Type of CatMale Cat Name
For a big catHagrid
For a small catNibbles
For an adventurous catMaverick
For an independent catSolo
For a silly catGizmo
For a wise old catGandalf
For a loyal catSirius
For a curious catSherlock
For a brave catSimba
For a mischievous catLoki
For a dignified catCaesar
For an old-fashioned catMr. Whiskers
For a nerdy catSpock
For a regal catPharaoh
For a spoiled catKing Tut

How is your cat unique? Maybe he’s a big cuddler or a mischief-maker. Or does he have an interesting coat pattern or eye color? Use those unique traits to help you find the perfect name for your feline friend. One of the unique male cat names we’ve thought of might just be what you’re looking for!

Unique Male Cat Names for Exceptionally Cute Cats

Is your kitten the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Then he needs a name that reflects his adorableness! He won’t grow out of it, that’s one sure thing. The challenge lies in naming him something that no one has thought of before. Check out these unique male cat names that are perfect for a beautiful boy kitten.

  • Boots – for a cat that loves to walk around in the snow;
  • Cornflake – for the cat with a unique pattern of flakes in his coat;
  • Doc – for the cat with uncanny intelligence;
  • Mellow – for the laid-back kitty;
  • Niko – for the adventurous cat;
  • Puppycat – for the kitten who acts like a puppy;
  • Saint – for the most angelic cat;
  • Sneaker – for the athletic kitty;
  • Toast – for your soft, warm bundle of fur;
  • Winsome – for the most winsome cat you know.

How do these names sound to you? Are they endearing enough? We think a name like Mellow or Saint would suit a cuddly Ragdoll who never leaves your side. Even if he grows big, the name will still describe him!

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Very Special Names for Very Playful Kittens

What makes a name a perfect match is that it reflects your kitten’s personality. If he loves to play and is always the life of the party – even if no actual party is taking place – name him something that will make everyone smile. We’ve got some unique male cat names for you that fit this bill perfectly.

  • Bouncer – for the cat who loves to jump;
  • Bubba – for your round, cuddly ball of fluff;
  • Frisk – for the frisky feline;
  • Havoc – for the cat who rules your house;
  • Hypurr – for the cat who loves to purr;
  • Paintball – for the kitty who loves to play hide-and-seek;
  • Wiggles – for the kitten who never stays still;
  • Prance – for the kitten who loves to show off;
  • Surge – for the cat who loves to zoom around;
  • Trouble – for the rascal who loves to have adventures;
  • Vroom-Vroom – for the cat who loves to purr;
  • Zany – for the cat who never stops being playful.

Don’t these names sound energetic, even a little wild? We think Hypurr or Vroom-Vroom will perfectly suit a kitten who loves to play and run around. After all, he’ll need an interesting name when he’s grown up and is the star of his own show!

very special names for very playful kittens

Quirky Male Cat Names That Reflect Strange but Wonderful Traits

Cats are unique creatures, so it’s only fitting that they have unique names to match. If your kitten has a quirk that makes him even more special, choose a name that celebrates it! We’ve brainstormed some unique male cat names that would be perfect for a quirky kitty.

  • Beetle – for a kitten who catches every bug he sees;
  • Chatter – for a cat that chatters at birds he sees through the window;
  • Doodle – for a cat that likes to ‘doodle’ with his paw;
  • Fidget – for a feline that can’t sit still;
  • Kneady – for a kitty who kneads blankets and people;
  • Medium – for a kitten who stares at the wall as if he saw a ghost;
  • Mozart – for a cat that loves to ‘sing’ along with you;
  • Scribble – for a cat that likes to ‘write’ on your papers;
  • Triller – for a feline who trills when he plays;
  • Wiggle – for a cat that can’t help but wiggle his butt when he’s happy.

Do any of these names sound like they would be perfect for your kitten? If he has any other quirks, maybe you can turn them into names yourself! And if you’re still looking for ideas, keep scrolling for more.

