Key Takeaways

  • Dogs can enjoy the occasional piece of tortilla, but make sure there are no ingredients in the filling that could harm your pooch ⚠️
  • Tortillas aren’t recommended for overweight dogs or those with pancreatitis or liver disease
  • Too much tortilla can upset your dog’s stomach and cause other health issues ⚠️
  • Stick to high-quality pet food as the main source of nutrition for your canine friend ✔️

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas Made From Flour?

First, let’s answer the simplest question. Can dogs eat tortillas without any stuffings and additives? Just the plain flatbread? Yes! None of the ingredients in plain tortilla dough (flour, water, and oil) can harm your dog.

However, commercially sold tortillas may include chemical additives to get the right texture. For example, processed tortillas often have:

  • sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda or baking powder);
  • acids;
  • antifungals;
  • emulsifiers;
  • reducing compounds;

Whether you want to feed your dog flour tortillas with these ingredients is up to you. We don’t recommend it, as their effects on dogs haven’t been studied enough. It’s always better to prepare your own tortilla at home. The best thing about homemade food is that you know what’s in it, and it’s easy to check whether it’s safe to share with your pet.

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Can Dogs Eat Tortillas Made From Flour?

Plain tortilla can be given to dogs occasionally or as a treat, but do not give too much of it since canines can quickly gain weight. Too much of this starchy treat can upset your pet’s stomach if they’re not used to this kind of food or have health issues.

Editor’s Note

Due to their low nutritional value and high carb content, tortillas aren’t recommended for dogs who are overweight. They’re also not a suitable food for canines that suffer from pancreatitis or liver disease.

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas With Other Ingredients?

You can add some vegetables and meat when making a tortilla for your dog. It can be a nice change from their normal diet. You can add vegetables such as carrot, zucchini, spinach or pumpkin. The meat can be chicken, beef or turkey breast. You can feed your dog with this type of homemade tortilla, and many dogs love it.

Can Dogs Eat Corn Tortilla Chips?

Tortilla chips aren’t typically recommended for canines. The corn tortilla itself is fine in small quantities, but the other ingredients can be bad for dogs. Tortilla chips are usually loaded with calories and salt. Dogs can suffer from increased thirst, hypertension and kidney problems if they eat too many corn chips, due to their high salt content.

Can Dogs Eat Corn Tortilla Chips?

When Are Tortillas Bad for Dogs?

In general, can dogs eat tortillas? Yes, but not without limits. There are ingredients in tortilla dishes that can be dangerous for your dog. They include among others:

  • garlic;
  • onions;
  • avocados.

These products can be toxic to dogs. Your pet will likely suffer from stomachache, diarrhea or vomiting after eating them. Also, it’s important to note that dogs shouldn’t eat spicy food, including jalapeños, chili peppers and strongly flavored sauces.

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Harmful Sauces in Tortilla Wraps

Some sauces contain ingredients particularly bad for dogs. For example, guacamole’s main ingredient is avocado. Avocado contains a toxic called persin, which can cause dogs to vomit and have diarrhea. It may also cause breathing problems, so you should keep your dog away from it. Garlic sauce is another example – any amount of garlic can harm your dog, and in large enough amounts, it can lead to anemia.

Moderation Is Key

In conclusion, can dogs eat tortillas? As long as you make sure that there are no ingredients in the filling that can cause digestive problems, you can give your dog a bit of tortilla without harming them. Before giving them this type of food, make sure that the meal doesn’t contain sauces or dips that may turn out fatal for a dog.

Homemade tortillas with meat or vegetables (that are safe for dogs) shouldn’t cause any serious health issues. If you’re not sure what kinds of products are safe for your dog to eat, consult a vet or pet nutritionist. Some dogs have wheat or corn allergies, and tortillas may be particularly unhealthy for dogs that have liver or kidney problems. Also, always remember that moderation is key and that tortillas are mainly human food, not dog food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Feed My Dog Cooked Tortillas?

Yes, you can give your dog a piece of cooked tortilla as a treat or snack. However, some dogs may be sensitive to wheat and won’t tolerate it well. Also, cook it without excess fat or harmful fillings.

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Can Dogs Eat Bread or Tortillas?

If you’re wondering if dogs can eat flour-based foods in general, the answer is yes, but not too much. After all, their digestive systems aren’t suited for digesting large amounts of carbs.

What Happens If My Dog Ate Flour Tortillas?

If your dog stole a flour tortilla, they probably won’t be seriously harmed unless it was a lot and/or the tortilla contained onions, garlic, avocado or another ingredient toxic to dogs. You can always consult a vet if you’re worried about your pup’s health.

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