So, if you’re curious about your cat’s constant meowing, this is the right place. To discover all about the different reasons behind your pet’s meowing, stay with us till the end.  

What Does Your Cat Meow Mean? 

The meow of your cat can tell you a lot about it. Meowing or vocalization is a vital way for communication in felines. 

However, if your cat is meowing without any interruption, it can be annoying. In these circumstances, the best you can do is control them. But how can you control them if you don’t know the source behind their meowing? Here are some of the common causes why your pet is constantly meowing:

Your Cat Is Trying to Greet You 

One of the most common causes, why your cat keeps constantly meowing when it sees you, is because it missed you all day. 

This can usually happen if you’ve been away for a long time and your cat is delighted to see you home. However, this can also occur when your cat meets fellow felines. In all these cases, your cat can constantly meow to express its excitement. 

Your Cat Is Hungry for a Long Time 

Another reason why your cat keeps meowing is that it might be hungry. The meowing sounds more like crying in this situation. It might happen when you’ve forgotten to feed your cat for a long time or even when it’s not their usual snack time. Your pet can wander around the feeding corner of the kitchen when you’re preparing food, and you easily hear your cat meow at this time. 

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Your kitty Is Going Through Stress 

Your cat can meow on a constant basis when it is under some kind of anxiety or stress. This can occur due to an underlying medical condition or even when your pet is facing some kind of eating disorder. 

Your pet might also have an allergy to a particular food which is why it throws up every time it eats. Besides, your cat might be in constant fear due to a loud noise nearby, which can also cause stress. In stressful situations like this, your pet starts meowing constantly. 

The best way to deal with it is to take your pet to a nearby vet and carefully follow the vet’s instructions. 

Your Cat Wants Your Attention 

Your kitten might be meowing because it demands some extra attention for itself. This can happen if you have another pet and your kitten wants some extra love for itself. 

If your kitten circles around you and rubs its chin against your leg or belly, it means it wants your attention. Cats show their love in different ways, and the best way you can take care of them is by giving them the attention they deserve. 

Your Cat Wants to Breed  

This is more common in the case of mature cats, especially during the mating season. When mature female cats are in heat, they keep meowing in an excessive manner, and the vocalization is more like a yowl. 

These cats can be extremely noisy and might annoy you a lot. Male cats can also produce such yowling sounds when close to a female one in heat. It can be very troublesome to deal with as the constant yowling does not stop. 

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You can put an end to this behavior by talking to your vet about spaying your cat. 

Your Pet Might Be Feeling Lonely

Cats don’t have a lot to do in their free time, especially when there’s no other pet in the house and you’re away for work. They feel alone too, which is why they look for something to entertain themselves in the quiet house. 

To get rid of this loneliness, cats pick up the habit of meowing or purring frequently. It keeps them entertained and also helps them relax within their lonely surroundings.  

Your Cat May Be Sick 

If your cat is 7-8 years old, constant meowing can be a matter of concern. As cats grow older, they develop different medical issues. Some of these issues can be extremely painful, which is why cats cry constantly. 

There can be different medical diseases that can be painful for your pet. It can be a gastrointestinal disorder, a food allergy, and hormonal issues like hyperthyroidism. Due to such painful disorders, your cat may constantly wail. 

Your cat can howl due to many neurological disorders as well. If your pet is showing aggressive behavior suddenly and has violent attacks, the cause might be an underlying brain disorder.  

Some common symptoms that your cat may experience during this stage are loss of appetite, throwing up constantly, abnormal tail movement, unusual gait, and so on.  

Your pet needs urgent admission to a health care facility in this condition. The vet might perform some blood tests and an X-ray to find out the exact cause behind your cat’s wail. So, if you observe some unnatural symptoms in your pet and constant meowing, you should not delay taking immediate steps. 

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Final Words 

To bring the discussion to the end, it can be said that meowing is a behavioral pattern in both young and mature cats. The reason behind this kind of vocalization can differ from cat to cat. 

If you observe your cat’s body language, you can have an idea why your cat keeps meowing constantly. However, if it feels abnormal to you for any reason, the best option would be to consult a veterinarian or behavior specialist as soon as possible.

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