Pizza is made of dough which contain yeast, flour and water. The sauce is made of tomatoes, garlic, salt and other spices. The variety of toppings is endless, starting from simple cheese to meat toppings, vegetables, seafood and other.

But Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

The base of the pizza is made from flour, yeast and water. Can dogs eat pizza crust? Pizza crust should not be bad for dogs, but raw dough consisting of flour and yeast are very dangerous for canines. It can make their digestive system upset, which can cause a lot of health problems. Also, dogs can have allergic reactions from flour, just like humans can. If your dog has eaten raw dough, you should call the vet immediately.

If you make a homemade pizza, you must always keep your dog away from a raw pizza dough. Pizza crust is made from flour and can be a source of many problems for the dog. The dough can be toxic to dogs and can swell in the stomach causing bloat which can lead to death.

Pizza Toppings

There are some toppings and ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat. It does not imply though that we should feed our dogs with pizza.

The second main ingredient of pizza is cheese which is very popular for canines. In fact, most canines can easily eat any kind of cheese without causing side effects. However, there are some cheeses that can cause a stomach upset which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, if your dog is allergic to dairy products. Cheese is also not recommended for dogs which are overweight since it is high in fat content.

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Some Of The Toppings May Be Toxic For Dogs

Toppings of the pizza that may be toxic for dogs include:

  • garlic can cause anemia and can be harmful for canines;
  • onions can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs, which can lead to lack of blood in the body and can even cause death. Just a small amount can be very dangerous for dogs;
  • mushrooms can also be very dangerous since they can cause some liver and kidney damage, can be toxic for canines;
  • pepperoni can be very harmful for smaller dogs that may eat a larger amount in one sitting. It can even cause pancreatitis that can lead to death. This particular type of sausage is made from pork meat;
  • broccoli can cause gas and can also lead to an upset stomach, so it should be given in small amounts. It can cause cyanide poisoning if your dog eats too much broccoli at once;
  • chives which can cause digestive problems.

Other additions on pizza that you shouldn’t give your dog include tabasco. Tabasco is a hot sauce that can cause redness of the skin and can even lead to a stomach upset. Just a small amount can be enough for this reaction. Other spicy ingredients, such as jalapeno peppers, although is not typically toxic for dogs, can also be a cause for a stomach upset.

Pizza can also be high in salt and can lead to sodium ion poisoning. Symptoms of sodium ion poisoning can include vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and tremors. Some dogs can even develop cardiac arrest or seizures when eating too much salty foods like pizza.

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But Can Dogs Eat Pizza Without Ingredients Mentioned Above?

Can dogs eat pizza that is homemade? Technically, it is much healthier than a pizza ordered from a local resaurant or bought at a store. However, pizza consists of tomato sauce which is not as dangerous as some of the other ingredients in pizza, but it can still be harmful to dogs. Can dogs eat pizza sauce? Tomatoes which are basic ingredients of pizza sauce, contain a compound called solanine which can cause digestive problems in canines. Dogs can also have an allergic reaction to tomatoes.

Apart from the ingredients that can be harmful for your dog, it is worth to remember that pizza is high in calories. A piece of pizza can contain up to 42-185 calories, so you can simply imagine how many calories can be in one slice of pizza. It is not recommended to feed your dog with pizza, especially if the dog is overweight. It can lead to obesity because pizza contains empty calories.

Can Dogs Eat Pizza In Small Quantities?

Pizza can be hard to digest for canines, so dogs should not eat pizza. Small amount of pizza isn’t going to make your dog sick, but some pizza ingredients such as onion and garlic can be harmful to your dog. But a bite of pizza that you made at home should not be unhealthy for dogs. Although pizza isn’t a part of a well-balanced dogs’ diet, some of its ingredients should not harm your dog. Pizza has minimal nutritional value. Dog owners should keep in mind though that dogs should be fed with special dog food and not human food.

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