Scottish Fold Cats are a Scottish breed of cat that was created unintentionally several decades ago. Their unique appearance, and sweet temperament, has made them one of the most popular and controversial feline breeds in the world.

Breed Characteristics

This cat breed is relatively new, however some people consider it controversial. Although they are unique in their appearance, there are some controversies regarding their looks. Scottish Folds are bred to have folded ears, which can cause health problems. Some people believe that Scottish Fold cats should not be bred because of the health risks associated with their ears. Despite the controversy, Scottish Folds are a popular breed and make great pets. They are easy to care for and have a sweet temperament that makes them perfect companions.


The Scottish Fold cat breed is a relatively new breed that was first developed in Scotland in the 1960s. The first Scottish Fold was a white barn cat named Susie who was discovered on a farm in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1961. Susie’s ears had a unique fold. William Ross, a neighboring farmer and cat fancier, acquired one of the folded-ear kittens that Susie had. Ross registered the breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and started to breed them with a geneticist Pat Turner. The Scottish Fold cats have since become popular all over the world for their sweet disposition and adorable folded ears. Longhaired Scottish Folds are also known as Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair, Longhair Fold, or Coupari.

Scottish Fold Cat Appearance

Scottish Fold Cat are known to have a distinctive appearance. They are medium to large in size, with a well-rounded body and broad chest. They have a genetic mutation that affects the cartilage in their ears, causing them to fold down forward. Scottish Fold cats can have either short or long hair, and their fur is usually soft and silky. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including tabby, calico, tortoiseshell, and bi-color. Because of their ears, they resemble owls, which is why they are also sometimes referred to as owl cats. The males weigh between 7 and 11 pounds, while the females weigh between 6 and 8 pounds. They have a characteristic round face.

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Maintenance and Grooming

Scottish Fold cats are low-maintenance pets. If they have a short hair, you will only need to brush them once a week. However, Scottish Fold cats with long hair will need to be brushed every day. Also, during the shedding season, you will need to brush them more often. Scottish Fold cats do not usually need to be bathed, but if they get dirty, you can give them a bath using a cat-specific shampoo. Nail trimming should be done every month or so, and their ears should be cleaned regularly as well.

Activity Level

Scottish Fold cats are moderately active. They enjoy playing and exploring, but they also enjoy taking naps. Scottish Folds like to be around their people and will follow you around the house. They do enjoy attention and their favorite activity is probably cuddling. Make sure to buy your Scottish Fold a kitty condo or scratching post to help keep them entertained and active.


Diet is an important consideration for Scottish Fold cats. As with all cats, Scottish Fold cats should have a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Dry food is generally the best type of food to feed Scottish Folds, although you can also give them wet food. The exact amount of food your Scottish Fold should eat will depend on its size and activity level, so ask your veterinarian for specific feeding instructions.

The Cat Breed Personality and Temperament

Folds enjoy playing and being around people, making them great companions. Scottish Fold cats are typically gentle, good-natured, and quite easy to care for. With a little bit of activity, they make wonderful indoor pets. They enjoy time outdoors and play. They get along with other pets and animals well. They tend to grow attached to their family and like to be around them as much as possible. Loneliness is a typical issue for Scottish Fold cats, so they should never be left alone for extended periods of time.

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Common Health Problems

Scottish Folds are a relatively healthy breed of cat and do not suffer from any major health problems. They live 15 years on average. As with all breeds of cat, Scottish Folds should have an annual health check with a veterinarian to ensure they are healthy and free from parasites. Scottish Folds can be prone to certain conditions including:

  • polycystic kidney disease;
  • osteochondrodysplasia;
  • cardiomyopathy.

Polycysitc Kidney Disease, or PKD, is a common problem in Scottish Folds. It is a genetic disorder that causes the kidneys to become enlarged and filled with fluid.

Osteochondrodysplasia is a genetic disorder that affects the development of bone and cartilage. Scottish Folds that have this disorder may have mild to severe problems with their joints.

Cardiomyopathy is a heart condition that can cause the heart muscle to become weak and unable to pump blood effectively. Scottish Folds that have this condition may develop congestive heart failure and die prematurely.

Proper Health Care

While these conditions can occur in Scottish Folds, they are not common and most Scottish Folds lead healthy lives. With regular veterinary checkups, any problems that may occur can be caught and treated early. If you are considering adopting a Scottish Fold, it is important to be aware of these potential health problems and to discuss them with your veterinarian. By knowing what to look for, you can help ensure that your Scottish Fold has a long and healthy life.

For Whom?

Scottish Fold Cats are perfect for people who are looking for a low-maintenance pet. Scottish Fold Cats are quiet and easy going, making them the perfect pet for people who live in apartments or small homes. They are very affectionate and love to curl up on their human’s lap for a nap. Scottish Fold Cats come in both short-haired and long-haired varieties, so there is sure to be one that fits your individual style. They get along well with other pets, so if you have a dog or another cat in your home, your Scottish Fold Cat will fit right in.

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Kitten Price

The price for a kitty can vary depending on their geographical location, as well as the breeder selling the Scottish Fold. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $400 to $500 for a Scottish Fold kitten, so they’re relatively affordable when compared to other breeds of cat. Before you purchase your Scottish Fold, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder in order to ensure the health and well-being of your new pet.


  • Scottish Fold Cats like to sleep on their belly and they like to be in a so-called “Buddha position”, in which they sit on their hind legs with their forelegs on their belly.
  • American singer, Taylor Swift named her two Scottish Folds Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson.
  • Not all of them are born with folded ears.
  • Scottish Folds have a distinct and varied repertoire of meows and purrs that is not common among other known cat breeds.
  • The breed was banned from showing in Europe and the GCCF discontinued registrations in 1971 due to limb and tail abnormalities that were severe enough to render some cats lame, as well as concerns about genetic compatibility, ear problems including infection, mites, and deafness.

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