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Sex ➡️
Female ♀️Male ♂️
Human namesClawdia, Jessicat, Tabbytha Furnando, Meowchael, Romeow
Famous peopleCleocatra, Jane Clawsten, NeferkittyMewton, Purchill, Shakespurr
Abstract ideasWhispurr, Acathy, Cattitude Clawsome, Gigabite, Naptune

Some people love puns, and some despise them. But when you’re looking for a funny cat name, there’s no denying that puns work purrfectly! Not only will a cat pun name make your friends laugh, but also show off your clever sense of humor. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to give their cat a one-of-a-kind name?

Male Cat Pun Names

What’s punnier than naming your tomcat Tom? Well, not everyone will catch the reference – after all, Tom is a regular name. But the 10 cat pun names you’ll find below are as humorous as they get.

  • Apawllo (Apollo);
  • Brad Kitt (Brad Pitt);
  • Caturn (Saturn);
  • Furcules (Hercules);
  • Furnando (Fernando);
  • Lucifur (Lucifer);
  • Meowchael (Michael);
  • Meowses (Moses);
  • Purrince (Prince);
  • Rupurrt (Rupert).
Male Cat Pun Names

How do you like ’em? We think they’re all rather cattastic! Lucifur is a good one for a black kitty, while Purrince works for a spoiled (or talented) little feline. If you’re looking for more inspiration, find more ideas below.

Female Cat Pun Names

Now, let’s move on to cat pun names for girls! These are just as humorous – if not more so. Pick one that won’t get boring after years, and that will make your cat stand out from the rest.

  • Abitail (Abigail);
  • Catalie (Natalie);
  • Clawdia (Claudia);
  • Jessicat (Jessica);
  • Kitty Purry (Katy Perry);
  • Meowley (Miley);
  • Opurrah (Oprah);
  • Purrudence (Prudence);
  • Tabbytha (Tabitha);
  • Veronicat (Veronica).
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Female Cat Pun Names

Did you find the perfect cat pun name for your feline friend? We think a name like Clawdia and Meowley is elegant enough for a lady cat, while Purrudence is a great option for an older cat. And you can make them sound like a normal name once the pun gets old!

Editor’s Advice 🪶

If you want to make your family laugh, try suggesting a pun on your sibling’s or parent’s name! For example, if you have a sister named Clara, you can try naming your cat Clawra. Or, change your own name into a cat pun name. It will be funny when you introduce your pet to your friends!

Unisex Cat Pun Names

Now, here are some cat pun names that work for both boys and girls. Choose one of these if you can’t decide on a specific gender, or if you’re getting more than one cat and want them to have names that match.

  • Apurratus (Apparatus);
  • Catzilla (Godzilla);
  • Furvy (Curvy);
  • Lapnap (Lap + nap);
  • Meowtini (Martini);
  • Octopuss (Octopus);
  • Purrdy (Purdy);
  • Simpurr (Simple);
  • Triller (Thriller);
  • Whispurr (Whisper).
Unisex Cat Pun Names

As you can see, there are cat pun names for every type of cat out there. Whether your kitten purrs a lot or acts like a little devil, there’s a name on this list for them. And if you’re still stuck, keep reading for more.

Literary Cat Names With Puns in Them

If you’re a bookworm, you’ll love – or hate – these cat names that are puns on famous literary characters and authors. Use one of them or make up your own by twisting the name of your favorite book or its protagonist!

  • Catnip Everclean (Katniss Everdeen);
  • Charles Lickens (Charles Dickens);
  • Great Catsby (Great Gatsby);
  • Hairy Pawter (Harry Potter);
  • Jane Clawsten (Jane Austen);
  • J.K. Meowling (J. K. Rowling);
  • Romeow (Romeo);
  • Terry Scratchett (Terry Pratchett);
  • Tom Pawyer (Tom Sawyer);
  • Winnie the Purr (Winnie the Pooch).
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See? The possibilities are endless! All you have to do is pick the purrfect one for your feline friend. And if you’re still stuck, don’t worry – we’ve got even more ideas below.

Build-a-Name 🧱

Open the nearest book on page 11. Is there a name on it? If not, try another book or keep going with page 22, 33, and so on. Once you find a name (of a character, historical figure, whatever), make a cat pun name out of it. For example, I found Maurice, so I could name my kitten Meowrice!

Historical Cat Names With Puns in Them

Are you a history buff? If so, you’ll love these cat names that are puns on famous historical figures. These are great for cats who are regal or act like they’re royalty.

  • Catpurrnicus (Copernicus);
  • Cleocatra (Cleopatra);
  • Empurrer/Empurress (Emperor/Empress);
  • Genghis Khat (Genghis Khan);
  • Hamewlton (Hamilton);
  • Mewton (Newton);
  • Neferkitty (Nefertiti);
  • Picatso (Picasso);
  • Purrchill (Churchill);
  • Shakespurr (Shakespeare).

Is your cat distinguished enough to be named Shakespurr, or regal enough to boast the name Empurrer? We think every cat pun name on this list is a winning one! And if you’re still looking for more, don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of ideas below.

Punny Name Ideas for Lazy Cats

Do you have a lazy cat who loves to sleep all day? If so, one of these cat pun names will be a fantastic choice!

  • Acathy (Apathy);
  • Catatonic;
  • Catnap (Catnip);
  • Comapaws (Comatose);
  • Feline Lazy (Feeling lazy);
  • Meowloaf (Meatloaf);
  • Naptune (Neptune);
  • On Bored (On board);
  • Peanap (Peanut);
  • Sleepurr (Sleeper).

These are just a few examples we could think of – but we’re sure you can come up with even more on your own. So get creative and have fun!

Punny Name Ideas for Sassy Cats

Last but not least, these following names are perfect for sassy cats who use their teeth and claws way too often. Some are also fitting for kitties who are too energetic for their own good.

  • Bitersweet (Bittersweet);
  • Catapult;
  • Catastrophe;
  • Cattitude (Attitude);
  • Clawsome (Awesome);
  • Dramacat;
  • Gigabite (Gigabyte);
  • Hissterical (Hysterical);
  • Outclaw (Outlaw);
  • Purrancer (Prancer).
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Punny Name Ideas for Sassy Cats

Is your kitty a little hissterical, or do they catapult themselves around the house? If so, one of these cat pun names is sure to fit them purrfectly.

Have You Found the Purrfect Punny Name for Your Kitty?

So there you have it – 70 cat pun names to choose from! We hope you found one that works for your feline friend. And if not, let your imagination run wild and come up with one on your own. The punnier, the better!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Clever Cat Names?

If you’re looking for something a little more clever, we recommend Purrcy Jackson, Cat Damon, or Chairman Meow. In the same vein, some cool names for cats include Chewbaccat, Dolly Purrton, and Cindy Clawford.

What Are Good Names for Grumpy Cats?

Crabby is a good name for a grumpy tabby. Pettish works for any cat that has a lot of pet peeves, and Crankitty is another great choice. You can also pick something that references their fur color, such as Grumplebee or Stormy Gray.

What Are Silly Names for Pets?

Silly names for pets range from the classics like Fluffy and Snowball to more whimsical titles like Captain Purrplestar, Sir Sleepalot, or Fu Manmew. You can also choose punny names like Fuzzy McFluffinstein or Meowses Meowlone. The possibilities are endless!

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