Inspired by…Black and White Cat Names

Black-and-white cats come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to take your kitty’s personality into account when picking the perfect name. For example, a black and white kitten with a sweet personality might suit a name like “Oreo,” while a more distinguished cat could be called “Tux.” Let’s look through more ideas for black and white cat names!

Tuxedo Cat Names for Your Elegant Kitty

Tuxedo cats are black with a white belly, giving them an elegant look. If your black and white cat looks like they’re wearing a tuxedo, why not name them after it (or parts of another formal or semiformal outfit)? There are more ways to do it than you would have thought!

  • Black Tie – for a cat that looks dressed up;
  • Blazer – for a cool, confident cat;
  • Bowtie – for a dapper gentleman;
  • Cummerbund – for a regal, sophisticated cat;
  • Cravat – for the aristocrat of your house;
  • Ebony & Ivory – perfect names for a pair of cats;
  • Satin – for a kitty with soft fur;
  • Smoking – for an all-black cat with a white stripe down their chest;
  • Suit – for a cat with the perfect style;
  • Tailcoat – for a handsome kitty;
  • Tux – for a classic, timeless name;
  • Vest – for a furry friend who loves to show off their belly.

You could also choose a name that references classic black and white movies. Some examples are Casablanca, Citizen Kane, La Grande Illusion or The Best Years of Our Lives. The names of their main characters or iconic places would make great black and white cat names with a touch of elegance!

Name Ideas for a Black and White Kitten With Spots or Patches

Black and white cats often have cow-like patterns on their fur. This black and white coloration is called ‘bicolor.’ It may not look as neat as tuxedo, but it’s still worthy of a good name! If your kitten has markings of that kind, they might suit one of these:

  • Barcode – for a sleek, black and white design;
  • Chess – for a kitty with classic markings;
  • Checkers – for a playful cat with unique markings;
  • Cow – for a kitty who loves to lounge around;
  • Domino – for a kitty with black spots and white dots;
  • Dottie – for a kitty with polka dots;
  • Inkblot – for a kitty who loves to cuddle;
  • Inky – for a kitty with hints of mischief;
  • Oreo – for a classic black-and-white combination;
  • Panda – for a kitty who loves to play;
  • Polka-Dot – for a classic, bright design;
  • Skunk – for a kitty with white stripes.
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Your cat’s personality should also be considered when picking a name, unless you don’t know what they’re like yet. A curious or quirky black and white kitten might suit the name Checkers or Inky, while Dottie is a good name for a gentle female cat.

name ideas for a black and white kitten with spots or patches

Female Names for Black and White Cats

If you’re welcoming a female kitten to your home, she needs a classy and feminine name to go with her black-and-white fur. It’s easy to brainstorm a few, based on popular symbols and famous names that we associate with elegance. These black and white cat names are perfect for a lady kitty.

  • Armani – for a kitty who’s always dressed to impress;
  • Coco – perfect for a feisty black and white cat;
  • Chanel – for a kitty with high class;
  • Cleopatra – for a regal, confident cat;
  • Cruella – for a kitty who loves to be mischievous;
  • Diana – an elegant name for a female cat;
  • Freya – for a strong and beautiful cat;
  • Gigi – for a graceful cat;
  • Monroe – perfect for a glamorous kitty;
  • Opal – for a kitty with an iridescent personality.

Which one sounds the most fitting for your kitten? In our opinion, Cruella is perfect for a spunky little feline, while Ebony will fit a cat who’s more black than white. If these ideas don’t strike your fancy, keep scrolling for more!

Male Names for Black and White Cats

Have you become a happy owner of a little feline gentleman? Your black and white cat needs a name that suits his dapper look. It can be inspired by a famous person who lived in the black-and-white photo era, or traditionally masculine human names and symbols of elegance. One of these names might be perfect for him.

  • Asher – for a smart kitty;
  • Bentley – for a cat with an air of sophistication;
  • Caviar – perfect for a luxury-loving kitty;
  • Charlie – for a classic, timeless name;
  • Carter – for a kitty with a mysterious personality;
  • Hemingway – perfect if your cat loves books;
  • Lancelot – for a brave and heroic cat;
  • Champagne – for a bubbly and fun-loving kitty;
  • Elvis – for a kitty who loves to rock n’ roll;
  • Gatsby – for a kitty who loves to party;
  • Vince – for a kitty with lots of charm.
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Still haven’t found the perfect black and white cat name on this list? Take a look at some monochrome animals for more ideas. For example, black and white birds like penguins or magpies, or other animals like orcas, tapirs, lemurs, or Holstein cattle. Doesn’t Holstein sound like a good name for a male kitten?

male names for black and white cats

Unisex Black-and-White Cat Names

Whether you’ve got a black-and-white boy or a black-and-white girl, these unisex names are perfect for your kitten. They’re inspired by monochrome things in nature and culture, like the outer space or musical instruments.

