Nebelung cat – it sounds like a magic creature, don’t you think? Well, with their shining green eyes and gray-bluish coat, Nebelung cats can definitely play the leading role in some fairy tale. Are you curious about this breed? If so, read on and find out more about these cats, their personality traits and care needs.

History of the Nebelung Cat

The Nebelung breed was created basically “by accident” around 1980. Cora Cobb, a woman from the United Stated, adopted a stray cat with long dark fur and named her Elsa. Few years later Elsa mated with another dark long-haired cat and give birth to 6 adorable kittens – one of them seemed to be really special. It had gray-bluish long fur and resembled a Russian Blue. Cora Cobb named him Siegfried.

A few years later Siegfried’s siblings were born, and once again, one kitten from the litter seemed to be really special, with her long and silky coat and blue color. Her name was Brunhilde. Siegfried and Brunhilde are the characters from a German epic poem “Song of the Nibelungs” – that might explain how the name of the breed was created.

Another popular theory refers to a German translation of the word “nebel”, which means “fog”. Nebelung cats look like they just arise from the mist, thanks to their mysterious look and unique color. These two cats, Siegfried and Brunhilde, are the parents of the Nebelung breed that is now registered by TICA.

They are very similar with all their traits to a Russian Blue, with one big difference – Nebelung cats have long fur, while Russian Blue cats are typically short-haired.

Nebelung Cat Breed Characteristics

Nebelung cats are recognized by their long and silky in touch double coat, which is typically gray or gray-bluish in color. Their eyes are big, almond-shaped, and green or yellowish-green in color, and their tails are long and furry. They are sturdy, muscled cat with long bodies and slim, long legs. The blue coat of Nebelung cats is silky in touch and requires a regular grooming.

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These cats are medium-sized, typically weigh from 4 to 7 pounds and their height is 9-13 inches. Their life expectancy is 11-18 years.

Nebelung Cat – Temperament

Nebelung cats seem to be a perfect pet for everyone. They are affectionate, playful and appreciate time spent with their owner. At the beginning they can keep a distance from strangers, but in time they accept other people around them. They enjoy playtime and cuddles, but sometimes they need space and time alone. Usually they select a few people and create a strong bond with them during a lifetime.

One thing to keep in mind is that Nebelung cats can be fussy when it comes to their care. You might have to clean their litter box more frequently, and spend more time when choosing a perfect cat food for your pet. When Nebelung cats are unhappy or need something, they can be quite vocal, and follow their owner from room to room.

You should also start your pet’s socialization quite early, because Nebelung cats like routine and every change in their diet, household, or everyday activities, might be uneasy for them. Nebelung cats are typically good with other pets and children, but they might need some time to adjust.

How to Groom a Nebelung Cat

Due to their long or medium double coat, Nebelung cats require a regular grooming to help them look and feel their best. First of all, you have to remember to brush their coat regularly, to avoid any mats and tangles. Once a week is a minimum for this breed, but during shedding periods they may require even more frequent grooming. Use a specific brush designed for long-haired cat breeds and always brush the coat in the direction of hair growing.

Cats usually are great in keeping their fur clean and healthy, so you don’t have to give them a bath. There might be, however, specific situations, like health problems (fleas) or very heavy stains on the fur (for example from oily substations), that may require a bath. In this case you should remember to use a cat-specific shampoo.

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Last but not least, remember to trim your cat’s nails if necessary, and clean their ears regularly with a cotton pads. If you are not sure how to clean or groom your pet, be sure to contact your veterinarian to ask for a guidance.

How to Train Nebelungs

Nebelungs are quite intelligent breed of a cat, and they can learn different commands in no time. Be sure to start their training early, when they are kittens, and be sure to keep training sessions interesting and short. Nebelung cats like routine, so be sure to follow their daily habits and don’t change anything in their life without a good reason.

These cats are usually good with people and other animals, but they will not be friendly and predictable without a proper socialization from an early age. Be sure to introduce your cat to different people, pets, and situations, so you can enjoy a company of a well-behaved and calm feline friend. A good idea is to create a comfortable spot for your cat by the window or on a secure balcony or terrace, from where they can observe the world and experience new challenges.

Nebelung – Common Health Concerns

Nebelung cat is a relatively new breed, so there are not much information about their health problems and diseases they might be prone to. They can experience some types of food sensitivities and allergies, so be sure to provide your cat with a nutritious and high-quality food. Avoid feeding them anything like table scraps or cheap treats with a lot of sugar or salt.

Other common problems that can be found in this breed include bladder stones, ringworm and skin disorders. Be sure to take your cat for regular check-ups in a veterinary clinic. Don’t forget about vacctinations and deworming, especially when your cat is going outside.

Nebelung’s Dietary Needs

Nebelung cat can be quite fussy when it comes to food. Be sure to provide them nutritious and high quality, unprocessed food, both wet and dry. If you are giving your cat treats, be sure not to give them too much to avoid weight gain and other health issues. Don’t forget to keep your cat’s bowl full of fresh water, and clean it regularly. Nebelungs are particularly hygienic and clean creatures and may not use the litter box or food bowl when it is dirty.

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Nebelung’s Exercise Needs

Nebelung cats require a moderate amount of exercise every day. Be sure to provide your cat with a safe space to play and explore. They like climbing, chasing and enjoy a play with toys, especially those with feathers. You can also take your cat for a walk, but be sure to keep your pet safe.

If your cat seems to be lazy and don’t enjoy any form of a physical activity, be sure to contact your veterinarian for advice and check for any possible health problems. Without daily exercise you may develop obesity, joint problems and even cat depression.

Nebelung Kitten – Where to Buy & Price

They are many ways to get a Nebelung cat, even if it is considered to be a very rare breed. You can ask your friends or family for any reputable breeders in the area. You can also check online, but make sure that the breeder is reputable and will provide you with complete information about the kitten’s parents, their health and other clearances. Don’t forget to check local animal shelters – maybe you will be lucky and find your dream Nebelung cat there.

This breed, due to its rarity and unique physical characteristics, may be quite expensive, so be prepared to pay anywhere from $600 to $1200 for a kitten.

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