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Naruto – A Famous Anime That Left a Mark on Japanese Pop Culture

The anime series Naruto is one of the most popular anime series in Japanese Pop Culture, and it certainly left a mark on many viewers. This anime follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki and his friends as they grow their ninja skills and strive to be the best ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village – all while protecting it from evil forces. 

Naruto was more than just an anime series – it was a cultural phenomenon, with viewers captivated by its thrilling plot lines that made us laugh, cry and cheer. It wasn’t alone; its production would spawn two additional anime series as well as movies, novels, video games and more. Naruto not only provided immense entertainment to anime fans, but also served up dedicated lessons about loyalty, hard-work and determination.

Dog Names Inspired by Naruto Dogs

dog names inspired by naruto dogs

You know what makes a great Naruto dog name? An actual name of a dog from Naruto! And there are a few you can choose from!

  • Akamaru – is your puppy cheeky but adorable? Then, Akamaru is a perfect name! This dog is Kiba’s best friend, and the most loyal companion.
  • Akino – the coolest dog in the house! Akino is Kakashi’s personal canine summon. It’s a good dog name for a fierce and brave little pup!
  • Bisuke – another one of Kakashi’s companion is Bisuke. Due to his looks, this name is fitting for dogs with droopy eyes or floppy ears.
  • Bull – as the name suggests, it’s a bulldog! He’s big and intimidating (but ever so sweet, too!).
  • Guruko – does your dog look a bit like a fox? Well, so does Guruko! Like his pack, he’s trustworthy and fearless.
  • Pakkun – is your pup smart and attentive, but also a little bit on the grumpy side? Then Pakkun is the perfect name for it! This is another one of Kakashi’s loyal summons.
  • Shiba – this is Kiba’s beloved pup. While naming a Shiba Inu “Shiba” is a little bit on the nose, it’s still a good fit, right?
  • Uhei – Uhei is a lean dog with a big heart! This name would suit any Greyhound or Whippet.
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Hopefully, this list has given you some great Naruto dog names to choose from! But if you’re not convinced yet, scroll down for name ideas based on other characters!

Male and Female Naruto Characters Dog Names

Why not choose a name of your favorite anime character for your dog? Yes, we know, there are so many of them! That’s why we narrowed it down to just the best ones! And we included hints on which dog characteristics are the names good for! So, let’s explore boy and girl names of Naruto characters!

Female Naruto Dog Names

  • Sakura – hot-headed and caring;
  • Ino – confident and loyal;
  • Hinata – shy and sweet;
  • Kushina – loving and brave;
  • Konan – calm and kind;
  • Ten Ten/ Tenten – energetic and steadfast;
  • Tsunade – lazy but protective;
  • Temari – strong personality and independent;
  • Hana – free-spirited and friendly.
male and female naruto dog names

Male Naruto Dog Names

  • Naruto – goofy, determined, affectionate;
  • Kakashi – lazy and smart;
  • Gai/ Guy – energetic, active, pure of heart;
  • Gaara – withdrawn and snappy;
  • Sasuke – independent and intelligent;
  • Kiba – cheerful and fierce;
  • Itachi – calm and genius;
  • Jiraiya – giant and playful;
  • Chouji – cuddly and loyal.

Other Naruto Dog Name Ideas

If you still haven’t found the right name for your pup, don’t worry! We have some more cool Naruto dog name ideas!

  • Shukaku is a big, one-tailed demon, light colored, and a bit chunky. It’s a good name for big and fluffy dogs who have an energetic side.
  • Hokage is the leader of the Hidden Leaf village. This name would fit any majestic dog, but it is especially fitting for Samoyeds and Huskies!
  • Gamabunta, Jiraiya’s companion, is a giant, grumpy frog. Although no dog is born grumpy, some definitely look so (looking at you, Bulldogs and Pugs 👀).
  • Zetsu – a sentient plant, with plans on its own. It’s a truly unique name for a unique puppy!
  • Kyubi is a fox-looking, nine-tailed demon. You should consider this name if your pup is bold and incredibly cunning.
  • Tonton is a gentle and cute (or should we say kawaii?) pig that always follows her mum. If your pooch is a tiny princess that must be carried around, it’s a Tonton.
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Boruto Dog Names

Boruto: Next Generations is an anime series based on the manga series of the same name. It follows the adventures of Boruto Uzumaki, the son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga, as he attends the prestigious ninja academy, where he meets his friends and rivals. In this new adventure, Boruto is determined to become the most powerful ninja in the world.

If you want your pup to share a bit of Boruto’s spirit and adventure, then these dog names are perfect for them!

  • Sarada – courageous and determined;
  • Mitsuki – calm and collected;
  • Shikadai – intelligent and intuitive;
  • Inojin – thoughtful;
  • Kagura – independent and strong-willed;
  • Chocho – free-spirited and playful.

We hope you found the perfect Naruto dog name for your pup! Let us know which one you chose in the comments!

And if you’re craving more iconic dog names, check out our Pokemon dog names list, and Studio Ghibli dog names!

Naruto Dog Names FAQs

Naruto Dog Names FAQs

What Is Kakashi’s Dog Name?

There isn’t actually a definitive answer to this question, as Kakashi has had multiple dogs over the years. However, Pakkun is the most well-known and recognized of Kakashi’s canine companions.

Who Is the Talking Dog in Naruto?

Pakkun is a small brown dog who belongs to Kakashi Hatake. He is often used by Kakashi as a messenger and for reconnaissance. Pakkun has the ability to speak, and he often relays information to the rest of team Kakashi during missions. He also has a habit of licking people’s faces.

Did Sasuke Have a Dog?

Yes, Sasuke did have a dog. His name was Shiro, and he was a very loyal companion to Sasuke. 

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Who Is the White Dog in Naruto?

Akamaru is the white dog in Naruto. He is a ninja dog who is partnered with Kiba and is very loyal to him. Akamaru has the ability to transform into a number of different creatures, including a giant version of himself that is able to attack enemies with powerful bites.

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