It’s not hard to come up with boy or girl names that start with B. You’ve probably met lots of Brians and Brendas. However, those may not sound good for a dog. And while B might be the second letter of the alphabet, it’s number one when it comes to dog names. That’s because there are so many great options for dog names that start with B.

Female Dog Names That Start with B

Do you have a little or big lady dog? If so, you might want to consider one of these great dog names that start with B. They’ll reflect your dog’s personality perfectly, while sounding feminine and simply beautiful!

  • Babette;
  • Babydoll;
  • Bailey;
  • Bambi;
  • Bella or Belle;
  • Belladonna;
  • Bertha;
  • Bessie;
  • Betty;
  • Bijou;
  • Birch;
  • Bonnie;
  • Breeze;
  • Brittany;
  • Bunny.

How do these dog names sound to you? We think Bambi or Belladonna are quite elegant, while Breeze and Bunny are perfect for dogs that have a lot of energy. And if you’re looking for dog names that are both unique and beautiful, Babette and Bijou might be the right fit!

Male Dog Names That Start With B

For all the boy dog owners out there, these are some of the most fitting male dog names that start with B. Some are popular dog names, while others are less common and inspired by pop culture. But all of them will have your dog looking and feeling like the top dog!

  • Barney;
  • Bear;
  • Beau or Bo;
  • Benjamin;
  • Bentley;
  • Bernard or Bernie;
  • Bingo;
  • Blue;
  • Bogey or Bog
  • Boomer;
  • Bruno;
  • Brutus;
  • Buster;
  • Butch;
  • Byron.
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These B dog names sound strong and masculine, don’t they? We think so too! If you have a big dog, names like Bernard, Boomer, Bruno and Butch will be perfect. And if you have a small dog with a lot of personality, we recommend Baxter or Bingo.

Cute Dog Names That Start With B

If you’re looking for dog names that are both cute and unique, these might be the ones for you. They all start with B, and they’re perfect if you’re going to use baby talk with your pup!

  • Baloo;
  • Bambino;
  • Biscuit;
  • Bitbit;
  • Bitsy;
  • Bluebell or Blue Belle;
  • Blueberry;
  • Blondie;
  • Blush;
  • Booboo;
  • Brownie;
  • Bubba;
  • Bubbles;
  • Buttercup;
  • Buttons.

These dog names are all incredibly cute, and we’re sure your pup will love them! If you want a dog name that’s both unique and adorable, try Bluebell or Blueberry. Or if you’re looking for something a little more baby-like, try Booboo or Bubba.

Funny and Unusual B Dog Names

We also have some funny and unusual dog names that start with B. They might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a good laugh (or want to make people do a double-take), these might be the dog names for you!

  • Bacon;
  • Badger;
  • Barkevious;
  • Bark Obama;
  • Bark Twain;
  • Beaker;
  • Bedsworth;
  • Beanboozled;
  • Beefcake;
  • Beezus;
  • Belch;
  • Blackbeard;
  • Bleu Cheese;
  • Blitzen;
  • Booger.

These dog names are definitely unique, and some of them are sure to make people laugh! We think Bark Twain and Beanboozled are particularly humorous, while Belch is perfect for a dog who loves to eat.

B Names Inspired by Famous Dogs

Last but not least, we have some dog names that start with B which were inspired by famous dogs. If you’re looking for dog names with a bit of history (or want to name your dog after a celebrity), these might be the perfect fit!

  • Balto;
  • Baxter;
  • Benji;
  • Beethoven;
  • Bolt;
  • Bruiser;
  • Buddy;
  • The Beast.
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Can you identify which famous dogs these dog names were inspired by? Balto was a real-life sled dog who saved many lives by delivering medicine, while Beethoven was a popular dog character from a movie. And of course, everyone knows Bolt and Buddy!

How to Find a Unique Dog Name That Starts With B?

If you want to be more creative in your search than just picking dog names that start with B from a list, we can help you come up with your own ideas. Think about the answers to these questions:

  • Have you ever been on a trip to a place that starts with B? For example, Boston or Barcelona. Many cities would make good dog names.
  • Do any of your favorite songs or bands start with B? This is another great source of inspiration for dog names.
  • Is there a food that you love that starts with B? For example, bruschetta or baklava. This could be a fun and unique way to name your dog.

By thinking about it for a moment, you should be able to come up with some dog names that start with B that are entirely unique to you and your dog. And that’s the best kind of dog name!

Do you have any other ideas for dog names that start with B? Share them with us in the comments below!

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