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What comes to your mind when you hear ‘badass?’ If you’re thinking of tough, strong and fearless qualities, then you’re on the right track. A badass cat name should reflect your feline’s personality and make them feel like the boss. Without further ado, let’s go through some ideas!

Names for Black Cats with Badass Qualities

If you’re a proud owner of a black cat that looks like they could take on the world, then you need a name to match their tough exterior. Whenever you introduce a new person to them, they’ll know exactly who they’re dealing with. Here are some badass black cat names to get you started!

  • Ebony – a perfect name for a black cat;
  • Jet – for a sleek, dark-furred feline;
  • Midnight – a classic name that captures the dark of night;
  • Onyx – a powerful name for an ebony-coated cat;
  • Panther – for a fearless hunter;
  • Raven – for a mysterious and intelligent cat;
  • Sable – after the dark, blackish fur;
  • Shadow – for a cat that’s always lurking in the shadows;
  • Spade – for a black cat with attitude;
  • Voodoo – perfect for a mystical and mysterious kitty;
  • Zorro – for a cat with a daring spirit.

These are just a few names that will suit a badass black feline, but feel free to get creative! Brainstorm a few associations with black and give them an intimidating twist. For example, you could take the word ‘crow’ and turn it into Crowbar.

Small but Mighty Kitten Names

Even though your kitten may be small, they’re still mighty in personality! Choose a badass cat name that will make them feel like they can take on the world. Maybe they’ll grow up to be a tough and fearless cat, or maybe they’ll always be small but brave. Here are some ideas.

  • Bane – for a dangerous and powerful kitten;
  • Beast – for a little monster;
  • Boomer – for a loud and rambunctious kitty;
  • Goliath – for an undersized but brave kitten;
  • Grizzly – for a ferocious and powerful furball;
  • Hulk – for a strong and mighty feline;
  • Juggernaut – for an unstoppable force of nature;
  • Rambo – for a brave and fearless hero kitten;
  • Rambo Jr – for a kitten with big dreams;
  • Tank – for a kitty that never backs down;
  • Tiger – for a fierce and courageous kitten;
  • Typhoon – for a wild and unpredictable furball.
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These badass kitten names are perfect for a feisty feline that doesn’t know their own strength. They may be small now, but they’ll grow into their name in no time! And if they don’t, at least the name will sound funny when they threaten you with their tiny little paws.

small but mighty kitten names

Badass Names for Especially Ferocious Felines

If you’ve got a Savannah or Bengal that loves to run and play, then you need a badass name to match their energy. These cats can be ferocious hunters, so why not give them a name that reflects that? It will sound fitting every time they destroy a toy mouse. Here are some ideas for badass cat names with an aggressive streak.

  • Brawler – for a feisty kitty that loves to fight;
  • Cougar – perfect for a wildcat;
  • Bruiser – for a tough and rugged cat;
  • Butcher – for a bloodthirsty feline;
  • Killer – for a mischievous and daring cat;
  • Marauder – for a kitty that loves to explore;
  • Mauler – a name that captures their strength;
  • Ripper – a name that evokes terror;
  • Tigerclaw – for an especially brave and wild cat;
  • Savage – for a feline that loves to hunt;
  • Slayer – for a kitty that loves to get its claws dirty;
  • Shredder – for a powerful and destructive cat;
  • Terminator – for a cat that won’t back down.

These names sound like they belong to a wild cat that everyone should think twice about approaching! It’s all in good fun, though. You know your cat wouldn’t hurt anyone except the occasional fly. You could also name your cat after one of their murder weapons – Fang, Claw or Jaws.

Our Reader’s Story

When I adopted my cat, I wanted to give her a name that reflected her personality. She was a fierce and loyal pet, so I decided to give her a badass cat name. After some research, I settled on ‘Midnight’. I thought it was perfect for her, as she was always ready to take on any challenge that came her way.
I also liked how the name ‘Midnight’ sounded. It was strong and mysterious, and it seemed to fit her perfectly. I’m glad I chose it, as she’s been living up to her name ever since. Whenever I hear her name, I’m reminded of her strength and courage. She’s definitely one tough kitty!

Tough Male Cat Names

A badass name isn’t just reserved for black cats or the few cat breeds with a wild streak. Any cat can benefit from a powerful name that will make them seem like the boss. If you’re looking for tough and intimidating male cat names, then look no further!

  • Ammo – for a brave and strong cat;
  • Brutus – for an especially brave and fearless cat;
  • Caesar – for a regal and powerful cat;
  • Chief – if your cat is the leader of the pack;
  • Flex – for a fit and muscular cat;
  • Gunner – for a brave and daring cat;
  • Lockjaw – for a kitty that never lets go;
  • Machete – for a daring cat that loves to explore;
  • Reaper – for an especially dark-furred feline;
  • Warlock – for a dark and mysterious kitty.
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These badass male cat names are perfect for the strong and fearless feline in your life. We think Lockjaw or Machete are both unique and intimidating. What’s your opinion?