  • Clubs – for a cat who loves to play;
  • Dice – perfect for a cat who loves to gamble;
  • Fender – for a kitty with a rock n’ roll soul;
  • Marble – for a kitty with an iridescent personality;
  • Orca – for a kitty who loves the ocean;
  • Piano – perfect for a cat who loves music;
  • Soccer – for a kitty who loves to play;
  • Spades – for a card-playing cat;
  • Sushi – perfect for a cat who loves to eat;
  • Uno – for a kitty who loves to take risks.

These are some fun and quirky names for black and white cats. If you want something more unique, try to come up with a name that describes your cat’s physical appearance or personality.

Editor’s Note

Many people opt for names that reflect the two-tone color of their cats. For example, some popular choices include: Domino, Patches, Penguin, Chess, and Oreo. Some creative names for a pair of cats include: Yin and Yang, Salt and Pepper, Milk and Cookies, Black and White or Ebony and Ivory.

Famous Black and White Cat Names

Are you looking for black and white cat names that are a little more famous? We’ve got you covered! These black and white cats have made a name for themselves, so take some inspiration from them.

  • Babbit (Merrie Melodies);
  • Butch (Tom and Jerry);
  • Catstello (Merrie Melodies);
  • Doc (Hickory, Dickory, and Doc);
  • Felix (Felix the Cat);
  • Figaro (Pinocchio);
  • Jess (Postman Pat);
  • Lucifer (Cinderella);
  • Penelope Pussycat (Looney Tunes);
  • Socks (the pet cat of President Bill Clinton’s family);
  • Sylvester (Looney Tunes).

Not all of these black and white cats are tuxedo cats, but they all have distinct features that make them perfect namesakes. If you’re still not sure which name is right for your kitten, think about their personality – are they a baddie like Lucifer or Butch, or more of a sweetheart like Penelope?

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Black-and-White Warrior Cat Names

Last but not least, Erin Hunter’s book series Warriors features plenty of black and white cats among its many characters. Some readers can’t keep up with all the cats, but several of these are fan favorites. If you’re looking for a powerful name for your kitten, look no further!

  • Barley;
  • Berryheart;
  • Blackstar;
  • Darktail;
  • Needleclaw;
  • Patchpelt;
  • Ravenpaw;
  • Smudge;
  • Tallstar;
  • Violetshine.
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Doesn’t Smudge sound like a cute name for a white kitty with black patches? If you want something that sounds a little fiercer, consider Tallstar or Blackstar. And if you’re looking for a name that’s truly unique, try Needleclaw or Berryheart.

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your New Cat?

Now that you’ve seen all our name ideas, it’s time to choose the perfect one for your feline friend. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • Consider your cat’s personality. Is she shy or outgoing? Playful or serious?
  • Think about your cat’s physical appearance. Is he a black and white tuxedo cat, or does he have another black-and-white pattern?
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative! If you can’t find a black and white cat name that you love, try thinking outside the box. You can use this opportunity to come up with a totally unique name for your new kitten.

Have Fun With Your Bicolor Cat and Their New Name!

Hopefully, this black and white cat name list has given you some inspiration! If all else fails, just give your kitty a human name. After all, they’re part of the family too! So have fun with it, and enjoy playing with your new black and white cat.

Do you have a black and white cat? What did you name him or her? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Name My Tuxedo Cat?

Some great names for tuxedo cats are Oreo, Tux, Domino, and Shadow.

What Are Some Unique Cat Names?

Unique cat names could include Luna, Marley, Sushi, and Ziggy.

What’s the Rarest Cat Name?

The rarest cat name is probably something unique and creative, like Zander, Xavi, or Zorro.

What Is a Royal Name for a Cat?

Royal names for cats could include King, Prince, Duchess, or Queen.

What Is the Lucky Cat Name?

Lucky cat names could include Lucky, Clover, Fortune, or Jinx.

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