Trait ⬇️ | Gender ➡️Female ♀️Male ♂️
SweetAnya, Myshka, Zvezda Kotik, Luchik, Misha
FunnyKozha, Krysa, PtichkaChudak, Pepel, Tost
ActiveKsenia, Sasha, ZoyaBoris, Gagarin, Lev
SmartAlyona, Shanina, Sonya Grigory, Pushkin, Tolstoy
LazyGalina, Golubka, Irina Mekh, Sapfir, Timur

What do you associate with Russia? Vodka, snow, and cats! After all, several beautiful cat breeds come from Russia, including the Russian Blue, the Siberian cat and the Neva Masquerade. If you’re looking for a Russian cat name for your new kitten, any of these 74 ideas will have them purring with approval.

Female Russian Cat Names

Is your kitty more like a babushka or a supermodel? If her breed is of Russian origins, she might have a bit of both. The following names are inspired by strong and beautiful Russian women.

  • Anya – ‘grace’;
  • Alyona – ‘shining light’;
  • Galina – ‘tranquil’;
  • Irina – ‘peaceful’;
  • Katya – ‘perfect’;
  • Kira – ‘lady’;
  • Larisa – ‘fortress’;
  • Nikita – ‘winner’;
  • Oksana – ‘praise to God’;
  • Sasha – ‘defender’;
  • Sonya – ‘wisdom’;
  • Ulyana – ‘youthful’;
  • Vanka – ‘grace’;
  • Yulia – ‘young’;
  • Zoya – ‘life.’
Female Russian Cat Names

Does any of these Russian cat names speak to you? If not, we still have plenty of other great ideas for you! You could also look up the most popular female names in Russia starting with your favorite letter.

Male Russian Cat Names

Just like with human babies, it can be hard to decide on the perfect name for your new male kitten. You want something that sounds good, but also represents his personality and looks. The following Russian cat names all have great meaning and a lovely sound.

  • Aleksey – ‘defender’;
  • Anatoly – ‘sunrise’;
  • Boris – ‘battle glory’;
  • Dimitri – ‘follower of Demeter’;
  • Grigory – ‘watchful’;
  • Ivan – ‘God is gracious’;
  • Kirill – ‘lord’;
  • Lev – ‘lion’;
  • Maxim – ‘greatest’;
  • Misha – ‘who is like God?’;
  • Nikifor – ‘bringer of victory’;
  • Oleg – ‘holy’;
  • Stepan – ‘crown’;
  • Timur – ‘iron’;
  • Vasily – ‘king.’
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Male Russian Cat Names

Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, we hope you found the perfect name for your new feline friend on our list. If not, we’ll give you even more ideas below.

Cat Names Inspired by Great Russians

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from great Russians who made their mark on history. If you want to give your cat a name that is truly unique, consider one of these famous namesakes.

  • Catherine the Great – the longest-ruling Russian empress in history.
  • Chekhov – a playwright and short story writer who is considered to be one of the greatest writers of all time. His first name was Anton.
  • Dostoyevsky – this great Russian writer was known for his dark and complex novels. You could also use his first name, Fyodor.
  • Gagarin – the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin is a national hero in Russia.
  • Ksenia – Saint Ksenia is the patron of St. Petersburg who dedicated herself to helping poor people.
  • Mendeleev – Dmitri Mendeleev is the chemist who created the periodic table of elements.
  • Pushkin – Russia’s most famous poet, Alexander Pushkin, is beloved by many.
  • Shanina – Roza Shanina was a female Red Army sniper, known as the terror of East Prussia.
  • Sharapova – Maria Sharapova is a world-renowned tennis player.
  • Tolstoy – one of the most famous Russian authors. Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace.

These names all have great meaning and history behind them. If you haven’t decided yet, don’t worry – we still have plenty of other great ideas for you!

Name Ideas for Russian Cat Breeds

If you want a Russian cat name that specifically represents your cat’s breed, it’s a good idea. Even better if it’s tied to their heritage. Here are our recommendations for 4 of the most popular Russian cat breeds.

