Badass Demonic Names For Dogs

Many people choose to name their dogs after something that is meaningful to them, whether it be a family member, a favorite food, or a place they love. However, some people choose to name their dogs after more… unique things. For example, there are plenty of dog owners out there who have decided to name their furry friend after a devilish figure. While dog demon names may seem like an unusual choice, there are actually a few reasons why it can be a good idea.

Dog Demon Names: Why Should You Choose a Hellhound Name?

Mythical Demon Dog Names

There are many mythical demon dogs that have been spoken about throughout history. Here are some of the most famous examples of devilish dogs.


One of the most popular is the Cerberus, a giant three-headed dog that guarded the underworld in Greek mythology. Today, the term is most often used in reference to security systems or software that keep unauthorized users from accessing a computer or network. This makes it one of the best dog demon names for a guardian dog!

Mauthe Doog

Mauthe doog is a mythical creature that is said to inhabit the Scottish Highlands. Descriptions of the creature vary, but it is typically said to be a black dog with glowing red eyes. The creature is said to be extremely intelligent, and it is said to be able to understand human speech.

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The cadejo dog is an iconic symbol of Central American folklore. This large, powerful canine is said to have supernatural powers and is often associated with ancient folklore and myths. Many people believe that the sight of one of these dogs is a sign that something bad is about to happen, but others see them as a source of protection from harm. 

Garmr Dog

Garmr Dog was one of the most terrifying and imposing figures from Norse mythology. Believed to be the guardian of the gates of Hell, Garmr Dog was a massive canine with flaming eyes, razor-sharp teeth, and a ferocious demeanor. By keeping guard over the gateway between the world of humans and the realm of the dead, Garmr Dog helped to protect this important connection between life and afterlife.


The Gwyllgi, or ghost dog, is a well-known mythical creature said to originate in Wales. This large black dog is believed to haunt the Welsh countryside. According to legend, those unfortunate enough to cross paths with the Gwyllgi will be met with misfortune, often spun as retribution for some past wrongdoing. Regardless of whether this creature actually exists in the physical world, it certainly has captured people’s imaginations over the centuries.

Demons’ Names as Dog Demon Names

Demons are a staple of mythology and folklore around the world. In many traditions, they are malevolent beings who delight in causing suffering. They may be said to possess great strength or magical powers, and often take on the form of beasts or monsters. This list includes some of the more famous and infamous demons from around the world.

  • Asmodeus: A demon of lust and sensuality, Asmodeus is said to be the king of all demons.
  • Beelzebub: Also known as another name for Satan. One of the seven princes of Hell.
  • Lucifer: The most well-known demon of all, Lucifer is said to be the ruler of hell. He is often depicted as a fallen angel with black bat-like wings.
  • Belial: Belial is a demon of lies and deceit who sometimes takes the form of a snake or goat.
  • Mammon: An evil spirit associated with greed, Mammon was once an angel but fell from grace when he refused to bow to God. He is often depicted as a humanoid with goat-like features or as a snake.
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Other Devilish Names For Your Devilish Friend

Some other devilish names for your pup may include other demons and devils present in folklore, mythology, religion or pop culture. Here are some of the other examples of dog demon names:

  • Apep;
  • Bahamut;
  • Pazuzu;
  • Dantalion;
  • Andras;
  • Murmur;
  • Flereous;
  • Furfur;
  • Balam;
  • Abraxas;
  • Barbatos;
  • Decarabia;
  • Eligos;
  • Focalor.

Do not be fool by the cute and cuddly appearance of your new puppy because they can be little devils in disguise. And if you’re looking for an unconventional way to name your new dog, consider giving them a unique devilish moniker!

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