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Cartoon dog names: highlights

There’s no shortage of dogs in cartoons, which means there are plenty of cartoon dog names to choose from. From Disney’s classics to more contemporary shows like PAW Patrol, there are all sorts of brave and lovable canines to name your pup after. Some might not be the best role models for your pooch (we’re looking at you, Goofy), but they’re still worth honoring if you grew up with them!

Famous Cartoon Dog Name Ideas – The Classics

If you’re looking for timeless ideas, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. These characters have charmed audiences for generations, and they make great cartoon dog names with some history behind them. Consider one of these iconic pups:

  • Pluto – one of Mickey Mouse’s best friends. Pluto is a loyal and lovable dog who always seems to get himself into trouble. He was first introduced in 1930 and has been a fan favorite ever since.
  • Snoopy – the cartoon beagle from the Peanuts comics strip. Snoopy is known for his imaginative daydreams and his never-ending battle with the Red Baron. He first appeared in 1950 and has been a beloved cartoon character ever since.
  • Clifford – the big red dog from the popular children’s book series and animated TV show. Clifford is famous for his huge size and his friendly personality. The books were first published in 1963, but Clifford has been adapted to television and film as well.
  • Courage – the dog from the cartoon series of the same name. Courage is a cowardly dog who faces his fears head-on to protect those he loves.
  • Scooby Doo – the lovable Great Dane who solves mysteries with his human friends. Scooby first appeared on TV in 1969 and has been a pop culture icon ever since. He even has his own line of movies, video games, and merchandise.
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Famous Cartoon Dog Name Ideas – The Classics

These are just a few of the many cartoon dog names to choose from. Whoever hears you calling your dog Scooby or Clifford will smile at the nostalgic reference.

Editor’s Note 🪶

Courage got his name despite being cowardly. What about your dog? Do they have a negative quality that you’d like them to overcome? For example, you could name a lazy dog Sporty, or combat your pup’s yappiness with a name like Silence!

More Disney-Inspired Names for Dogs

Disney hasn’t stopped churning out cartoon classics, even in recent years. Without dividing too much into categories, here are 10 more cartoon dog names to choose from. They come from both older and newer Disney movies, but aren’t as iconic – and perhaps overused – as the ones we’ve mentioned earlier.

  • Bolt – the star of his own Disney movie, released in 2008. Bolt is a superhero dog with a heart of gold.
  • Bruno – Cinderella’s loyal dog (a Bloodhound) who helps her escape from her wicked stepmother.
  • Copper – a Bloodhound from the 1981 movie The Fox and the Hound. He befriends a red fox named Tod and the two become unlikely friends.
  • Dante – a Xoloitzcuintli from Coco, a Pixar movie released in 2017. Dante is a guide dog who helps Miguel, the main character, find his way back to the land of the living.
  • Dug – a lovable Golden Retriever from Pixar’s Up. Dug is known for his catchphrase, “I have just met you, and I love you.”
  • Max – an Old English Sheepdog from the Little Mermaid. Max is Prince Eric’s loyal companion who helps him find Ariel.
  • Nana – Peter Pan’s faithful nursemaid who takes care of the Lost Boys. She’s a St. Bernard in the 1953 Disney movie, but she was a Newfoundland in the original play.
  • Percy – the pug from Pocahontas. Percy is loyal to Pocahontas and her father, Chief Powhatan.
  • Perdita – Pongo’s wife from Disney’s 1961 classic 101 Dalmatians. She’s the mother of fifteen Dalmatian puppies.
  • Tramp – a streetwise male dog who falls in love with Lady, a pampered Cocker Spaniel. They star in the 1955 Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.
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More Disney-Inspired Names for Dogs

Don’t these Disney-inspired names just make you want to cuddle up with your pup and watch a movie? Pick the one with their namesake and make it a great family night in!

PAW Patrol Cartoon Dog Names – For the Younger Set

If you’re looking for cartoon dog names that are a little more current, consider one of the pups from the popular Nickelodeon show PAW Patrol. The show follows a group of heroic puppies who work together to protect their town, Adventure Bay.

Each pup has a unique skill and personality, making them the perfect cartoon dogs for kids to look up to. Here are some of the best PAW Patrol dog names:

  • Chase – a German Shepherd who is the leader of the PAW Patrol. He’s brave and resourceful, and always ready to take charge.
  • Everest – a Husky who works as a snow rescue dog and assists the group in whatever way she can.
  • Marshall – a Dalmatian who is the group’s firefighter. He’s always ready to help, even when he’s scared.
  • Rocky – a mix-breed pup who loves to recycle. He’s always looking for ways to help the environment.
  • Rubble – an English Bulldog who is the construction pup. He’s strong and tough, and loves to get his paws dirty.
  • Skye – a Cockapoo who is the PAW Patrol’s first female member. She loves to fly and is always ready for an adventure.
  • Tracker – a Chihuahua who lives in the jungle and joins the PAW Patrol in season six. He’s a friendly pup who uses his great hearing to track down lost animals.
  • Zuma – a Golden Retriever who is the water pup. He loves to swim and is always ready to lend a helping paw.
PAW Patrol Cartoon Dog Names – For the Younger Set

Have You Found the Perfect Cartoon Name for Your Pet?

These cartoon dog names should give you a good starting point when naming your new pet. It isn’t an exhaustive list by any means – you could also go with one of the dogs in Family Guy, the anthropomorphic dog characters from BoJack Horseman, or any of your favorite cartoon characters. Whether you’re looking for a classic name or something more current, there’s bound to be a cartoon character that is the perfect fit for your furry friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Creative Dog Names?

The most creative dog names would be those you make up on your own. But if you need help, let’s play a little game. Think of a place you’ve never been to, but would really like to see. (For me, it’s Iceland.) Now, if you chose a country, take its capital and modify it so that it sounds like a dog name. (In my case, it’s Reykjavik, which I can shorten to Javik.) If you chose a city, simply do the same with its name!

What Is the Dog’s Name on Looney Tunes?

Looney Tunes had a dog character named Charlie Dog. He appeared in 9 cartoons between 1941 and 1958. He was a mutt who liked to pretend he had a pedigree, and did everything in his might to find himself a master!

What Is Mario’s Dog’s Name?

If you mean the dog that appears in the Super Mario franchise, then his name is Poochy. He mostly appears throughout the Yoshi franchise, though, and isn’t Mario’s dog.

What Is Elmer Fudd’s Dog’s Name?

It depends on what cartoon you have in mind. In Mutt in a Rut, Elmer had a dog called Wover Boy, who helped him with hunting. In another film, To Duck or Not to Duck, he had a hunting dog named Laramore.

Who Is Bugs Bunny’s Dog?

Bugs Bunny didn’t have a dog, but there is a movie starring both him and a dog named Willoughby. It’s called The Heckling Hare.

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