Grits are a type of oatmeal made from boiled cornmeal. It can be savory or sweet, and is often served as a breakfast dish. It can also be part of a dinner entrée, like shrimp and grits. The origins of grits can be traced to the Native American Muskogee tribe. So, can dogs eat grits together with their owners?

Key Takeaways

  • Plain grits won’t harm your dog ✔️
  • You shouldn’t give your dog a lot of grits because of the starch content ❌
  • Sweetened or flavored grits should be avoided ❌
  • Make sure your dog isn’t allergic to corn before giving him grits as a treat 👀

Is Corn Good for Dogs?

Is Corn Good for Dogs

Corn kernels are hard for dogs to digest, and they won’t get any beneficial nutrients out of them. Eating corn in large quantities can actually lead to digestive problems in dogs like gas, bloating, and diarrhea. However, if your dog does eat a little corn now and then, don’t worry – they’re not likely to suffer any serious consequences. In fact, corn is sometimes used as a filler in dry dog food.

Some dogs are allergic to corn, so if your dog starts to show signs of an allergic reaction (itchiness, excessive scratching, hot spots, etc.) after eating grits, stop feeding the dish to them and consult your veterinarian.

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Are Instant Grits Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Some people might think that because grits are instant, they must be unhealthy for dogs. It’s true that they aren’t the best choice for a snack, but the real reason is that grits lack nutritional value and can lead to weight gain. They’re empty calories, full of carbohydrates and lacking in protein.

That being said, dogs can eat corn grits safely, as long as you’re not feeding them piles of salt or sugar. So, if you want to share some of your grits with your dog once a month, go ahead! Just make sure they’re cooked plain, without any added salt, sugar, or butter.

What can dogs eat grits with, as a more nutritious meal? Here are some ideas for additional ingredients:

  • pieces of dried meat;
  • whole eggs;
  • shrimp;
  • fresh salmon.

What About Dry Grits?

Dogs shouldn’t eat dry grits, as they could choke on them or suffer from stomach irritation. Make sure you only feed your dog cooked grits, either plain or with additional ingredients that are safe for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Hominy Grits?

Can dogs eat hominy grits

Hominy grits are made from corn that has been treated with an alkali in a process called nixtamalization. This removes the pericarp (or ovary wall) from the corn kernels.

The process doesn’t affect their safety, and hominy grits can be found in most grocery stores these days. So, just like with normal grits, your dog can have some as a treat, but it’s not recommended to feed them often.

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Can Dogs Eat Grits Fried?

The answer to this question is a definite no. Fried grits are not safe for dogs to eat, because they contain unhealthy fats and oils that can make your dog sick. If you’re going to serve grits to your dog, cooked and unseasoned is the way to go!

Can You Make Cheese Grits for Your Dog?

Cheese grits are a popular southern dish made from cheese, butter and grits. Unfortunately, they’re not a good choice for a dog snack. Grits are even less healthy for dogs when combined with fatty cheeses, so it’s best to avoid this combination. Cheese and butter can also contain lactose, and many dogs are lactose intolerant.

Can Dogs Eat Grits and Eggs?

Can Dogs Eat Grits and Eggs

What about another classic southern breakfast dish? Can dogs eat grits and eggs? It’s actually a pretty good meal for them! The eggs provide protein and essential nutrients, while the grits are safe and filling. Just make sure the grits are cooked plain, without any added salt or butter.

Can You Serve Your Dog Soy Grits?

Soy grits are made from soybeans, and are a good source of protein. They’re also low in fat, making them a healthier option than regular grits. However, some dogs can be allergic to soy, so it’s best to check with your veterinarian before feeding them to your dog.

Share Grits With Your Dog in Small Quantities

While they’re not toxic to dogs, grits are empty calories should only be given to dogs as a rare snack. Make sure they’re cooked plain, without any added salt, sugar, or butter. A spoonful or three should be safe, but don’t give your dog a full bowl of grits. Ideally, your dog shouldn’t eat grits more often than once a week.

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Now you know what to answer if someone asks, “Can dogs eat grits?” during breakfast! But if you have any other doubts, feel free to leave us a comment!

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