Has your cat ever stared at you directly into the eyes to a point where you might have felt scared and worried? If a question like, why does my cat stare at me, arise in your mind, there’s nothing to worry about. We’re here to guide you through this specific behavior of cats, so stick with us till the end.  

Why Does My Cat Always Stare at Me? 

If you’ve caught your cat staring at you without blinking, it might be concerning for you. Want to know what’s the motive behind your cat’s direct eye contact? Let’s find out some of the reasons why cats give you a blank stare:

Your Cat May Be Hungry 

Cats often love to communicate with their eyes. So, one of the most important reasons behind the stare and the glare is because it is famished! It might be past snack time, and you might have forgotten due to workload.

The best way to determine whether your cat is staring at you out of hunger is by observing its sitting area. If your cat is sitting around its food corner and giving you a long stare, it’s probably because of hunger! So, get your kitten its favorite snack to munch on, and your cat will stop staring at you right away. 

Your Kitty Wants to Show Some Affection  

As we’ve said before, cat communication happens through the eyes. They express their emotions through their eyes. Cats are different from humans, so all they can use to show love is a stare and some handful of gestures.

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One of the reasons why your cat is staring at you for a long time can be because it wants to show you how much it adores you. In fact, a cat’s stare is a vital non-verbal form of interaction for cats. This staring is often followed by cuddling in your lap and trying to be playful with you.

So, instead of getting worked up, appreciate the sign of affection that your feline friend shows you by eye contact.

Your Cats Stare When They Want Attention 

Cats are in many ways similar to dogs when it comes to behavioral patterns. Just like dogs, cats also like staring at their parent’s eyes to grasp their attention. So, if your cat is staring at you for a long time, it might also mean that it is trying to connect you with you. 

Your kitten might be trying to engage you in a play or is interested in just cuddling. So, if your cat is giving you a long gaze, it probably means that it needs your attention for the moment.  

Learn How to Read Your Cat’s Body Language 

Building a communication system with your cat can be pretty difficult, as cats communicate differently. 

While staring can be something strange among humans, it is a way of interaction for your feline friends. To make sure that you understand your cat’s behavior properly, start by learning its body language. Watch its body movement so that you can get to know your cat better. 

When Your Cat Is Angry 

Many cats can look creepy when they’re angry about something. In this situation, they will stare at you vacantly and waggle their tails instead of laying them down or tucked.

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This is a sign of anger and is soon followed by ears pushed sideways and pupils looking wider than normal. 

If your cat seems angry, the best thing would be to leave it alone for some time and give it some space to relax. You can keep some soft toys by your cat’s side or even place its favorite snacks to eat. It will slowly help the cat to open up to you and be comfortable around you in no time. 

When Your Cat Is Happy 

If your pet is staring at you with slow blinking now and then, it’s possible that it is interested in playing with you. In happy and playful circumstances like this, your pet has its tail down and has a firm posture. 

It usually remains in close proximity to you and gazes at you with a few blinks here and there. These are the signs of a happy cat! This can happen after you wake up or when you return from work at night, and your cat feels happy to see you. 

If your furry friend is showing gestures of joy and playfulness, try engaging with it and spend some quality time. Rub its back and give it some delicious treats to return the love.

When Your Cat Is Afraid 

If your cat is giving you a stare by keeping a distance from you, it’s probably because it’s scared of you. You might have done something to scare it away, or you might have scolded it pretty badly. 

Your kitten might also be scared of something it saw outside or by a loud noise somewhere. In this situation, your cat usually folds its tail and hides somewhere under the chair or table.

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If your cat glares at you with this kind of body language, fear is a possible reason. Cats are naturally attuned to non-verbal communication, so their constantly dilated pupils can actually represent angry cat behavior.

Let your cat keep its distance and allow it to approach you by providing some of its favorite snacks now and then. This will relax your cat and provide it an opportunity to get comfortable around you again. 


To wrap up the discussion, it can be said that staring is one of the most important ways in which a cat tries to engage with you. In order to fully understand what your cat is trying to convey to you, it’s necessary to assess its every move. Only by understanding its behavior pattern can you establish a strong bond with your cat.

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