Why Should You Choose a Name That Starts With ‘R’?

There are many reasons why choosing a dog name that starts with R can be a great idea. For one, an R-named dog is easy to remember, especially if the name is unique or uncommon. In addition, many people find it easier to say an R-sounding name compared to names that start with other letters. Also, dogs with R names often have a regal air about them, which can be perfect if you’re looking for an aristocratic pup!

Great Ideas Of Dog Names That Start With ‘R’ For Female Dogs

Some people lean toward more traditional names, while others gravitate toward more unique options. One category of name that is always popular, regardless of the dog’s breed or size, is those that begin with the letter ‘R’. This can include classic choices like “Rosie” or “Roxy”, as well as more unusual picks. Here are great dog names that start with ‘R’ for a female dog:

  • Rabia;
  • Reyna;
  • Ruby (or Rubi);
  • Ramona;
  • Rosemary;
  • Rachelle;
  • Renee;
  • Rosette;
  • Raquel;
  • Ria;
  • Rhea;
  • Raya;
  • Rainbow;
  • Roo;
  • Raspberry.

Dog Names That Start With ‘R’ For Male Dogs

There are a lot of great male dog names that start with ‘R’. If you’re looking for a name for your new pup, here are some of our favorites.

  • Radar;
  • Reggie;
  • Rocky;
  • Roger;
  • Rosco;
  • Ruger;
  • Ryker;
  • Remington;
  • Renzo;
  • Rex;
  • River;
  • Rexx (or Rex);
  • Rushmore;
  • Ryker/Rykerr/Rykker.
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Dog Names and Their Meanings

  • Rascal: another classic dog name that’s perfect for mischievous or energetic pooches;
  • Romeo: a romantic name that is perfect for a loving dog who is the apple of your eye.
  • Robin: from the famous character Robin Hood;
  • Rocko: meaning ‘roaring’ or ‘shouting,’ a perfect name for a loud, big dog;
  • Ronin: a name to describe a wandering samurai that has no master or lord;
  • Remus: this name sounds like it belongs to an old, wise dog with lots of stories to tell;
  • Ranger: perfect for a dog who likes to wander around;
  • Rhys: meaning ‘fire’ in Welsh, a perfect name for a bright red colored dog;
  • Riggs: a bit cowboy in style, but a cool name for a male dog;
  • Rhett: a name of a character from ‘Gone With The Wind’ (played by Clark Gable).

Great Unisex Dog Names That Start With R

One thing that makes these names so appealing is their versatility – they can be used for both male and female pups, making them perfect for those who do not know what gender their pet will be. Many of these names are gender-neutral by nature, evoking images of strength, bravery, and confidence. Whether you’re looking for a name that subtly reflects your pup’s personality or one that simply sounds cool and unique, there are plenty of great unisex dog names that start with ‘R’ to choose from!

  • Reese (like the chocolate, or a variation like Reece or Reeves);
  • Rudy (or Rudi or Ruddy);
  • Rowan (or Rowen or Roan);
  • Rogue (or Rohg or Roug or Rowg);
  • Raven (or Ravvie);
  • Remi (like the movie character);
  • Riley (or Rylee or Rilie);
  • Rusty (or Russel or Russ);
  • Rhapsody (a perfect name for an expressive dog);
  • Regal (a little more traditionally “boy” sounding, but can be used for either gender);
  • Rana (meaning ‘king’ in Persian, but may also be a pretty female dog name).
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Choosing a dog name is a fun task, but finding dog names that start with ‘R’ can be difficult. If you’re looking for a unique name that starts with the letter R, hopefully this list has inspired you and helped you out!

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