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Unique Female Dog Names and Meanings – Where to Look?

When you’re on the hunt for unique female dog names and meanings, there are a few places you can look to get some inspiration. Friends, family members, and even your favorite celebrities can all be great sources of unique names. Once you have a list of potential names, take some time to research their meanings to see if they fit your pup’s personality.

Words from lesser-known foreign languages are also great options when you’re looking for fun names. Not only will your pup have a one-of-a-kind name, but you can also give her a meaning that is special to you and your family.

Build-a-Name 🧱

Think of a country. Next, think of a color that could symbolize the personality of your dog or reflect their appearance. Use an online translator to translate the name of that color into the language spoken in your chosen country. What did you get? I got Roz, which is pink in Greek!

22 Girl Dog Names You’ve Never Heard Before

Roxy, Bella, Daisy… these are all great names for a female dog, but they’re also a dime a dozen. You might even have 3 dogs run up to you when you call one of these names in the park!

22 Girl Dog Names You've Never Heard Before

If you want to give your pup a super-cool name that will make her the envy of all her doggy pals, scroll through this list of 22 unique girl dog names. From literary characters to Greek deities, there’s something here for every kind of pup! Some are well-known human names, but we bet you’ve never met a dog named like that.

  • Aella – a Greek name meaning ‘whirlwind’ or ‘tempest.’ It was the name of an Amazon warrior, so it’s perfect for a fierce pup.
  • Aphra – inspired by English playwright Aphra Behn and the Hebrew word for ‘dust,’ this is an excellent choice for fans of Restoration literature.
  • Bellatrix – the name of the brightest star in the constellation Orion and the evil witch from Harry Potter, perfect for a dog who is both loyal and intimidating.
  • Carmel – a Hebrew name meaning ‘garden.’ It’s the perfect tribute for your pet if she spends a lot of time outdoors.
  • Coraline – the title character in Neil Gaiman’s 2002 novel of the same name, who travels through a mysterious door into another dimension.
  • Cressida – this pretty girl dog name comes from a character who appears in Medieval and Renaissance retellings of the Trojan War story.
  • Dione – a Greek deity name, meaning ‘divine one,’ for a pup who seems to have a touch of magic about her.
  • Echo – the perfect name for a female dog who loves to howl.
  • Effie – a nickname for Euphemia (ancient Greek for ‘well-spoken’). Effie would make a great middle name for a dog with a longer first name.
  • Fernanda – from the German word for ‘journey,’ a beautiful choice for a dog with an adventurous spirit.
  • Freya – the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war, making it a great name for a strong and independent pup.
  • Giselle – This is another name with a French-sounding twist. It means “pledge” or “promise.”
  • Harper – after the iconic author Harper Lee or the character from Once Upon a Time.
  • Imogen – an Irish or Greek name which can mean ‘maiden’ or ‘beloved child.’ Isn’t your dog going to be your beloved daughter?
  • Jemma – a derivative of Gemma (meaning ‘gem’) that also means ‘dove’ in Hebrew.
  • Kali – the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, perfect for a pup with a feisty personality.
  • Mabel – an old-fashioned name that means ‘lovable’ or ‘blessed.’
  • Nova – meaning ‘new’ in Latin, an excellent name for your new puppy.
  • Paisley – a colorful pattern of curved shapes, usually found on Indian or Turkish clothing.
  • Quinn – derived from the Irish surname O’Cuinn, meaning ‘descendant of Conn.’
  • Tala – the Native American word for ‘alpha she-wolf.’ If your pooch is the leader of the pack, this is the name for her.
  • Zena – this lovely name for a girl dog has Hebrew origins and means ‘hospitable.’
  • Ziva – a Hebrew name meaning ‘brilliant’ or ‘radiant.’ An excellent choice for a pup who is the light of your life.
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Choosing the perfect name for your pup can be tough, but with this list of 22 unique female dog names and meanings, you’re sure to find one that fits. Give your dog a name that celebrates her unique personality and makes her stand out from the pack!

Other Ways to Find Unique Female Dog Names

Looking for more tips for naming your pup? Sometimes you’ll find unique names in the midst of the mundane. For example, you could name your dog after your favorite makeup brand, or the street you grew up on. Here are some more ideas:

  • one of your favorite music artists;
  • a character from your favorite book;
  • the name of a place you’ve always wanted to visit;
  • your favorite drink or dish;
  • a color or pattern that you love;
  • a clothing brand that you’re loyal to.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a name you’ll be proud to call your furry friend for years to come. It may be hard to find unique female dog names and meanings, but chances are, the perfect choice is waiting right under your nose!

Build-a-Name 🧱

Take the first 3 letters of the first fruit that comes to mind. Add the last 3 letters of your first or last name (whichever sounds better). What did you get? I got Bancas!

Popular Female Dog Names to Avoid

Sometimes you might come up with something that sounds special, only to find that other dog owners have already thought of it. To help you avoid this, here is a list of popular female dog names:

  • Bella;
  • Daisy;
  • Lily;
  • Luna;
  • Mia;
  • Nala;
  • Sadie;
  • Stella;
  • Zoey.
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Popular Female Dog Names to Avoid

While these are all lovely names, they’re also quite popular. If you want your dog to stand out, try to avoid names that are too common.

Have You Found the Unique Name You Were Looking for?

Hopefully, this list of unique female dog names and meanings has given you some inspiration for naming your new pup! No matter what you choose, make sure it’s a name that reflects your dog’s personality and makes her feel loved. After all, that’s what really matters.

Do you have any other tips for finding unique female dog names? Share them in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Rare Name for a Female Dog?

Cabaret, Cymbeline, and Darcy are all rare names for female dogs. These unique names come from a range of different sources and will help your dog stand out from the crowd.

What Is the Prettiest Name for a Girl Dog?

Some of the prettiest names for girl dogs are rare gemstones. For example, Tanzanite, Garnet, and Spinel are all beautiful options that reflect your pup’s stunning beauty.

Is Luxury a Girl Name?

If you want to name your dog Luxury, rest assured that it sounds very feminine! It’s also a rare name, which will help make it unique in your neighborhood.

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