Our Reader’s Story

My cat, Koda, is the light of my life. He’s a curious little fellow who loves to explore and make mischief. When I got him, I knew I wanted to give him a unique name. After a lot of thought, I decided on Koda, which means “companion” in Japanese. 
I did a lot of research on unique male cat names and found some really cool ones. I like how some of them reflect the cat’s personality, like “Tigger” for a bouncy and energetic cat, or “Gizmo” for a tech-savvy feline. I also like names that evoke the cat’s color or appearance, like “Smokey” for a gray cat or “Cocoa” for a brown one. 

Funny Names That Will Set Your New Cat Apart

Laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to start off your cat’s life than with a funny name? A unique male cat name like one of these will make everyone smile.

  • Butterball – for a round, cuddly cat;
  • Cheddar – for the most cheesy cat you know;
  • Chunky – for a big boi;
  • Einstein – for a genius kitty;
  • Fuzzbutt – for a cat with an especially fluffy butt;
  • Lickitung – for a cat that loves to lick;
  • Meowise – for a wise cat;
  • Tiny – for a tiny cat with a big personality;
  • Ramen – for a noodle-shaped cat;
  • Zoinks – for a mischievous kitty;
  • Zorro – for the most daring cat around.
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These names might make you laugh, but they’ll also make your kitten stand out from the rest. We think Tiny or Zoinks would be perfect for a large Maine Coon. And Einstein would be a funny name for a cat that’s not the sharpest tool in the shed!

Unique Boy Cat Names From Movies, Books, and Pop Culture

If you’re looking for a name that will make your kitten the coolest cat on the block, look no further than pop culture. We’ve gathered some names from movies, books, and TV shows to try on your kitten.

  • Bagheera (The Jungle Book);
  • Biggles (Biggles);
  • Boba Fett (Star Wars);
  • Church (Pet Sematary);
  • Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service);
  • Newt (Fantastic Beasts);
  • Ozone (The Secret Life of Pets);
  • Pyewacket (Bell, Book, and Candle);
  • Ruh (The Beastmaster);
  • Smeagol (Lord of the Rings).

These unique male cat names are perfect for any pop culture-savvy individual. And if your kitten is a little bit of a troublemaker, we think Church or Smeagol would be perfect!

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Unique Male Cat Names Based on Fur Colors and Patterns

Your kitten’s fur color and pattern can also be a great source of inspiration for his name. After all, it’s the one thing about him that is sure to never change! Here are some unique cat name ideas that are perfect for felines with one-of-a-kind fur.

  • Agouti – meaning that each individual hair is more than one color;
  • Brindle – black stripes on a red base;
  • Dapple Dandy – after dappled plums;
  • Fawn – a light yellowish tan color;
  • Harlequin – white with random spotting and a colored tail;
  • Jaguar – after the spotted wildcat;
  • Mackerel – tabby with vertical stripes running from the back to the belly;
  • Magpie – white with random spotting;
  • Tortie – a mixture of black and ginger (rare in male cats);
  • Van – white with colored patches between the ears and a colored tail.
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Does any of these descriptions sound like your kitten? If so, one of these unique male cat names might be perfect for him!

unique male cat names based on fur colors and patterns

Have You Found the Perfect Name for Your Special Male Kitten?

We hope you’ve found some inspiration from our list of unique male cat names. Whether you’re looking for a funny name, a pop culture reference, or something based on your kitten’s fur color, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Rarest Cat Name?

The rarest cat name is likely to be a unique name that isn’t commonly used. Some of the rarest cat names include: Thistle, Nimbus, Kismet, Fable, and Quill.

What Are Badass Names for Cats?

Some badass names for cats include: Rogue, Shadow, Panther, Sable, and Spike.

What Is the Coolest Cat Name?

The coolest cat name is subjective and depends on personal preference. Some of the coolest cat names include: Luna, Simba, Milo, Jasper, and Felix.

What Are Fancy Names for Cats?

Fancy cat names can include names that have a regal or sophisticated feel. Some fancy cat names include: Vivienne, Reginald, Ophelia, Sebastian, and Rupert.

What Are Some Creative Cat Names?

Creative cat names can include names that are puns, pop culture references, or unique combinations. Some creative cat names include: Mr. Meowgi, Furrari, Kit-Kat, Yoda, and Pawsitively.

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