What does a strong dog mean to you? Is it a dog who is physically strong and muscular? Or is it a dog who is brave and fearless? Whatever your definition of strong, there’s sure to be a name on this list of strong dog names that will fit your pup perfectly.

Strong Dog Names From Mythology

If you’ve recently adopted a new pup and are looking for a name that sounds as powerful and majestic as your dog, then mythology is the place to look. We’ve compiled a list of strong dog names inspired by Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic gods and goddesses to help you out.

Mythological names for male dogs:

  • Arawn – the Welsh king of the otherworld realm of Annwn;
  • Ares – the Greek god of war;
  • Loki – the Norse god of mischief;
  • Mars – the Roman equivalent of Ares;
  • Midas – a king from Greek mythology whose touch turned everything to gold;
  • Neit – an Irish god of war;
  • Osiris – the Egyptian god of death and resurrection;
  • Thor – the Norse god of thunder and strength;
  • Vulcan – the Roman god of fire, volcanoes and metalworking;
  • Zeus – the king of gods in Greek mythology.

Mythological names for female dogs:

  • Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom and war;
  • Arachne – a weaver in the Greek mythology who was turned into a spider;
  • Bellona – a Roman goddess of war who presided over battles and dispatched souls to the underworld after death;
  • Brigid – the Irish goddess of wisdom, protection, and blacksmithing;
  • Circe – a powerful sorceress in Homer’s Odyssey;
  • Diana – the Roman goddess of the hunt, moon and childbirth;
  • Freya – the Norse goddess of love, beauty and war;
  • Hera – the Greek queen of the gods;
  • Isis – the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and magic;
  • Sekhmet – an Egyptian warrior goddess.
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These names have a regal air about them that is perfect for a strong guard dog. If you are looking for a strong dog name with a bit more of a masculine or feminine edge, any of these mythological god and goddess names would be perfect.

Fierce, Tough-Sounding or Badass Names for Guard Dogs

If mythology isn’t quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of other ideas for strong dog names that are either tough-sounding or inspired by badass characters from pop culture.

Badass names for male guard dogs:

  • Bandit;
  • Buffy;
  • Draco;
  • Gator;
  • Goliath;
  • Jaws;
  • Killer;
  • Panther;
  • Rambo;
  • Titan.

Fierce names for female guard dogs:

  • Alpha;
  • Bane;
  • Cora;
  • Cheetah;
  • Ember;
  • Karma;
  • Katniss;
  • Ragna;
  • Ruthless;
  • Vera.

How do you like these names? We think they’re all pretty fierce! Who would dare mess with a dog named Bane or Killer? If your dog looks like he could teach an intruder a lesson, it’s only fitting to name them something tough like that.

Names That Mean Strong in Foreign Languages

If you want to give your dog a strong name in a foreign language, there are many options available to you. Whether your pup is named after a warrior, a mountain, or another important symbol of strength, there are plenty of strong dog names in languages other than English.

Here are a few examples of male dog names of that kind.

  • Berkut – Ukrainian for ‘golden eagle.’
  • Eitan – Hebrew for ‘strong, firm.’
  • Faramir – Sindarin Elf name from Lord of the Rings meaning ‘valiant.’
  • Groot – Dutch for ‘great, mighty.’
  • Ivor – Old Norse for ‘archer, bow warrior.’
  • Khan – Mongolian for ‘ruler, emperor.’
  • Lupus – Latin for ‘wolf.’
  • Maru – Japanese for ’round and big,’ referring to a dog’s head or body.
  • Nero – Italian and Latin for ‘black.’
  • Oso – Spanish for ‘bear.’
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For a female dog, the following names are strong and powerful:

  • Briana – Irish for ‘strong, honorable.’
  • Bridget – Gaelic for ‘power, strength.’
  • Donna – Italian for ‘lady.’
  • Eowyn – Old English for ‘horse joy.’
  • Matilda – Old German for ‘mighty in battle.’
  • Sarabi – Swahili for ‘mirage.’
  • Toro – Spanish for ‘bull.’
  • Valerie – Latin for ‘health, strength.’
  • Zelda – short for Griselda, a Germanic name meaning ‘strong woman.’
  • Ziva – Hebrew for ‘radiance.’

What do you think is the most powerful or meaningful dog name you could give your pup? Out of those, we believe that Berkut, Groot, Valerie and Ziva are the most unique and tough-sounding.

Punny Names for Strong Dogs

Last but not least, here are some names that are both strong and humorous. If you have a sense of humor and want your dog’s name to reflect that, then consider one of these options! Most of them work equally well for female and male dogs.

  • Barbell;
  • Sir Barkalot (instead of Camelot);
  • Bruiser;
  • Brawny;
  • Bullet;
  • Chunk;
  • Macho;
  • Mad Max;
  • Muscle;
  • Tank.

How do these sound to you? They may not be particularly funny on their own, but if your dog looks muscular or intimidating, you’ll get a lot of comments on how well the name fits them!

Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Strong Dog

When it comes to giving your puppy a tough name, there are many options available. Do you want to pay tribute to an important symbol of strength? Or will you simply give your dog a powerful name that reflects their breed and physique?

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There are many strong dog names to choose from, so don’t feel like you have to pick just one. Instead, consider all of your options and go with the name that feels right for your pup. No matter what you decide, all that matters is that you enjoy calling your dog by their new name.

Have we missed a brilliant idea for a strong dog name? Tell us in the comments below!

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