However, there are other reasons why dogs refuse to eat their normal food. So, if you’re asking- why is my dog not eating his food but will eat treats, you’re at the right place.

You want to know whether you’re dealing with a picky eater. Because more often than not, a loss of appetite is completely normal for your pup! In today’s article, we’ll go over all five reasons why a dog won’t touch his food bowl but will go to town on treats!

The Main Reason Why Your Dog Is Not Eating Food But Will Eat Treats

Partial anorexia is the main reason why a pup won’t eat his meal. It can happen due to medical conditions like an infection, diarrhea, arthritis, or mouth sore.

But it’s often because your dog has anxiety adjusting to a new food, a new place, loneliness, and living conditions. Dogs experience stress in different ways, and they often show it by refusing their favorite canned food.

It’s important that you watch the food intake of your new dog. Often, dogs won’t eat anything because they feel stressed in a new environment.

Sometimes a dog won’t eat his food because of nasal diseases, lethargy, or nausea. Old dogs can skip their meals when they feel pain, seizure, or a lack of coordination. Refusal to eat can also stem from travel, fear, and loneliness.

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Keep reading to find out more reasons why your favorite dog won’t eat. In the meantime, you can serve up a fresh bowl of dog food, give him plenty of attention and see if it makes any difference. Chances are- he’s bored of his regular pet food and wants you to bring something new to the table!

More Reasons Why Dogs Stop Eating Their Food

The scary medical issues aside, there could be other reasons why a dog is refusing to eat his good old dry kibble! See if your dog is eating treats or human food behind your back. Pups shouldn’t consume a large amount of food, even on celebration days. 

One of the most common reasons why your dogs won’t eat their food is a stomach ulcer.

Many dog breeds eat less or refuse food when introduced to a new food brand. A healthy dog gets by perfectly without eating many treats. In fact, overfeeding is another reason your dog won’t eat his food.

Make sure that your dog is eating his regular meals at the same time every day of the week. Does your dog want to eat everything other than his current food? You can train your dog to stop eating junk food at home. Give him protein-based baby food, especially when he doesn’t feel like eating dog food for the time being!

A Vet’s Guide to What Loss of Appetite in Dogs Mean

Is your dog repeatedly showing disinterest in his regular meal? Then an underlying illness is a huge possibility. Some common medical reasons for anorexia in dogs are gastrointestinal, neurological, and pancreatic diseases. They can occur with old age, bad eating habits, or poor health.

Before you panic, hear us out. Your dog may have a parasitical or a bacterial infection in his mouth, intestines, or stomach. Infections can throw his digestive system off balance and make it hard for your dog to consume regular food.

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Similarly, he could have food allergies, ulcerations, internal inflammations, or an upset stomach from eating spoiled food. Dogs are curious beings. So, it’s common for pups to look at leftover crumbs and not say no!

Should You Take Your Senior Dog Who Will Not Eat or Drink to the Vet?

Senior dogs suddenly stop eating when they have dental issues, stomach problems, or chronic liver diseases. Whatever the reason may be, you should take your dog to the vet. 

Do you think your pup won’t touch dog food but will have treats instead because he has an illness? A quick checkup at the vet’s clinic can help you know for sure!

But if your dog hasn’t eaten anything in two days, he should be taken to a vet. It’s possible that your dog has come down with an infection or stomach ulcer. Keep reading to hack your dog’s eating habits and get him to eat his regular meal!

How to Get Your Dog to Start Eating Dog Food? 

As a dog owner, you might ask yourself- how to get my dog to eat his food again? For starters, you can give your dog a different food and see how he responds to it. Try using a new brand of dog food to keep his meals fun and interesting! 

Human food is usually too rich for a dog and should be avoided if he has suffered from GI diseases in the past.

Stick to dry dog food and give your pup occasional dog treats for a change. An active dog isn’t too picky about what he’s eating. So, you can get him to eat kibble or any dry food that he enjoys. 

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Wet dog food is low in carbs and can help your dog maintain ideal body weight. You can get your dog to eat wet food by cutting back on the treats.

If your dogs don’t eat their meals, try again with fresh food and water bowls. Your dog will eat dry food as long as it’s fresh and palatable! Don’t feed your dog expired old food, especially treats or table scraps.

Bottom Line

Seeing your dog refuse his meal is pretty shocking. After all, it’s his favorite part of the day. We’ve put together all the reasons why a pup might send his bowl back. Stay calm and give him a few hours. There’s a chance your dog ate something bad and felt nauseous.

If you can’t put your finger on why your dog is not eating his food but will only eat treats, consult a vet for more information. You can treat your dog’s partial anorexia by giving him home-cooked, high-protein diets. All the best!

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