If you’re thinking about adding a Sphynx cat to your family, there are a few things you should know. Sphynx cats require a lot of attention and love, and they can be quite high maintenance. Read on to learn more about Sphynx cats, including their origins, their personality traits, and the care they require.

Hairless Cat Breed History

Hairlessness is a genetic mutation that occurs naturally. The modern Sphynx cat breed, also known as the Canadian Sphynx, differs from Russian hairless cat breeds like Peterbald and Donskoy. Feline without fur have been recorded in the history before, but breeders in Europe started to develop Sphynx cat breed since the early 1960s. Sphynx standards are different in different registries.

Appearance And Breed Characteristics

Sphynx Cats are definitely unique looking creatures, as they are one of the breeds of cat that is hairless. The breed standards suggest that the skin texture should be similar to chamois leather and the cat may have some single hairs or be completely hairless. Some Sphynx cats do have whiskers, some may be broken and some may be totally missing. They have a large eyes, wedge-shaped long head, large ears and powerful neck.

Sphynx Cat’s Colors

Sphynx cats’ color is the same as their coat would be if they had hair and can come in various patterns with markings. Their skin easily wrinkles. They may also be found in a range of colors including black, blue, chocolate and lilac. The color may be evenly distributed over the whole body or may be restricted to certain areas.

Sphynx Cat Care and Maintenance

Although Sphynx cats are virtually hairless, it does not mean that they do not require any grooming. Sphynx cats need to be bathed regularly, as they can get oily skin just like any other cat. Body oils, which cannot be absorbed by the hair, tend to accumulate on the skin and a regular bath every week or two weeks is necessary.

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How to Take Care of a Sphynx Cat Skin?

During the bathing process, be sure to use a good quality shampoo that is made for cats. Be very gentle when bathing your Sphynx and avoid getting water in their ears. Towel drying is recommended but be careful not to rub the Sphynx too hard, as their skin is delicate. They should not be left alone for long periods outdoors especially when the weather is either cold or sunny, because the lack of hair leaves them susceptible to sunburn and cold weather. Some owners decide to buy a special cat sunscreen to apply to Sphynx cats when they are going to be outside for an extended period of time or a jacket specially made for Sphynx cats when the weather is chilly.

Sphynx Cat’s Ears

Since they have very little hair in their ears, maintaining Sphynx cats ears’ hygiene can be a challenge. It’s important to clean their ears regularly every week with an appropriate ear cleaner.

Are They Hypoallergenic?

They are not considered hypoallergenic because they do produce some Fel d 1, which is produced in their saliva and sebaceous glands. Most allergies are triggered by these proteins, not the cats themselves.

Activity Level

Sphynx are considered to be an active cat breed and will require plenty of playtime and exercise. They love to climb and explore, so providing them with a tall scratching post and plenty of toys will help keep them occupied. Sphynx also like to cuddle and snuggle, so they make great pets for people who enjoy spending time with their cats. They love to climb and are known to be athletic so do not be surprised if you see them up high. Sphynx cats have a tendency to be vocal and will often make a variety of noises, including mews, chatters, and trills but they’re known for being howlers.


Diet is an important part of any Sphynx cat’s health. Sphynx cats should have a diet that is high in protein and low in carbs. This type of diet will help keep their skin healthy and free from acne. Sphynx cats also need plenty of water to stay hydrated. Meat should be the main component of their diet. The amount of calories that Sphynx should consume daily depends on their weight and activity level. If you are not sure how much to feed your Sphynx, consult with your veterinarian.

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Personality and Temperament

Sphynx Cats are known for their unique personality. They are very curious and love to play. Sphynx cats also have a strong bond with their family and like to be around people. They are not shy and will come up to you for attention. Sphynx cats are very social animals and do well when they have plenty of interaction with their family. They enjoy warm weather and look for ways to get warm, such as by lying in the sun. Sphynx cats are also very alert and curious of their surroundings. They like to play and explore and are highly intelligent cats. They often choose just one person in the family to be their favorite and will follow that person around.

Common Health Concerns

Sphynx Cats are a healthy breed of cat, but there are a few things to look out for. Because they have no hair, Sphynx Cats can be more prone to sunburn and skin cancer. It is important to keep them indoors or in the shade during the hottest parts of the day. Some other health issues Sphynx Cats can have include:

  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy;
  • congenital myasthenic syndome.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a heart condition that can cause the heart muscle to become thick and stiff. This makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood effectively. Congenital myasthenic syndrome is a neuromuscular disorder that causes weakness in the muscles. Sphynx Cats with either of these conditions may require medication or special care.

Do They Get Fleas or Ticks?

Although they are hairless, they still can get fleas or ticks so it is important to use a good flea and tick prevention product. Sphynx Cats also need regular vet checkups to make sure they are healthy. Before you buy this unique cat, make sure you are prepared for the extra care they require.

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For Whom?

Sphynx Cats would be perfect buddies for those looking for an unconventional pet. Sphynx cats are perfect for families with children as Sphynx cats are very playful and love to be around people. They make great apartment pets because they don’t require a lot of space and they don’t need to go outside. Sphynx Cats also don’t shed, however they can be high-maintenance. They’re known to be loyal and affectionate, great with other pets and good with children. If you’re looking for a unique cat and are ready to put in the extra work to care for them, Sphynx Cats may be a great choice.

Sphynx Cat Price

Sphynx Cats are considered to be expensive cats, typically costing around $2,500 or more. This is because they are an uncommon breed and there is high demand for them. While their appearance may be strange to some, Sphynx Cats are actually quite lovable and make great pets. If you’re considering purchasing a Sphynx Cat, be prepared to invest in this unique breed. The price can vary and some breeders may charge more than others, even $3,000 or $5,000 for a kitten.

Buy a Cat From a Reputable Source

Before you buy, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder who has Sphynx Cats available for sale. This will ensure that you get a healthy, high-quality cat and aren’t overpaying for your pet. Sphynx Cats are definitely not a bargain, but they are a unique and interesting breed that is sure to bring joy into your home.

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