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Sailor Moon is a beloved anime series for girls all over the world. It follows the story of a young sailor named Usagi who is destined to save the planet from evil. Along the way, she meets friends and allies, including two talking cats: Luna and Artemis. These make perfect Sailor Moon cat names, but let’s look at some more ideas!

Sailor Moon Cat Names Inspired by Main Characters

Do you want to name your cat after one of the main heroines? It’s only fitting for a brave, strong, and magical kitty! Who knows, maybe she’ll live up to her namesake. Here are some of our favorite sailor-inspired names from the Japanese version.

  • Ami (Sailor Mercury, Guardian of Water and Wisdom);
  • Chibiusa (Sailor Chibi Moon);
  • Haruka (Sailor Uranus, Guardian of Sky and Flight);
  • Hotaru (Sailor Saturn, Guardian of Silence, Destruction, and Rebirth);
  • Makoto (Sailor Jupiter, Guardian of Thunder and Courage);
  • Michiru (Sailor Neptune, Guardian of Ocean and Embrace);
  • Minako (Sailor Venus, Guardian of Love and Beauty);
  • Rei (Sailor Mars, Guardian of Fire and Passion);
  • Setsuna (Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Spacetime and Change);
  • Usagi (Sailor Moon, Guardian of Love and Justice).
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Their last names are known as well, but perhaps that’s a bit too much to include on one list. If you grew up with the original English dubbing of the anime, you might prefer these English counterparts to the names listed above.

  • Amara (Sailor Uranus);
  • Amy (Sailor Mercury);
  • Lita (Sailor Jupiter);
  • Michelle (Sailor Neptune);
  • Mina (Sailor Venus);
  • Raye (Sailor Mars);
  • Rini (Sailor Chibi Moon);
  • Serena (Sailor Moon);
  • Trista (Sailor Pluto).

Do these Sailor Moon cat names sound more familiar? If you watched the sailor scouts in action and loved their sailor suits, these are perfect names for your feline friend! It’s easy to pick the best one based on your cat’s fur color – or personality, which is why we listed their Guardian names as well.

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sailor moon cat names inspired by main characters

Cats from the Sailor Moon Anime & Manga

The sailor scouts have two talking cats, but they’re not the only felines in the series. This means you have a couple more options if you want to stay true to your cat’s species. Here are all the Sailor Moon cat names to choose from!

  • Artemis (the white talking cat);
  • Bakene (a cat-like Youma, one of the Seven Great Youma of the Dark Kingdom);
  • Diana (the light-gray daughter of Artemis and Luna);
  • Luna (the black talking cat);
  • Rhett Butler (a huge tomcat who had a crush on Luna).

These are all fun choices, but we have a few more recommendations if you’re looking for names inspired by the anime. Below, we’ll cover the names of antagonists and supporting characters.

Editor’s Note

When I adopted my two cats, I wanted to give them special names inspired by my favorite anime, Sailor Moon. After much deliberation, I decided to name them Luna and Artemis.
Luna is a beautiful black and white cat with a sweet personality. She loves to cuddle and can always be found sleeping in the sun. Artemis is a mischievous orange tabby with a lot of energy. He loves chasing after toys and playing hide-and-seek.

Sailor Moon Cat Names Inspired by the Antagonists

The villains of Sailor Moon are just as fascinating as the heroes. They may also be more fitting for the little troublemakers and sassy kittens in need of a name. If you’re looking for a more unique name than the beloved sailors, consider one of these baddies!

  • Ail (one of the Hell Tree aliens);
  • Beryl (the first main antagonist, queen of the Dark Kingdom);
  • Cardian (a type of monster);
  • Esmeraude (of the Black Moon Clan);
  • Galaxia (of Shadow Galactica);
  • Jadeite (head of the Dark Kingdom’s Far-Eastern division);
  • Kaolinite (of the Death Busters);
  • Kunzite (head of the Dark Kingdom’s Mid-Eastern division);
  • Metaria (the true mastermind and queen of the Dark Kingdom);
  • Nehelenia (of the Dead Moon Circus);
  • Nephrite (head of the Dark Kingdom’s North American division);
  • Rubeus (of the Black Moon Clan);
  • Saphir (of the Black Moon Clan);
  • Zoisite (head of the Dark Kingdom’s European division).
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These names don’t sound all that evil without the context of the show, but they’re still pretty unique and elegant! After all, most of them come from gemstones and minerals. If you want a Sailor Moon cat name with a bit of an edge, consider using one of these.

Sailor Moon Cat Names Inspired by Supporting Characters

Finally, we have some Sailor Moon cat names inspired by the supporting cast. These characters don’t play as big of a role in the show, but they’re still important to the story. And they make good anime cat names!

  • Ikuko (Usagi’s mom);
  • Kenji (Usagi’s dad);
  • Naru (Usagi’s best friend);
  • Seiya (Sailor Star Fighter);
  • Serenity (either Princess or Queen Serenity);
  • Shingo (Usagi’s little brother);
  • Taiki (Sailor Star Maker);
  • Yaten (Sailor Star Healer).

These are great choices if you’re looking for a Sailor Moon cat name that’s a little more down-to-earth. Each one has a special meaning in the show, so you can pick the best option for your new feline friend!

sailor moon cat names inspired by supporting characters

Which Sailor Moon Character Will You Name Your Cat After?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Sailor Moon cat names! It’s not exhaustive, as the series is enormous and there are dozens of characters that only appeared once or twice. Whether you’re looking for a name inspired by the anime’s main heroines, antagonists or background characters, there’s sure to be a perfect option for your feline friend.

Do you have any other suggestions for sailor-themed cat names? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Luna and Artemis Have a Kitten?

Luna and Artemis have a daughter from the future, Diana.

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Is Luna the Cat a Girl?

Yes, Luna is a female cat.

Is Artemis a Boy or Girl Sailor Moon?

Artemis is a male cat in the Sailor Moon series.

What Is the Grey Cat’s Name in Sailor Moon?

The grey cat’s name is Diana in the Sailor Moon series.

Who Is the Pink Cat in Sailor Moon?

The pink cat’s name is Artemis in the Sailor Moon series.

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