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Mischief comes in many forms. Some cats will push vases off tables, while others will unroll toilet paper and bat it around. But regardless of how often your cat causes trouble, they always bring a smile to your face. And they deserve a fitting name! Scroll down for mischievous cat names you can try on your furball.

Female Mischievous Cat Names

Have you brought home a little lady cat who loves to play? Maybe she bites your ankles when you walk by or hides your favorite hair ties. In that case, these mischievous cat names will be perfect for her.

  • Bouncy – for a kitten that bounces around like a rubber ball;
  • Cayenne – for a fiery mouser;
  • Frisky – for a playful and lively girl cat;
  • Harley – a perfect combo between comic relief and a villain;
  • Monkey – for a cat that’s too crazy for her own good;
  • Oopsie – for a pet who has accidents outside the litterbox;
  • Puma – for a fierce hunter, even if her prey is just a mouse toy;
  • Rogue – for a cat that just won’t listen to you;
  • Spicy – for a hissing, scratching little monster;
  • Trixie – for a little trickster that brings you joy nevertheless.
Female Mischievous Cat Names

All of these names are full of spunk and personality – just like your cat! And they’ll be sure to give people a good chuckle every time you call her.

Male Mischievous Cat Names

Is your delinquent cat a boy? If so, these names will be perfect for him. Whether he likes to run around the house at top speed or hide in your closet and jump out at you, one of these names will suit him purr-fectly.

  • Bandit – for a tomcat that robs you of sleep or food;
  • Bullet – for a boy cat that shoots through the hallway like a bullet;
  • Chase – for a guy who loves chasing other pets in the home;
  • Killer – for one that brings you dead mice or birds;
  • Mischief – for a little troublemaker that can’t sit still;
  • Pounce – for a cat that jumps on you when you’re trying to sleep;
  • Rumble – for a furball that purrs loudly or makes noise when he plays;
  • Stinker – for a fellow that digs his dirt out of the litterbox;
  • Turbo – for a fast runner that crashes into stuff;
  • Whoopsie – for a boy whose litterbox training isn’t going very well.
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Male Mischievous Cat Names

These mischievous cat names are sure to make you smile every time you call your furry friend. It’s hard to be angry at a pet named Whoopsie when he does something naughty!

Kitty Names That Mean Trouble

Whether you have a male or female cat, these names are perfect for troublemakers. They all have a meaning that suits a rascal of a kitty – even if they’re the sweetest thing in the world.

  • Badger;
  • Brat;
  • Bully;
  • Cheeky;
  • Daredevil;
  • Gremlin;
  • Hooligan;
  • Jester;
  • Maniac;
  • Prankster.

Do you think one of these names is perfect for your mischievous cat? We sure do! Gremlin is the perfect choice if your puss looks funny in addition to their mischief. And Maniac suits a tom that runs around constantly.

Did You Know… 🔍

The English word trouble originates from Old French, where the word troble (“commotion”) was present. This term came from the Latin turbula, which meant “disorderly crowd.” The English word turbulence is also related to it. Why not name your cat Turbula or Turba (Latin for “crowd”)?

Sassy Names for Cats That Never Stopped Being Kittens

Do you have an adult cat that never grew out of their kittenhood? If so, these names will be perfect for them. They still have all the energy and mischievousness of a kitten, even if they’re full-grown.

  • Bam-Bam;
  • Chaos;
  • Doodles;
  • Fiesta;
  • Pepper;
  • Pit-Pat;
  • Sinnamon;
  • Spanky;
  • Vroom;
  • Zany.
Sassy Names for Cats That Never Stopped Being Kittens

These names are all perfect for a cat that’s always on the go, especially Vroom. If you still can’t decide on a name, keep scrolling for more ideas!

Cute and Mischievous Cat Names

Are you looking for a mischievous cat name that’s also cute? We’ve got you covered. These names are perfect for felines that love to play but are still the cutest things you’ve ever seen.

  • Bolt;
  • Buttercup;
  • Dizzy;
  • Dumpling;
  • Flyer;
  • Jitterbug;
  • Nibbles;
  • Snickers;
  • Squeaker;
  • Thumper.
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Wouldn’t you forgive a kitty named Nibbles if they sank their tiny teeth in your hand? And Snickers is perfect for a cat that’s always up to something – if they were human, they would snicker with delight!

Our Reader’s Story 🪶

I remember the first time I met my troublesome little kitten, Squeaker. He was so full of energy and curiosity, and he was always getting himself into trouble. I’d be sitting in the living room, and he would jump onto the couch, only to be so startled by his own reflection in the window that he would let out the loudest squeak.

That’s how he got his name! Squeaker has been with us for over five years now, and he’s still as naughty as ever. But no matter how much trouble he gets into, I’ll always love him and his silly little squeaks.

Mischievous Names for Cats Inspired by Pop Culture

Are you a fan of movies, TV shows, or books? If so, you can name your cat after one of your favorite characters. That way, every time you call their name, you’ll think of your favorite story. For a mischievous kitty, choose a person who’s always getting into trouble.

  • Dobby (Harry Potter);
  • Eloise (Eloise);
  • Gizmo (Gremlins);
  • Kermit (The Muppets);
  • Matilda (Matilda);
  • Nemo (Finding Nemo);
  • Piglet (Winnie the Pooh);
  • Puck (A Midsummer’s Night Dream);
  • Timon (The Lion King);
  • Tom (Tom and Jerry).

These mischievous cat names will be met with an understanding smile from anyone who hears you call your furry companion. A name like Eloise or Gizmo sure comes with a history!

How to Come Up with an Original Name for Your Playful Kitty?

If you’d like to come up with a mischievous cat name on your own, it’s all the better! We’ve got a few tips to help you get started.

  • Think about what makes your cat mischievous. Is he a little thief that steals your food? A daredevil that loves to jump off high places? Or does she just have a lot of energy and is always running around?
  • Brainstorm a few names that fit that description. Try to be creative and have fun with it! For example, if your cat likes to steal things, you could name him “Klepto” or “Thief.”
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Once you’ve come up with a few names, it’s time to choose the perfect one for your kitty. Take into consideration their personality, appearance, and your own personal preferences. We’re sure you’ll find a great name in no time.

Do you have a mischievous cat? What’s their name? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Name My Playful Cat?

You can name them after their favorite toy or game, like “Mouse” or “Hide-and-Seek.” You can also choose a name that reflects their personality, like “Venture” or “Tracker.” Or you could pick something completely out of the box, such as an exotic word or phrase. Ultimately, it’s up to you to find the perfect name for your cat!

What Should I Name My Hyper Kitten?

A car brand would be a good name for a hyper kitteh! For example, “Nissan” or “Honda.” You could also choose a name that reflects their bold and adventurous nature, such as “Rover” or “Glider.” Or opt for something silly, like “Pogo” or “Jumping Jack.”

What Do You Name a Feisty Cat?

A feisty cat might have a name that reflects their spunky and independent nature. Good choices include “Rebel,” “Rogue,” or “Defiant.” You could also choose something clever, like “Sly” or “Spunky.” For a more classic option, you can always go for names like “Tiger” or “Leo.”

What Is the Most Mischievous Cat?

The cat breed that is most known for its antics is probably the Abyssinian or the Bengal. Both breeds have a wild streak and are often more active than other cats. Names like “Mischief,” “Rascal,” and “Trickster” might fit these breeds well. For a Bengal cat, you could also choose something with an Asian flavor, such as “Kaito” or “Tatsu.”

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