Opossums and Dogs – Potential Dangers

Opossums are wild animals, and sometimes they can be dangerous to dogs. If an opossum feels threatened, it may attack a dog in self-defense. An opossum can also transmit diseases to dogs, including relapsing fever, distemper, tularemia and leptospirosis.

Additionally, if a dog eats possum poo, the dog could contract parasites or other diseases. If you look at it the other way around, opossums also like canine poop. So, the more you clean Fido’s poo from the garden, the less likely the pests will roam around your yard.

Can a Possum Kill a Dog?

So, are possums dangerous to dogs? While it is rare for an opossum to kill a dog, it is possible. In most cases, an opossum will only attack a dog if it feels threatened or cornered. If an opossum does attack a dog, the dog could sustain serious injuries, including bites or scratches that could become infected. In rare cases, an opossum could even crush a small dog’s skull with its powerful jaws.

What If My Furry Friend Attacks a Possum?

Dogs can also bite possums, but obviously, this is not recommended. If a dog bites an opossum, the opossum could retaliate and bite the dog back. Additionally, there is a risk of disease transmission if a dog bites an infected opossum. Like any mammal, they can transmit serious diseased to humans, so it is important to be aware of the risks before allowing your dog to interact with any wild animals.

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Nevertheless, it is very rare for a pooch to bite a possum because these cute little pests play dead and smell awful when scared. Fido will not want to get close to it, so no worries!

Is Rabies Frequent in Possums?

It is important to note that rabies is very rare in opossums. In fact, less than 1% of all rabid animals reported in the United States are opossums. This low incidence of rabies is due in part to the fact that possums have low body temperature and this, most frequently, inhibits the virus. Are possums dangerous to dogs? Sometimes yes, but there’s no need to get stressed over them!

Do Dogs Scare Opossums Away Easily?

While it is true that dogs can be effective in deterring possums from entering an area, there are a number of factors that need to be considered.

  • First, the size of the dog is important. A small dog is not likely to be very intimidating to a possum, while a large dog may be too much for the possum to handle.
  • Second, the temperament of the dog is important. A calm, friendly dog is not likely to scare away a possum, while a barking, aggressive dog may be more successful.
  • Finally, the level of a possum’s activity in the area is also a factor. In general, while a dog may be able to scare away some possums, there is no guarantee that all possums will be frightened away.

Are Possums Dangerous to Dogs? Let’s Wrap It Up

Are possums dangerous to dogs? Will possums attack dogs? In conclusion, while possums are not typically aggressive animals, they can pose a danger to dogs if they feel threatened. Additionally, dogs can also contract diseases from possums. If you see an opossum while out on a walk with your dog, it is best to keep it away from the animal and contact your local animal control or wildlife removal service for assistance.

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