  • Neva Masquerade – Derevo (‘wood’), Maskarad (‘masquerade’), Pena (‘froth’), Tost (‘toast’), Tyulen (‘seal’).
  • Peterbald – Bezvolos (‘hairless’), Chudak (‘weirdo’), Gladkiy (‘smooth’), Kozha (‘skin’), Krysa (‘rat’).
  • Russian Blue – Dym (‘smoke’), Nebo (‘sky’), Pepel (‘ash’), Sapfir (‘sapphire’), Siniy (‘blue’).
  • Siberian – Mekh (‘fur’), Pukh (‘fluff’), Sneg (‘snow’), Snezhinka (‘snowflake’), Zima (‘winter’).
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Name Ideas for Russian Cat Breeds

Aren’t these names funny and pretty at the same time? If you don’t like any of them, you could try brainstorming some associations with your cat and translate them into Russian!

Our Reader’s Story 🪶

My Russian friend, Sofia (whom I met online), had just moved to the United States, and she was feeling homesick. To cheer her up, I suggested she adopt a cat. She went to the animal shelter and found a sweet Siberian cat. She was so excited to see her, and we knew she was the perfect addition to Sofia’s family. 

Sofia wanted to give her a name that reminded her of home, so she named her Zima. Zima means winter in Russian, and it was the perfect name for her because she had adopted her in the winter. She was a beautiful white cat with blue eyes, and she looked like a little snowflake.

Russian Terms of Endearment as Cat Names

If you want something that sounds cute, try one of these common Russian pet names. They’re normally used for significant others, children, and other people dear to you.

  • Golubka – ‘dove’;
  • Kotik – ‘kitty’;
  • Lapushka – ‘sweetheart’;
  • Lastochka – ‘swallow’;
  • Luchik – ‘sunbeam’;
  • Myshka – ‘mouse’;
  • Pcholka – ‘bee’;
  • Ptichka – ‘bird’;
  • Radost – ‘joy’;
  • Rybka – ‘fish’;
  • Solnyshko – ‘sun’;
  • Zayka – ‘bunny’;
  • Zolotse – ‘gold’;
  • Zvezda – ‘star.’

These names are all pretty and would be great for a sweet kitten. If you have a Russian girlfriend or wife, you could also use one of the feminine names (ending with -a) as a term of endearment for her!

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Have You Decided What to Name Your Cat?

We hope this article helped you choose the perfect name for your Russian cat. Whether you want something traditional or modern, we’re sure you’ll find the right fit on our list.

Do you have any other ideas for Russian cat names? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Ukrainians Name Their Cats?

There are a variety of traditional Ukrainian names for cats that you can use for your own pet. The most popular are probably Murchik, Murzik, Vasyl’, Nyavka, and Lapka. Vuhlyk is a great choice for a black cat, as it means “coal.” Zhyvchyk is often suggested for a hyperactive cat, and it means “zinger.”

How Do Russians Call a Cat?

Murka (from murlykat’, meaning “to purr”), Begemot (after Behemoth from Master & Margarita), Barsik (“little leopard”), Pushok (“fluffy”), Musya, Kuzya, and Basya are all popular options. Keep in mind that Murka, Musya and Basya are feminine names, while the rest are masculine.

Is Cat Feminine in Russian?

Yes, the Russian word koshka is feminine. It’s a great name for a female cat, but keep in mind that to a Russian, it’s the same as Kitty – not very creative. Other female cat names include Myshka (“mouse”), Kisa (“kitty”), Marusya, and Murlyka.

How Do You Say Blue in Russian?

Siniy is Russian for “blue” and goluboy is for “light blue” or “sky blue.” If you’re referring to something that is blue in color, then you would usually use the word siniy. If you’re talking about a person or an animal’s eyes being blue, then the correct word would be goluboy. The Russian Blue cat is also known in Russia as russkaya golubaya koshka.

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