Intimidating Female Cat Names

A badass cat name is the perfect way to show off your feline’s fierce personality. She may be a tough cookie, but she’s still your baby. Here are some intimidating female cat names to get you started.

  • Arya – for a brave and determined cat;
  • Banshee – for a mysterious and powerful cat;
  • Huntress – for a female cat with an adventurous spirit;
  • Medusa – after the famous Greek monster;
  • Jezebel – for a sassy feline;
  • Karma – for a kitty that always gets her way;
  • Rogue – for a mischievous and unpredictable kitty;
  • Sabre – for a sharp-clawed feline;
  • Siren – for a wild and untamable cat;
  • Titania – for a magical and powerful feline;
  • Valkyrie – for a fearless and brave cat;
  • Witch – for a mystical and powerful kitty.

Out of these, which one is your favorite? We think they’re all perfect for a tough and intimidating feline, but Banshee, Karma and Titania sound especially interesting. We bet you’ve never met a cat named like that!

Gangster Cat Names

If you’re looking for badass cat names that are inspired by real people, then you can’t go wrong with a gangster name. These names are perfect for the feline in your life that always seems to be getting into trouble.

  • Al Capone – for a mischievous and daring cat;
  • Bonnie – for a female gangster kitty;
  • Bugsy – an iconic gangster name;
  • Butch – for a strong and rugged cat;
  • Don Corleone – after the famous Godfather;
  • Mafia – for a kitty that loves to break the rules;
  • Scarface – perfect for a brave and daring feline;
  • Scarlett – for a female gangster cat that loves to play.

A name like Butch or Mafia will warn everyone that your cat means business. They may not be the most traditional names, but they’re sure to make an impression. We also love Bonnie and Miss Kitty for a tough female cat, and Al Capone and Pistol for a badass boy kitten.

Stoner Cat Names

Any kind of badass name is the perfect way to show off your feline’s tough exterior. And if you’re looking to reference the cannabis culture at the same time, why not give your cat a stoner name? We’ve got the perfect name ideas for your kitty.

  • Bong;
  • Blunt;
  • Bud;
  • Dope;
  • Joint;
  • Mary Jane;
  • Pot;
  • Reefer;
  • Roach;
  • Weed.

These names are sure to make you smile, and they’ll definitely give your tough cat an edge. Bonus points if your cat behaves like a stoner! Give them some catnip to celebrate their new name.

Villain Cat Names

Is your cat the kind of feline that always seems to be up to no good? Then they need a badass cat name that will strike fear into the hearts of everyone they meet. Here are some villainous names for your kitty.

  • Cruella (101 Dalmatians);
  • Darth Vader (Star Wars);
  • Dracula (Bram Stoker’s novel);
  • Hannibal (Silence of the Lambs);
  • Joker (DC Comics);
  • Scar (The Lion King);
  • Ursula (The Little Mermaid);
  • Sauron (Lord of the Rings);
  • Voldemort (Harry Potter);
  • Thanos (Marvel);
  • Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz).
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These names are perfect for a tough and intimidating cat, and they’ll remind everyone of their favorite movies. And if you’re looking for a name that’s truly unique, then Hannibal or Mordecai are both excellent choices.

villain cat names

Choosing the Right Name

Now that you’ve gone through some ideas, it’s time to choose the right badass cat name. Take your time and try out a few to see which one sticks. After all, this is the name your cat will have for their whole life. Choose wisely!

If you want to come up with something yourself, then try thinking of words that you associate with strength and bravery, or things that intimidate you. You can also look to pop culture for inspiration, like comic books or movies. And if all else fails, you can always go with a traditional tough guy name like Max or Spike.

Which Name is the Perfect Match for Your Kitty?

And that’s it! We hope you’ve found the perfect badass name for your cat. Whether they’re a tough guy or girl, we think these names are sure to fit their personality.

Do you have a badass cat at home? What’s their name? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Name My Fearless Cat?

Fearless cats can be given names that reflect their bold personality. Some suggestions include Braveheart, Hero, Maverick, Athena, and Rogue. 

What Is a Royal Name for a Cat?

Royal names for cats can include regal-sounding monikers such as King, Prince, Duchess, and Queen. Other options include Emperor, Princess, Majesty, and Royal.

Who Is the Cat in Disney?

The most famous Disney cat is probably Figaro, the pet cat of Pinocchio. Other popular Disney cats include Lucifer from Cinderella, Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats, and Dinah from Alice in Wonderland.

What Is the Coolest Cat Name?

The coolest cat name depends on the individual’s preference. Some cool cat names include Luna, Shadow, Tiger, Smokey, and Jax.

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