Shollie – Size and Appearance

The Shollie are bred to have the best qualities of both parent breeds. This means they can be quite large dogs, typically weighing in at 70-80 pounds and standing 21 to 29 inches tall.

They have the thick, double coat of a German Shepherd, which is usually black and golden or black and white. The Border Collie side comes through in their expressive eyes, which can be brown, blue, or one of each. They have the same long nose and muzzle as a German Shepherd, with the addition of a slightly shorter tail.

Shollie – Temperament and Behavior

The Shollie is an active dog who needs plenty of exercise and space to run around. Without this, they may become destructive or start to display other problem behaviors. They make great family dogs, as they’re loyal, affectionate, and protective of their loved ones. They’re also relatively quiet, but they will bark if they feel threatened or if someone is at the door.

How Social Are They?

The Shollie temperament means that they are not suited to being left alone for long periods of time. If you work long hours or travel frequently, this may not be the right dog for you. They need human interaction and will become anxious and stressed if they’re left alone for too long. However, they can be wary of strangers, so socialization from a young age is important.

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Do They Get along With Other Pets?

The Shollie is typically good with other pets, but as with any dog, it’s essential to introduce them to other animals early on. If you have another pet at home, make sure to do a gradual introduction so that everyone has a chance to get used to each other.

Shollie – Health and Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Shollie is around 13-15 years, which is on par with most other dog breeds. They are generally healthy dogs, but they can be predisposed to the same diseases as their purebred parents. Some common issues include:

  • hip dysplasia,
  • elbow dysplasia,
  • bloat,
  • eye problems,
  • allergies.

To keep your dog healthy, it’s essential to feed them dog food formulated for large, high-energy dogs and not let them overeat, or they may grow too fast and develop joint disorders. Also, walk them on soft surfaces while they’re growing. Take them for regular checkups with the vet, too.

Shollie – Grooming Needs

Shollies shed a lot, so you’ll need to brush them daily to remove dead hair and prevent mats and tangles. Bathing should only be done when necessary, as it strips the natural oils from their coat. Their nails will also need to be trimmed monthly, and their ears should be checked daily for dirt and debris.

They also need a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation; at least 60 minutes of activities per day. This can be in the form of walks, runs, or hikes. They also love to play, so find a good off-leash park where they can run around and fetch. After an outdoor play session, check their nails and paw pads for injuries.

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Brushing their teeth twice a week will help maintain their dental health, and regular trips to the vet will help catch any health problems early.

Breeding and Pricing of Shollie Puppies

As the Shollie is a designer dog breed, they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, they can be registered with the International Designer Canine Registry and the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Shollie puppies are typically priced between $500-$1000 depending on the breeder and their parents’ lineage, coat color, and other factors. Since they’re hybrids, it’s impossible to predict what exactly they’re going to be like when they grow up.

History of the German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

The Shollie is a relatively new breed, only appearing in the last few decades. The exact origins are unknown, but it’s thought that they were bred to create a working dog with the intelligence of a Border Collie and the strength and loyalty of a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds originate from Germany and were bred to herd sheep. They’re known for their intelligence, strength, and loyalty. Today, they’re mainly kept as family pets, but they can also be used as working dogs in a variety of roles such as search and rescue, law enforcement, and therapy work.

Border Collies are a British breed that was also originally used as a herding dog. They’re considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds and are prized for their working abilities.

Who Should Get a Shollie?

Are you thinking about adding a Shollie to your family? They make great companions for active people who have plenty of room to run around and attention from their owner. Without this, they may become destructive or start to display separation anxiety.

The Shollie is a great choice for families who are looking for a loyal and protective dog. They can also be used as working dogs in a variety of roles. If you have another pet at home, make sure they’re good with dogs and that both of your animals will be supervised during first interactions.

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Interesting Facts about Shollies

If you’d like to know even more about these handsome-looking dogs, we’ve found some fun facts for you!

  • They can have semi-erect ears, giving them a shy and watchful appearance.
  • Shollies are considered to be one of the best mixed breeds for obedience and agility training because they have high energy levels and are easy to train.
  • They’re about 1.5 times bigger than the Border Collie Labrador Mix, and twice as big as the Corgidor.

Ready to Care for a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix?

If you think a Shollie is the right dog for you, be sure to do your research on how to care for them. They’re a great breed, but they do require plenty of exercise, brushing, and vet checkups. With proper care, they’ll be by your side for many years to come!

Do you have experience with the Shollie breed? Let us know in the comments below!

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