dogs. Most weigh between five and twelve pounds in case of miniature versions and between twenty and twenty-five in case of the standard ones. They are typically from six to ten inches high at the shoulder. The actual size can differ, however, depending on the size of the pup’s parents.

Chiweenie – character

Don’t judge the book by its cover. Most people are drawn to their potential animals’ looks first. There is nothing wrong with that. The aesthetic side of things is tempting and attractive. The personality of an individual dog is what should matter most, however. Many people consider pets to be their family members or at least friends. Make sure your energy and lifestyle match these of your future furry home mate. Let’s have a look at a few qualities to have a complete overview of a Chiweenie temperament:

  • energy – Chiweenies are high-energy dogs that enjoy physical activity and games;
  • barking – if you are looking for a watchdog who will let you know of approaching strangers, this hybrid dog is the one to seek;
  • training – Chiweenies are relatively stubborn to training unless you are consistent and start early;
  • affection – they can occasionally be lapdogs who love to cuddle, but their high energy makes them choose more physically demanding activities; these small dogs often have the chosen one in a household; they latch on this person and urge a lot of attention;
  • attitude to children – they prefer being around adults or older children, but can tolerate even the younger ones when they know how to pet the dog gently;
  • attitude to other animals – Chiweenies would be perfectly happy to be only pets in a house, but they can get along with other animals after a slow introduction; separation with socialization works for various kinds of animals.
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Chiweenie – health

Designer dogs are generally healthier than purebred ones because of a genetic variance. Chiweenies are definitely quite vigorous dogs, especially when owners arrange regular veterinary appointments. However, common health issues these small guard dogs might sometimes suffer from include:

  • hypoglycemia – low blood sugar present in dogs with small stomach such as their Chihuahua parents;
  • diabetes – a condition that often develops after hypoglycemia; if your dog suffers from that condition, lifelong treatment and medication must be administered;
  • degenerative disc disease – it is a spine-related condition that Chiweenies share with Dachshunds; as a result, strenuous activities can lead to major injuries or even paralysis;
  • dental issues – prevalent among small dog breeds; to prevent teeth or gum infections maintain good oral hygiene, feed your dog high-quality food and clean your pup’s teeth;
  • hypothyroidism – after a proper diagnosis your veterinarian will prescribe proper treatment;
  • knee and joint issues – these problems happen in dogs of all shapes and sizes especially when they get older; incorporating supplements into your dog’s diet can curb some unpleasant symptoms;
  • allergies – signs of allergic reactions include sneezing, licking different body parts, coughing, difficulty breathing and rashes; make sure to detect what causes an allergic reaction and eliminate it from your dog’s environment;
  • seizures – the cause of this condition is not entirely clear; this abnormal brain activity can result in characteristic uncontrollable muscles movements, salivation and defecation.

If you are a loving and responsible dog owner, make sure to visit a veterinarian whenever you have any concerns about your Chiweenie’s health.

The right food for Chiweenie

Check the labels and choose high-quality food for your dog. Give recommended portions of food regularly. Don’t free feed your Chiweenie. It’s a slippery slope to quick weight gain and other side effects of excessive kilograms. Be careful with treats too. They are great during training sessions but divide them into smaller chunks so that your dog enjoys the reward but doesn’t overeat. If you struggle with keeping your dog in the right condition, don’t hesitate to consult a dietician.

General dietary requirements for Chiweenie

In order for your Chiweenie to thrive and live a long and happy life you need to choose well-balanced, premium dog food that contains:

  • protein – should come from animal sources so that these tiny wolves ancestors can digest it properly;
  • fats – animal-based fats are bioavailable for Chiweenies;
  • carbohydrates – whole grains are the best sources of these macronutrients because they also contain valuable vitamins and minerals.
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You can also include supplements that are a powerful addition to your pet’s diet:

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin – keep your dog’s hips and joints in good condition;
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA – enhance the the skin and coat condition; it gets healtier and shinier; additionally, these supplements positively influence the brain, heart and eyes functioning;
  • Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and balanced mix of minerals – boost your Chiweenie’s immune system.

