If you have decided to adopt a gray tabby you are in for something classy and relaxing. You can be sure that gray cats’ life is not uneventful. They are as energetic, playful and intelligent as fellow tricolors, black or orange kitties. Additionally, looking at them can give you a soothing escape from reality because gray color has this effect on our brains. In the following article we will look at the meaning of gray color, answer whether cats turn white as they age, find out what Maltese cats are, see what breeds produce gray cats and most importantly provide you with greyt (grey + great) cat names ideas! We will look for inspiration in nature, food, weather and minerals. Find the most exciting name for your gray kitten today.

Gray color – meaning; how your gray kitten can affect your life

Gray is an excellent color to describe feline nature with. It signifies balance, control and stability. Aren’t cats exactly like that? Generally yes, except when a can of tuna is being opened. Our brain is drawn to the shades of gray because they have a soothing and relaxing effect on us. Some associate this color with detachment and the lack of emotions. As for cats, even when they seem cold, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t love their owners. If your kitty hangs around but doesn’t necessarily sit on your lap and purr, it’s absolutely fine. Just the fact that they are in the same room is a sign of attachment. Be mindful that compared with dogs, our feline friends are rather introverts.

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Do cats get gray as they age?

Even if your cat is originally gray – it gets old, sadly. When the time arrives, it’s possible for an owner to see a few straggly gray hairs. Just like humans, cats lose pigmentation in their fur and go white. Their eyes and mouth are affected first. Later on, you can notice a few patches of gray all over their body, although it doesn’t happen to each feline.

Maltese cats 

A common name for gray cats is Maltese. Presumably, they have been residing in Malta. A Maltese defines the cat’s fur that is primarily or entirely gray. Numerous breeds produce such classy felines so the term Maltese is used irrespective of the cat’s lineage. If you want to do some substantial research, you can go to Malta and count how many gray cats you meet on your trip. Interestingly, there are only three breeds that produce solid gray kitties – the Russian Blue, the Chartreux and the Korat. None of them have originated in Malta.

Grey cat breeds 

If you are into shades of gray in felines, this list may come in handy. Remember to learn not only about what your future fluffy friend looks like but also if its personality matches your needs and conditions you live in. This knowledge can be a good starting point for finding the best name for your grey kitten. You can find gray cats among the following breeds:

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Best grey cat names

Below you will find classics that are strictly connected with gray either in a physical form or the feel:

  • Silver
  • Misty
  • Ash
  • Smoky
  • Granite
  • London
  • Phantom
  • Poe

Best gray cat names for female cats

If you are looking for a perfect name for your gray feline girl, here is the list to get you started:

  • Ashley
  • Cinder
  • Cloud
  • Ember
  • Graycie
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Luna
  • Misty
  • Periwinkle
  • Shimmer
  • Storm
  • Tinsel
  • Twinkle

Best gray male cat names

If you are looking for a perfect name for your gray feline boy, here is the list to get you started:

  • Ash
  • Asher
  • Baloo
  • Blue
  • Carbon
  • Charcoal
  • Coal
  • Dumbo
  • Dusty
  • Eeyore
  • Fog/Foggy
  • Ghost
  • Granite
  • Grayson
  • Meeko
  • Nickel
  • Pewter
  • Platinum 
  • Shadow
  • Silver
  • Slate
  • Smoke/Smokey
  • Steel
  • Stone/Stoney
  • Thumper

Animal inspired names for grey cats 

There are numerous animals that have gray fur. Is there anything more adorable than naming one species of animal with the name of another one?

  • Alpaca
  • Iguana
  • Seal
  • Kangaroo
  • Wolf
  • Racoon
  • Elephant
  • Chinchilla
  • Hippo
  • Mouse

Food inspired names for gray cats 

Food items often come in different shades including gray. Additionally, you may find something that your cat is crazy about:

  • Bagel
  • Oatmilk
  • Milkshake (one with a hint of cocoa obviously)
  • Pepper
  • Tofu
  • Sesame
  • Kasha
  • Mackarel – cats love the fish
  • Mushroom
  • Anchovie

Nature-inspired names for gray cats 

Names for grey cats may have its source in nature too. Some of them are:

  • Carbon
  • Chrome
  • Pearl
  • Pebbles
  • Pewter
  • Plata
  • Mercury
  • Razor
  • Shilling
  • Silver
  • Steel

Weather inspired names for gray cats

Even if you name your cat using words describing rather gloomy weather conditions, we all know that in reality, your kitty can only cheer you up when it’s raining cats and dogs:

  • Bolt
  • Cloud
  • Drizzle
  • Dusty
  • Hurricane
  • Lightning
  • Misty
  • Monsoon
  • Rain
  • Storm
  • Stormy

Shades of gray inspired names – unique grey cat names

Interior designers know how many shades of colors are there. It’s no different with gray. Some names are very original. Explore this list if you want to go for something extraordinary:

  • Xanadu
  • Platinum
  • Ash gray
  • Battleship gray
  • Gunmetal
  • Nickel
  • Charcoal
  • Gainsboro
  • Jet
  • Glaucous
  • Marengo
  • Puce
  • Rose quartz
  • Cinereous
  • Rocket metallic
  • Taupe
  • Powder
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How to find the best name for your new grey kitten

Hopefully, after reading our proposals for some of the best names for grey cats, you will choose a perfect moniker. If you are still in two minds about it, don’t worry. Just take your time and get to know your kitty. The tiniest detail, that distinguishes it from the crowd of other cats, can be the best inspiration. Let your gray kitty activate your grey matter. Observe what your furry friend likes. If it’s a particular type of fish — name it Mackarel. If your cat gets excited every take you play hunting games with it — name it Mouse. Your cat’s favorite sleeping spot is at the window, even on a cold autumn evening — name it Misty. Possibilities are endless. Good luck with picking the best name. Don’t forget to let us know about your choice.

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