Key Takeaways

  • Can cats eat dog food? Technically, yes, but it’s not recommended. 😻
  • Dog food is formulated differently than cat food and doesn’t have all the nutrients that cats need. 😻
  • Dog food has more carbs because dogs are considered omnivores and can digest a wider variety of foods, including carbohydrates. 😻
  • From a safety standpoint, it’s okay for cats to eat dry dog food but consuming dog food every day may result in nutrient deficiencies in cats. 😻

Cat Food Contains Taurine – Dog Food Doesn’t

Cat Food Contains Taurine -Dog Food Doesn't

The biggest difference between cat and dog diets is that cats require taurine. It’s an amino acid which is abundant in the prey they usually hunt – namely, in mice. Most meats that humans eat (and produce pet food from) are poor sources of taurine, so it’s added to commercial cat food as a supplement.

Dogs, on the other hand, can synthesize this amino acid in their bodies from others, so they don’t require as high of levels in their diet. This is one reason that its supplements are not added to dog meals.

Taurine is important for cats because it’s essential for a healthy heart and good vision. It also helps prevent cognitive decline later in life. A lack of it can cause heart problems, blindness, and other health issues in cats.

Cat Food Has More Protein – Dog Food Has More Carbs

Another key difference between cat and dog food is the amount of protein and carbs they contain. Cat kibble and wet food have more protein because they need to supply all the taurine needed for a cat as well as meet their overall energy needs.

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Besides, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they only need animal-based food. Their bodies aren’t optimized to use carbohydrates. For them, carbs are just empty calories, which is why low-quality kibble consisting mostly of grains isn’t recommended by pet nutritionists.

Dog food, on the other hand, has more carbs because dogs are omnivores and can digest a wider variety of foods. This includes both plant- and animal-based proteins. Dogs also need a small amount of carbohydrates to meet their energy demands – they often burn off more calories than cats due to their high level of activity.

Is Dry Dog Food Bad for Cats?

Is Dry Dog Food Bad for Cats?

From a safety standpoint, it’s okay for cats to eat dry dog food. It doesn’t have any harmful ingredients, and can be digested quite easily by felines. But that doesn’t mean they should have it! Cats don’t need the extra carbs and can become overweight if they overindulge in dog food.

Consuming dog food every day may result in nutrient deficiencies in cats. This can cause serious health problems down the road, combined with the fact that wet food is better for cats in general. So if your kitty steals food from your dog from time to time, make sure they’re still eating all of their regular meals!

Here are some differences between cat food and dog food.

Is Canned Food for Dogs Also Good for Cats?

Again, it’s generally safe, but not recommended. Canned food for dogs usually contains less protein (about 10% of the entire mass) than canned food for cats (about 15-25%). That’s because cats require more protein in their diet, and it’s especially important that it contains the amino acids that aren’t found in dog food.

If you run out of cat food, you can give your kitty one meal of your dog’s canned food, but no more than that – and make sure it doesn’t happen often!

What if You Catch Your Cat Eating Dog Food?

What if You Catch Your Cat Eating Dog Food?

If you catch your cat having dog food, don’t panic! It’s not the end of the world. But do try and get them back on a regular diet of feline-specific food as soon as possible. To prevent them from stealing food from your dog, you could feed them at the same time in separate rooms. Also, make sure the bag is securely closed so that your kitty can’t break inside.

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Can Cats Eat Dog Food as a Treat? Is It Safe for Cats?

You’ve just finished a play session with your cat and wonder, can cats eat dog food as treats? The answer is yes, as long as it’s in small amounts and not every day. Like people, cats enjoy treats every once in a while.

But keep in mind that dog food may not have all the nutrients that cats need to stay healthy, so it shouldn’t be their only source of nutrition. If you have cat-specific treats at home, such as dried meat or fish, it’s better to stick to those as they don’t contain unnecessary carbs.

How About Vice Versa? Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

How About Vice Versa? Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Yes, dogs can technically eat cat food. But much like with cats, it’s not recommended as a regular diet for canines. Unlike cats, dogs are omnivores and can digest carbohydrates quite easily. This means that they don’t need all the extra protein found in kitty food. Too much protein can actually be bad for dogs and can put a strain on their kidneys.

Editor’s Tips 😻

Cats who steal dog food risk getting fat and suffering from obesity and many companion health problems such as diabetes, heart issues, osteoarthritis, urinary stones, or even cancer. The only way to stop cats from eating dog food is to control the cat’s access to it. Some tips to stop cats from eating dog food are: avoiding free-feeding your dog, feeding both at the same time so that the other one doesn’t get jealous, incorporating automatic pet feeders, placing your dog’s bowl in an elevated spot (if Rocky is bigger than Mitten, of course).

Don’t Feed Your Cat Dog Food – Unless It’s an Emergency

So, can cats eat dog food? The answer is yes, but it’s not recommended. Cat food has all the nutrients they need. Feeding your cat a small amount of dry doggy food as a treat sporadically is okay. But don’t make it a regular thing, as they can become nutrient deficient over time.

If you run out of cat food and have to give your kitty a meal of wet dog food, make sure it’s only once in a while! A small amount of dog’s food won’t harm your cat, but remember that cats and dogs have different dietary needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if Cats Eat Dog Food?

Eating dog food may not be a cause for alarm if it only happens on occasion. It is important to keep an eye out for signs of allergies, including vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, and changes in behavior as well as excessive grooming or scratching.

Can Cats Eat Dog Food Temporarily?

If it’s an emergency, then yes! You can feed dog food to cats temporarily, it is not toxic to cats. Just never make it a habit!

Why Does My Cat Eat Dog Food?

Depending on the food manufacturer or food brands, many cats may be drawn to the taste, texture, and smell of dog food. Cats may also eat it out of boredom or if they are missing certain nutritional needs. If your cat is eating dog food on a regular basis, it is important to speak to your veterinarian about possible dietary modifications or supplementing with additional nutrition.

What Can I Feed My Cats When I Run Out of Cat Food?

You can give your cat baby food (chicken or pork), tinned tuna, ham, liver, a boiled egg with meat, and rice. Some cream is ok too, but never go overboard. Never feed them chocolate, leek, onions, or raw eggs. You can always ask your neighbors for a bowl of food for Mitten.

Poem of the Day 😻

For a treat they’ll dip and dive,

My cats love to take a bite of dog food sometimes.

Though I try to keep them away,

I can’t help but smile at the sight of their playful display.

A snack full of crunchy morsels they’ll enjoy,

Even if it’s not something that I deploy.

Though there’s no need to be alarmed,

In moderation, my cats eating dog food won’t do them any harm.

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