Exotic Cat Breeds That You Can Keep as Pets

When you think of a cat, the first thing that might come to mind is a small, domesticated animal that lives in your home. However, there are actually many types of feline in the world, including several exotic breeds that make great pets. Here are some of the most popular exotic cat breeds that you can keep as pets.

Savannah Cat

The Savannah cat is a relatively new breed of domestic cat, developed through the cross-breeding of an African wildcat with a domestic cat. The Savannah is tall and lithe, with long legs and large ears. They are also known for their spotted coats, which can range in color from golden to black. Savannah cats are highly intelligent and active, and they require a lot of space to roam. As a result, they are not well suited to life in a small apartment or house.

Egyptian Mau

If you’re looking for a regal and elegant cat breed that is also relatively rare, the Egyptian Mau may be the perfect choice for you. This beautiful breed is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds in the world, and its roots can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Egyptian Mau is also the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cat. These cats are prized for their unique appearance, and they are also known for being very loving and affectionate pets.

Exotic Shorthairs

If you’re looking for a cat that is sure to turn heads, then the Exotic Shorthair is a breed you’ll want to consider. These cats are distinguished by their short, dense fur, which comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They are also known for their large, expressive eyes and playful personalities. Despite their “exotic” appearance, Exotic Shorthairs are actually quite friendly and adaptable cats. They enjoy being around people and get along well with other pets.

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Persian Cat

The Persian cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They are known for their beautiful coat, which can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Persian cats are also relatively large cats, with thick fur that requires regular grooming. In addition to their physical appearance, Persian cats are known for their calm and gentle personality. They make great companions for people of all ages and can provide years of companionship. While they do require some extra care and attention, Persian cats are a breed that is well worth the effort.

Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat is a beautiful and unique breed that is prized for its striking appearance. Bengals are medium-sized cats with short, shiny fur that is marked with distinctive spots or marbling. They are known for their athleticism and intelligence, and they make excellent pets for active families. 


The Chausie is a domestic cat breed named after the Jungle cat (Felis chaus), which it resembles. It is a hybrid of the Jungle cat and the domestic house cat. The Chausie was created by crossing the Jungle cat with a few domestic short-haired cat breeds. Due to its wild parentage, the Chausie may exhibit some predatory behavior. They have muscular bodies, long legs, and large paws, which make them excellent climbers.


The Sphynx is a breed of domestic cat known for its unique appearance. Originally developed in Canada in the 1960s, the Sphynx is a hairless cat with prominent ears, big eyes, and a muscular body. While they may look exotic, Sphynx cats are actually quite friendly and make great pets. They are very social creatures and enjoy spending time with their humans. In addition, Sphynx cats are very playful and curious, and they often like to explore their homes. Because they lack fur, Sphynx cats require special care to prevent them from getting cold.

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Exotic Cat Breeds That Are Not Domesticated

There are many other types of cats out there, some of which are not domesticated and can be quite exotic. Here are some of the most exotic cat breeds in the world.

Asian Leopard Cat

The Asian leopard cat is a small wildcat that is found throughout Asia. The leopard cat has a lithe build with long legs and a long tail. The coat is typically yellowish-brown with black spots, although the color and pattern can vary depending on the subspecies. Although they are mostly solitary animals, leopard cats will sometimes form pairs or small groups. They are active both day and night, and they are proficient hunters, preying on small mammals, reptiles, and birds.

Jungle Cat

The Jungle Cat (Felis chaus), also called the swamp cat or reed cat, is a medium-sized cat native to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and parts of South Asia. It is a versatile hunter that inhabits swamps, grasslands, and forests, and is capable of taking down prey larger than itself. It is an excellent climber and swimmer, and its webbed feet help it to navigate wet environments.

The Jungle Cat is relatively shy and elusive, making it one of the less-studied fields. However, its numbers are believed to be declining due to habitat loss and hunting pressure. Nevertheless, it is one of the rarest exotic cat breeds that live in the wild.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Exotic Cat Breeds?

One of the most important things to consider is whether you’re prepared to handle a high-maintenance pet. Exotic cats often require special diets and care, and they can be expensive to keep healthy. In addition, many exotic breeds aren’t well-suited to living in close quarters with humans and may do better in a home with more space. If you’re considering an exotic breed, be sure to do your research and make sure you’re prepared to commit to taking care of your new pet.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that exotic cat breeds can sometimes be difficult to find. If you have your heart set on a particular type of cat, you may have to do some digging to find a breeder or rescue organization that has the type of cat you’re looking for. 

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