Amigo is one of the most popular Spanish cat names out there. You’ll see it in any list you look on the internet for cat names. But what are the other top Spanish cat names? We’ve searched high and low, and came up with various ones and gathered them all here for you to use.

The Most Popular Spanish Cat Names

Creative Spanish Cat Names with Meanings

Creative Spanish Cat Names with Meanings

If you’re looking for a Spanish cat name that creative and special, we’ve got some great options for you! Spanish cat names are a great way to honor your heritage, or just give your furry friend something unique. Here are our favorite creative Spanish cat names:

  • Caliente – sizzling male cat.
  • Cortado – your rough and tumble coffee cat.
  • Cabeza – male or female who thinks they’re the boss and is very stubborn.
  • Caramelo – sweet as caramel, male cat.
  • Carnicero – Spanish word for butcher, a boy who likes to eat!
  • Cejas – furry male cat with eyebrows on point!
  • Chico – for a small but mighty male cat, means “boy” in Spanish!
  • Conquistador – conqueror or the conqueror of your heart, although it might be too lengthy.
  • Fuego – fire or flame male, Spanish cat name!
  • Siesta – meaning afternoon nap.
  • Churro – meaning fried Spanish dough.
  • Zaragoza – a historical city in Spain, female name.
  • Goloso – meaning sweet-toothed, male name.
  • Gatito – meaning tiny male cat.

Cat Joke of the Day

Where do Spanish cats go when they die? To PurrrGATOry!

The Best Male Spanish Cat Names

The Best Male Spanish Cat Names

Do you want to name your boy kitten after the language of love? These are the best Spanish cat names for cute male furballs:

  • Alfonso;
  • Amigo;
  • Bonito;
  • Chiqui;
  • Choco;
  • Diego;
  • Fabian;
  • Juan Pablo;
  • Mateo.
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Beautiful Female Cat Names in Spanish

Beautiful Female Cat Names in Spanish

These Spanish cat names for kitties will make you want to adopt a female cat in a heartbeat. Just take a look and feel as if you were in Spain:

  • Blanca;
  • Bonita;
  • Coco;
  • Lola;
  • Luna;
  • Míranos;
  • Maya;
  • Mía;
  • Nieve;
  • Querida.

You can’t go wrong with these Spanish names for your new kitten.

How to Find the Perfect Spanish Cat Name

So, how do you find the perfect Spanish cat name? Well, there are several ways that you can go about doing this:

  1. Choose a name that has meaning, because this will help him or her fit into his or her new home. For example, if you have just adopted an older cat from a shelter, then you may want to choose a name like “Esperanza” or “Fe.” These names represent hope and faith – emotions that many older cats feel when they first arrive at their new homes after being abandoned by their previous owners.
  2. Choose names that sound good together, especially if you have more than one cat. For example, you would not want to name your cats “Presencia” and “Felipa” because these two names do not sound good together, and apart from that, they have totally different meanings. However, if you named them “Bella” and “Bonita,” then they would sound much better together since they both have similar sounding names and meanings.
  3. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, like Rebe, but not Hermosa (everyone will read the H, and you will only get annoyed). Otherwise, you may find yourself constantly correcting people when they try to address your cat by his or her new name.
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Once you have taken all of these factors into consideration, then you should have no problem finding the perfect Spanish cat name for your feline friend. And if you want some more international inspiration, check out these Egyptian cat names!

Spanish Cat Names FAQs

Spanish Cat Names FAQs

What Should I Name My Mexican Cat?

One popular option is to name them after the Spanish language – this could mean anything from choosing a word like “Vida” (life), or maybe selecting one of the traditional male or female names, such as Miguel or Rosa. Another great choice is to pick a name based on their fur color; for example, if they have predominantly gray coloring, why not go with “Gris” (which means gray). 

What Are Cute Pet Names in Spanish?

Here are some of the most popular and cute names out there that would fit any animal companion perfectly: 

  1. Cielito (Little Heaven): This adorable name has an even sweeter translation – “little heaven”. It’s perfect for any pet who brings light into your home or is always your source of joy! 
  2. Gordo (Fatty): This is one of the simpler names on this list, but it also carries a lot of charm! If you have an animal with bigger than average fluffiness, Gordo couldn’t be more fitting. 
  3. Pecas (Speckles): Does your critter have beautiful speckles all over its fur? Then Pecas suits them best and will make them stand out from other animals in a charming way! 

What Are Cool Mexican Nicknames?

Some of the most common and cool Mexican nicknames include “Bebé” (for someone who is very sweet and lovable), “Chino” (for someone with dark skin), and “Cariño” (literally meaning ‘caring’ or ‘loving’). You can also go beyond these three to create your own unique nickname by combining them in various ways. For example, something like “Chiño-Cariñito'”could be a great option too.

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