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There are many ways to go when brainstorming inappropriate cat names – like the gross factor, or names that sound like they would be more appropriate for a dog. No matter which route you choose, we guarantee that your fluffy friend’s new name will get a reaction (whether it’s laughter or horror).

Inappropriate Cat Names That Are Offensive Words

Do you want to poke fun at your cat’s expense? If so, consider giving them a name that’s an offensive word, but not over-the-top. Fortunately, your kitty won’t understand, so they won’t feel hurt by it. Here are 15 ideas:

  • Bonehead;
  • Bugger;
  • Cretin;
  • Dipstick;
  • Dork;
  • Douchebag;
  • Dummy;
  • Fatso;
  • Foolish;
  • Galah;
  • Idiot;
  • Jackass;
  • Jerk;
  • Pinhead;
  • Troglodyte.
Inappropriate Cat Names That Are Offensive Words

These words are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inappropriate cat names. If you’re determined to call your kitty like that, you must be a person who doesn’t care about people’s opinions! If you want something even more out there, keep reading for ideas that are gross, weird, and just plain wrong.

Inappropriate Cat Names That Will Make People Go ‘Eww’

We all know that cats are far from gross creatures. They spend hours cleaning themselves, although they may have a tendency to barf up hairballs. If you want to name your cat something repulsive, consider one of these 10 inappropriate cat names.

  • Barf;
  • Booger;
  • Buttsniff;
  • Dingleberry;
  • Drooly;
  • Earwax;
  • Hairball;
  • Pooper;
  • Retch;
  • Skidmark (if you know what we mean).
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We shuddered just typing out some of those inappropriate cat names! If you’re here, you can probably think of something even nastier yourself. Now, let’s get out of the gross territory and think of something more nuanced.

Body-Inspired Inappropriate Cat Names

It’s not technically offensive to name your cat Liver or Eyeball, but it’s certain to raise a few eyebrows. If you want to keep things inappropriate but not too gross, consider one of these body-inspired names.

  • Butthead;
  • Crusty Toes;
  • Fartface;
  • Fish Breath;
  • Hairy Bum;
  • Heartburn;
  • Lazy Eye;
  • Pimpleface;
  • Snotface;
  • Warthead.
Body-Inspired Inappropriate Cat Names

These inappropriate cat names are sure to get a reaction, but they’re not over-the-top. Bonus points if they reflect your cat’s actual traits!

Build-a-Name 🧱

Think of the last body part you got a cut or scrape on. Then, add one of these adjectives: crazy, gross, hairy, itchy, jagged, nasty, oozy, rashy. This will produce some hilarious, but not too bad, cat names! For example: Crazy Elbow, Gross Knee, or Itchy Ankle. You can also combine two body parts to make a truly unique name. Some ideas include ShoulderBelly, ChinCheeks, and ElbowToes! Be creative and have fun with it.

Inappropriate Cat Names Inspired by Bad and Evil People

Are you looking for an inappropriate cat name with a bit more edge? If so, consider naming your cat after a bad person – living or dead. Here are 10 inappropriate cat names inspired by famous murderers, terrorists and evil leaders.

  • Adolf;
  • Bathory;
  • Himmler;
  • Homolka;
  • Hussein;
  • Osama;
  • Pol Pot;
  • Stalin;
  • Wuornos;
  • Zedong.

If you can’t recognize some of those inappropriate cat names, don’t worry – many people would prefer to forget about them. These are some seriously evil people, so you might want to think twice before naming your cat after them. If you’re not going to take that plunge, consider one of the next categories instead.

Names Inappropriate for Your Cat’s Species

Cats are not dogs, so why would you name them something that’s appropriate for a canine or reptile? Well, it can be pretty funny! If you want to get a reaction, consider one of these 10 inappropriate cat names that are more suited for a different animal.

  • Barky;
  • Bulldog;
  • Crawly;
  • Forktongue;
  • Lassie;
  • Muttly;
  • Rover;
  • Scales;
  • Slimy;
  • Slither.
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Names Inappropriate for Your Cat's Species

We hope you have a good sense of humor, because people will definitely judge you if you name your cat one of those inappropriate cat names! If you’re looking for something a bit more light-hearted, keep reading.

Funnily Inappropriate Names Based on Your Cat’s Traits

Is your cat cuddly or independent? Playful or lazy? Whatever their personality, you can use it as inspiration for an inappropriate cat name. Either make fun of your kitty’s traits as they are, or name them something opposite. Here are 12 ideas to get you started.

  • Clingy;
  • Devil;
  • Felon;
  • Haughty;
  • Laggard;
  • Loafer;
  • Needy;
  • Offish;
  • Psycho;
  • Slouch;
  • Smothers;
  • Uppity.

These are a little inappropriate, but also pretty funny names! If you want to make people laugh at your feline in good fun, this is the category for you. And if you’re looking for something that’s really out there, we have one more section coming up.

Inappropriate Cat Names for Those With a Dark Sense of Humor

This is the category for inappropriate cat names that are just plain wrong. If you really want to name your cat something outrageous, here are 10 inappropriate cat names that will definitely get a reaction. We don’t recommend it, though!

  • Abuser;
  • Al Coholic;
  • Cannibal;
  • Deviant;
  • Enema;
  • Grave Robber;
  • Impaler;
  • Rabid;
  • Roadkill;
  • Sadist.
Inappropriate Cat Names for Those With a Dark Sense of Humor

These sound more like nicknames (or actual names) for criminals than something you would name a pet! We hope you’re not actually thinking of using any of these. But if you are, we won’t judge you… too much.

Editor’s Note 🪶

Perhaps the most inappropriate cat name would be one taken from a local criminal. It’s up to you whether this is a good idea – I just want to make sure our readers are aware of the potential implications! For example, if you named your cat after a murderer, you could face backlash if his victim’s family members found out.

Will You Choose a Funny Cat Name That’s More Appropriate?

And there you have it – funny cat names that won’t suit an innocent kitten at all. We hope you changed your mind along the way, but ultimately the decision is up to you. Just remember that once you name your cat, you’re stuck with it… so choose wisely!

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What do you think of our inappropriate cat names? How would you view a person who named their cat like that? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Weirdest Cat Name?

The weirdest cat name I can think of right now is Fuzzy McToastface. The name comes from the combination of two classic breakfast items: toast and fuzzy peaches! The term “fuzzy” is often associated with cats, due to their soft fur, and so Fuzzy McToastface makes for a perfect cat name. And it’s hardly inappropriate, which is good!

What Are Hood Cat Names?

If you’re looking for a name that would fit within a gangster neighborhood, you might consider names like Biggie Smalls, Lucky Luciano, or Gotti. These are all names that reference well-known mobsters and would be perfect for a tough cat!

What Are Some Exotic Cat Names?

Perhaps the easiest way to give your pet an inappropriate name is to choose something that some people would consider cultural appropriation. You want to avoid that if you can, but if you’re looking for something exotic yet harmless, consider names like Zuma, Aya, or Amira. These are all beautiful and meaningful names from cultures around the world. For a male kitten, try names like Kimoni or Kofi.

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