The Sleepets AirPaw Dog Tracker is not just a gadget; it’s a peace of mind for pet owners. Inspired by the success of Apple AirTag, this unique tracker merges seamlessly with the Apple Find My network, ensuring that you never lose track of your furry friend.

Design and Durability

Crafted from durable plastic with aluminum edges, the Sleepets AirPaw Tag is built to withstand the antics of even the most playful pets. Its water-resistant design allows your pet to swim and play in the rain without worry. The package includes a battery and a handy tool for easy installation, ensuring your tracker is always ready to go. Plus, the eco-leather strap makes it effortless to attach the tag to your pet’s collar securely.

Customization Dog Tag Tracker

What sets Sleepets AirPaw apart is its customization options. You can personalize the tag with your pet’s name, your contact details, allergies, habits, and even add a photo. Each tag comes with a unique QR code, granting access to edit your pet’s information. In case the tag is lost, this feature provides indisputable proof of ownership, reducing the chances of someone keeping it.

QR code passport info:

  • Name your dog.
  • Include your personal details and preferred contact method.
  • Describe any allergies your pet may have and its habits.
  • Mention your address, phone number, and email address.
  • Upload a picture of your beloved pet.
  • Specify the breed and date of birth of your dog.
  • Provide information about vaccinations received.
  • Detail any known diseases or health issues your dog may have.
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No Apps, No Hassle

Unlike other trackers, Sleepets AirPaw eliminates the need for separate applications or subscriptions. The tag operates seamlessly within the Apple ecosystem, connecting easily to your iPhone through the Find My network. Setting it up is a breeze – insert the battery, follow a few simple steps on your iPhone, and you’re good to go. The tag’s efficiency is matched only by its simplicity.

How to Set-up:

  1. Access Find My from your iPhone;
  2. Select the “Things” tab;
  3. Introduce a new device named “Non-Apple Tracker”;
  4. Be patient while the system detects the tracker;
  5. Establish a connection and complete the setup process;
  6. Customize your Sleepets Tag tracker to your preferences.

Tracking and Range

Utilizing the Find My network, Sleepets AirPaw ensures a vast tracking range, especially in urban areas where Apple devices are plentiful. Even in less populated regions, the tag records the last known location, aiding in your search efforts. The built-in speaker enables you to locate the tag audibly, and you can activate lost mode or share search information with friends when needed.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Worried about charging? Sleepets AirPaw boasts an impressive battery life, lasting up to a year on a single battery. The tracker intelligently conserves power, and when the battery runs low, a notification prompts you for a quick and affordable replacement, ensuring your pet is always protected.

Is it worth it

While Sleepets AirPaw may not be the most advanced pet tracking device, its simplicity and reliability make it the perfect choice for pet owners who want peace of mind without the fuss. With its robust design, easy customization, seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, and long-lasting battery life, Sleepets AirPaw Tag is more than just a tracker; it’s a companion for every pet owner, ensuring that the bond between you and your pet remains unbroken, no matter where they roam.

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