When searching for a name for a soon-newborn, we usually don’t pick it just like that. Sometimes we take it from our grandmoms and grandpas or the people we admire. In other cases, we compare the meanings of the names we like in order to choose a perfect one. The language determines reality – and the name, as some believe, can determine one’s personality.

Whether you believe that or not, it’s essential to look up a name’s meaning before giving it to your pet. This way, you can avoid uncomfortable situations. Sometimes we like the sound of the word, but the meaning of it completely changes our perception. Your pet may be unconscious of it, but you, as the owner, may have to face some awkwardness.

It’s like with the tattoos written in Arabic or Chinese alphabet that look stunning but often turn out to mean the opposite they were supposed to. So – research is your best friend! We saved you some work with our article so that you don’t have to bother with translation.

On our list, you’ll find the most beautiful male cat and female cat names in various languages – from Spanish, through French, to Indian. We’re sure you’ll find a perfect match for your kitten among all these gorgeous ideas.

Indian cat names with meaning

In terms of languages, India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with over 30 languages still in use. We’ve decided to focus on Hindu, spoken by the majority of the Indian population. 

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Among the ideas below, you’ll find the names commonly given to cats by their Indian owners. Some come from the yoga-related terminology or the Hinduist symbolics, in which the felines play an important part. Their tender sounds with a lot of vowels make them perfect names.

  • Shanti (peace)
  • Samsara (the cycle of life)
  • Nirvana (the final end)
  • Karma (the reason and the 
  • Namaste (greetings to you)
  • Taakat (strength)
  • Ashru (teardrop)
  • Buddhi (wisdom)
  • Veerata (bravery)
  • Khushee (happiness)
  • Mahasagar (ocean)
  • Virat (the complete totality of being)
  • Phool (flower)
  • Kamal (lotus)
  • Pahaad (mountain)
  • Parvati (benevolent goddess, wife of Shiva)
  • Lakshmi (the goddess of happiness and beauty)
  • Sarasvati (the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, music, and arts)
  • Shiva (supreme god that creates, destroys, and transforms the universe)
  • Vishnu (supreme god of knowledge and strength)
  • Brahma (the first god, creator of the living beings)
  • Krishna (sacred reincarnation of Vishnu, brave warrior and the divine teacher)

Spanish cat names with meaning

Which other language sounds as heartwarming and expressive as Castellano? If you’re searching for a cool, gracious name, you came to the right place! These listed below will be perfect for the tempered kittens that show a strong personality from the very first day. But worry not – there are also some tenderly-sounding, delicate names on the list. 


  • Blanca (white)
  • Rosa (rose)
  • Gloria (glory)
  • Gracia (grace)
  • Monte (mountain)
  • Dulce (sweet)
  • Corazon (heart)
  • Sofia (wisdom)
  • Valeria (strong)
  • Valentina (strong)
  • Aurelia (golden)
  • Lucia (light)
  • Alba (dawn)
  • Paloma (dove)
  • Reina (queen)
  • Estrella (star)


  • Mateo (gift of god)
  • Narciso (daffodil)
  • Felix (lucky)
  • Julian (youth)
  • Hugo (clever)
  • Leo (lion)
  • Teo (god)
  • Ignacio (fire)
  • Toro (bull)
  • Lupe (wolf)
  • Tigre (tiger)
  • Nino (little boy)
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  • Angel (angel)
  • Pata (paw)
  • Mar (sea)
  • Cielo (sky)
  • Noche (night)
  • Loco/loca (crazy)

French cat names with meaning

If something’s French, it has to be chic! Well, that’s not necessarily true, but pop culture engraved this conviction in our minds. The French words bring connotations with elegance right away – they sound so classy, particularly when pronounced by a native! No wonder why they fit so well the breeds like Siamese or Persian. 

Whether you’re searching for the name for your furry princess, or the prince, check the list below. Any classy kitten, regardless of its breed, will be happy with those!


  • Blanche (white)
  • Rose (rose)
  • Fleur (flower)
  • Ivoire (ivory)
  • Ambre (amber)
  • Argent (silver)
  • Raisin (grape or raisin)
  • Fraise (strawberry)
  • Framboise (raspberry)
  • Tartine (little tart)
  • Pomme (apple)
  • Cerise (cherry)
  • Aimee (loved one)
  • Adele (noble)
  • Avril (April)
  • Chanel (canal)
  • Chance (fortune)
  • Charlotte (petite and femenine)


  • Beaumont (beautiful mountain)
  • Benet (blessed)
  • Corbett (raven)
  • Fernand (adventurer)
  • Florent (flower)
  • Frederic (peaceful ruler)
  • Guy (guide)

Japanese cat names with meaning

Most Japanese names are perfect for pets since they’re filled with vowels and short (mostly one or two-syllable). If you’re fascinated with the culture of the Country of the Rising Sun, naming your kitty with one of these names will be a great way to express it.


  • Ai (love)
  • Aki (autumn)
  • Hana (flower)
  • Hoshi (star)
  • Kiko (hope)
  • Mai (dance)
  • Mana (truth)
  • Mirai (future)
  • Nyoko (treasure)
  • Sakura (cherry blossoms)


  • Akira (bright dawn)
  • Botan (peony)
  • Haru (born in the spring)
  • Hiroshi (generous)
  • Kaori (strong)
  • Takane (mountain peak)
  • Yama (mountain)
  • Ashi (paw)
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Portuguese cat names with meaning

Even though Castellano and Portuguese are closely related, the sound of the two is completely different. The Portuguese words are often more tender, particularly when it comes to diminutives. Note that sometimes the same word sounds very different when pronounced by a Portuguese and a Brazilian. Thus, it’s worth checking two variants of pronunciation and choosing your preferred one.


  • Linda/Lindo (beautiful)
  • Flor (flower)
  • Abelha (bee)
  • Luzia (light)
  • Gloria (glory)
  • Graca (grace)
  • Sofia (wisdom)


  • Anjo (angel)
  • Donato (given by god)
  • Rico (powerful)
  • Gaspar (treasurer)
  • Cornelio (horn)
  • Lucas (bright)


  • Docinho/Docinha (sweety)
  • Carinho/Carinha (lovely)
  • Bombom (candy)
  • Fofinho/Fofinha (cutie)
  • Pata (paw)
  • Coruja (owl)

Summing up

Researching the meaning of your pet’s name will save you some awkward situations. But it can also be a great pretext for starting a conversation! Choose a cat name that tells a story you’ll gladly share with others pet lovers.

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