Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed History

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small terrier that is known for its lively personality and hunting ability. The breed was named after Rev. John “Jack” Russell, who developed the original strain of terriers The breed originated in England in the 1800s and was originally used for fox hunting.

The Jack Russell Terrier was bred to be tenacious and fearless, and it quickly became popular among hunters. Today, the Jack Russell Terrier is still prized for its hunting ability, but it is also a popular companion dog.

Jack Russell Terrier Appearance

Jack Russell Terriers are small, sturdy dogs with a distinctively lively and determined personality. They were originally bred for hunting, and their athletic build and keen senses make them well-suited for this purpose. Today, Jack Russells are still popular hunting dogs, but they have also become beloved companions.

Regardless of their current occupation, all Jack Russells share certain physical characteristics. Most notably, they have a white coat with black or brown markings. They also have a relatively long head, with almond-shaped eyes and V-shaped ears. Their compact bodies are muscular and agile, allowing them to move quickly and change direction easily. Overall, Jack Russell Terriers are handsome dogs with a wide range of talents.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a small to medium-sized dog breed. They typically weigh between 13 and 18 pounds, and stand between 10 and 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Despite their small size, they are a very muscular breed, with a well-proportioned body and a long tail.


They have a short, dense coat that can be smooth, broken or rough. Jack Russell Terriers come in a variety of colors, including white, black, tan, and brown. It is usually white with black or tan markings.

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Jack Russell Terrier Maintenance

While all dogs require some amount of care and attention, some breeds are generally considered to be higher maintenance than others. Jack Russell terriers are one such breed. These energetic and playful dogs were originally bred for hunting, and they still have a high prey drive today. As a result, they need plenty of exercise and stimulation to stay happy and healthy.


One important task that owners must perform on a weekly basis is grooming. This breed has a double coat, consisting of a dense outer layer and an undercoat. Without regular grooming, the coat can become matted and tangled, causing discomfort for the dog. In addition, the Jack Russell Terrier is prone to shedding, so regular grooming helps to reduce the amount of hair that ends up around the house.


Jack Russell Terriers are high energy dogs that need a diet that will support their active lifestyle. They should be fed a diet that is high in protein and fat, and low in carbohydrates. The ideal diet for a Jack Russell Terrier should contain between 450 and 650 calories per day. This can be achieved by feeding them a diet of high-quality dry dog food. Of course, the exact proportions will vary depending on your dog’s activity level and other factors.

Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene is important for all dogs, and particularly for Jack Russell Terriers. These active little dogs are prone to plaque buildup and tartar, which can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. First, it’s important to brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis, at least twice a week. You can use a special canine toothbrush. You can also give your dog dental chews or treats designed to help remove plaque and tartar build-up.


Jack Russell Terriers are active, intelligent dogs that make great pets. However, they can also be very headstrong and owners need to be prepared to put in the time and effort to train them properly. Crate training is a good place to start, as it will help your Jack Russell to understand that there is a space in the home where he can go to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of family life.

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Then, you can start working on basic obedience commands such as sit, stay and come. It is important to be consistent with your commands and rewards, as this will help your Jack Russell to understand what is expected of him. 

Jack Russell Terrier Personality

Jack Russell Terriers are among the most popular breeds of dogs, and it’s easy to see why. These energetic little pups are full of personality, and they make great companions for active people. Jack Russells are intelligent and quick to learn, but they can also be stubborn and independent. They’re fearless and athletic, and they love to play.

However, their high energy levels can sometimes be overwhelming, and their loud barks can be a nuisance. But for those who are looking for a fun-loving and furry friend, a Jack Russell Terrier is the perfect choice.

Jack Russell Terrier Health

Jack Russell Terriers are a sturdy breed of dog, but like all dogs, they are susceptible to certain health problems. Dental diseases are common in Jack Russells, and regular brushing is essential to keeping their teeth healthy. Patellar luxation is another common issue, and it can cause the kneecap to slip out of place. Hip and elbow dysplasia are also relatively common in this breed, and both can lead to pain and mobility issues. Fortunately, there are treatments available for all of these conditions, and with proper care, Jack Russells can enjoy a long and healthy life.


Jack Russells have a typical lifespan of 13-16 years, which is on the longer end for breeds of their size. In order to ensure a long and healthy life for your Jack Russell, it is important to provide them with plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, and regular vet check-ups. With proper care, your Jack Russell can enjoy a full and active life well into their senior years.

Jack Russell: For Whom?

The Jack Russell Terrier is a high energy breed that was originally bred for fox hunting. They are intelligent and trainable, but they also have a strong independent streak. As a result, they need an owner who is willing to put in the time and effort to train them.

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They are not a good choice for families who are frequently away from home, as they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. Jack Russells also need plenty of space to run and play. They do not do well in small apartments or homes with no yard. Jack Russells are not very good with other pets, as they can be quite dominant and territorial, so early socialization is a key.

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Price

Jack Russell Terriers are a popular breed of dog known for their high energy and friendly personalities. If you’re considering adding a Jack Russell Terrier to your family, you may be wondering how much they cost. Puppies typically range in price from $600 to $1,500, although this can vary depending on the breeder and bloodline.

When choosing a Jack Russell Terrier, it’s important to find a reputable breeder who can provide you with information about the dog’s parentage and health history. Health problems are relatively common in this breed, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting a healthy dog. Be prepared to pay more for a dog with a good health history and pedigree.

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