Life expectancy

Internal (genetics) and external (life conditions) factors play a role in determining your dog’s quality and length of life. With good and long-term care, you can considerably prolong your pet’s lifespan even if genetics and underlying conditions are a problem. You can expect a healthy Chiweenie to live between 10 years and 15 years.

Chiweenie – care

Regular veterinary visits are the cornerstone of any pet’s wellbeing. As for Chiweenies, grooming is rather on a basic level: check your dog’s ears and clean them as necessary, clip its nails so that you don’t hear any clicking when they walk, brush its fur about once a week. Moreover, dental health is often a problematic issue. As smaller dogs have a tendency to suffer from dental-related problems, the best idea is to get your dog used to brushing its teeth daily when it is till a puppy. It may be difficult but it’s not impossible. Positive reinforcement and consistency are the key to success.

Exercise is essential

Chiweenies are prone to weight gain so remember that your dog needs daily walks and play sessions. When you provide your crossbreed pup with enough exercise you kill two birds with one stone because you tend both to its physical and mental health. The recommended amount of activity is at least one longer walk (minimum half and hour long) and a couple of shorter ones mixed with fun play sessions at home or outdoors.

Mental stimulation

Every dog will benefit from riddles and activities that keep their minds busy. Mental stimulation may reduce unwanted behavioral issues, bring pets entertainment and strengthen their bond with an owner. Small dogs adore their owners, so they gladly obey them during training sessions. Additionally, keeping your pup mentally active will delay and reduce its mental decline in the future. A few ideas for your brainy dog are:

  • interactive play – for example a game of fetch;
  • teaching your dog new tricks – whatever comes to your mind, keep it short, pleasant and always reward your dog’s effort;
  • create an obstacle race;
  • visit to a dog park – environmental enrichment in the form of new territory and dog friends.

Chiweenie – price

On average, the cost of this chihuahua mix is estimated as ranging from 200$ to 500$. Even though Chiweenies can be pricey, you can still find them in animal shelters. If you are determined to go for that breed, check out your local animal shelter. A lovely Mexican hot dog might be waiting for you there. Adoption is a noble thing to do for many reasons.

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Chiweenie – breed history

There is a speculation that Chiweenie might have been a natural breed somewhere in North America before people attempted at deliberately mixing a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. Breeders wanted to combine positive qualities of two parent dogs while reducing back problems that afflict Dachshunds.

Chiweenie – for whom?

Chiweenies make great apartment dogs due to their relatively small size. They are extremely loving and adorable, but also make noise when they detect any activity outdoor. If you enjoy a little chaos in your life but also an energy that this small dog with a lovely temperament will introduce to your life, this designer breed may be just for you.
Chihuahuas and Dachshunds come with a short coat and so does the Chiweenie. This modern breed is therefore a good choice for people suffering from allergies.
These small dogs can be quite needy towards a chosen person. It means that they will be perfectly happy living with singles or small families. Owning a chiweenie means having a loyal furry friend for years.

Chiweenie – trivia

Below we present a few interesting facts about the Chiweenie:

  • Chiweenies are alternatively called Choxies, Weeniehuahuas, the German Tacos, or the Mexican Hot Dogs – these nicknames can serve as a base for choosing a fun moniker for your pup;
  • a dog celebrity who proudly represents a a chiweenie dog breed on social media is Tuna who has over 2 million followers on Instagram; the pup’s peculiar looks and adorably protruding teeth has made him famous in an instant – check out his account tunameltsmyheart if you want to see more snippets from this special chiweenie’s life;
  • some less common coat colors of a Chiweenie coat are: silver, fawn or blue; expect to pay more money if you want your dog to stand out from the crowd in a dog park.

Dog parents will definitely enjoy the company of a Chiweenie – a small, cheerful, loyal and active dog. They are healthy dogs that don’t require a lot of grooming. Choxies can be a lovely animal companion that loves chilling on your lap as much as an evening walk in a dog park.

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