What are the dangers of letting your dog snack on this cheesy treat? How much Cheetos is okay for dogs to eat? You need to know all the crunchy details before you let your dog munch on some Cheetos.

Key Takeaways

  • Cheetos are a doggy no-no ❌
  • Hot Cheetos are even a bigger no-no❌
  • Just like for their owners, snacks should not be a regular part of a dog’s diet ❌
  • Tiny thieves who steal Cheetos shall not be punished (seriously, they’ll be alright) ✔️

Are Cheetos Bad for Dogs?

Can dogs eat Cheetos? They are not exactly a good and nutritious snack, even for us hoomans. As for the doggos: 

  • High in fat, sodium and calories + low in nutritional value = obesity.


They contain cheese seasoning or even garlic powder, both of which will make your doggo sick. In other words: 👏 not 👏 for 👏 dogs. 

Why Do Pups Crave Cheetos If the Puffs Are Not Good for Dogs?

Why Do Pups Crave Cheetos If the Puffs Are Not Good for Dogs?

Dogs like Cheetos because they smell and taste fun. They also like to eat just about anything that their paw-rents do. So, the more Cheetos you eat, the more will your dog crave them. 

Can Cheese Puffs Kill a Dog?

With all these precautions and warnings, you might get an idea that Cheetos are the worst food ever. So, can dogs eat Cheetos and survive? Of course, they will! While they are not the healthiest snack, they are not likely to kill them either. That is, unless you’d exclusively feed your dog cheese puffs (which we hope you aren’t 👀).

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How Many Crunchy Cheetos Can a Dog Consume?

How Many Crunchy Cheetos Can a Dog Consume

So, how much of this savory food is okay for your dog to ingest? That depends on the size of your dog and their overall health. A good rule of thumb is to give them no more than one or two Cheetos at a time. As for young puppies, the amount is: NONE. Your dog will still love you, even if you stick with their regular dog food.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Cheetos?

We know regular Cheetos are bad, so you should also assume the hot ones are also bad. One of their toxic substances is monosodium glutamate. And apart from that, these spicy foods contain yeast, salt, sugar, maltodextrin, artificial coloring and other bad coatings. Your dog may dislike all of these so much, he’ll vomit and get diarrhea instantly.

Owners can give their dogs alternative snacks that are just as tasty and nutritious. Some good alternatives to Cheetos include dog-friendly cookies and fresh fruit. Owners should also monitor their dog’s intake of snacks and give them only the recommended amount. Too much of even healthy snacks can be detrimental to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cheetos? The Bottom Line

Can Dogs Eat Cheetos? The Bottom Line

So, the answer to the question “Can dogs eat Cheetos?” is a resounding no. However, this does not mean that all snacks are off limits for our furry friends. Dog pawrents really can’t complain about the variety of snack options. Some good alternatives to Cheetos include dog-friendly cookies and fresh fruit. 

And if you’re really in a bind, there’s always room for some moderation, your dog can have a few pieces of Cheetos as long as it doesn’t become a regular occurrence. As with most things in life, it’s all about balance! Thanks for following us!

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