The term “little lion” describes Lowchens perfectly. Lowchens are a small breed of dog that is known for its long, luxurious coat and its playful personality. Their cuteness is undeniable, and their stylish lion cut makes them a desirable choice for pet owners. Here are some more facts about Lowchens.


Lowchens history is quite long and can be traced back to the 1400s. Lowchens are believed to have originated in Germany or Holland and were bred as companion dogs. Their name literally translates as “lion dogs”. The dog is frequently used in paintings and tapestries from the era, which suggests that they were highly prized. Lowchens are also known for their distinctive hair style, which requires a fair amount of grooming. Today, Lowchens remain a popular breed choice for dog lovers around the world. The tiny “lion dog” has been represented in artwork dating back to the sixteenth century, but it’s uncertain if they were all dogs like the Löwchen or simply tiny Bichon-type dogs that were trimmed in a characteristic lion cut. Despite its connection with the Bichon Frise, the origin of this dog is obscure.


Lowchens are small dogs that are typically about 12-14 inches in height and weigh around 15 pounds. They have a long, wavy coat that can be either solid colors or patterns. Common colors include black, white, liver, and blue but they can be virtually of various colors and may have white, black, tan or cream markings. Lowchens’ hair is usually clipped short on the body but left longer on the head, tail, legs and chest. Lowchens are considered to be a “cute” breed and their expressive faces are often the focus of many dog photos. They are very small and are primarly bred as companion dogs. Their face expression is bright and lively, their tail is set high. Their coat is rather soft and dense and their muzzle is relatively wide. They have pendant ears that may be hardly noticeable under their long hair.

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Lowchen Grooming and Maintenance

Even though Lowchens have beautiful long hair, they do not require as much maintenance as it may seem. Lowchens only need to be brushed once or twice a week, and they can be groomed every few months. Lowchens are not considered hypoallergenic and may not be the best dog for people with allergies, and they shed seasonally so be prepared for a little extra vacuuming. Nails clipping is also required every few weeks and their ears should be checked for wax build-up and cleaned if necessary. There are many Lowchen specific grooming products on the market, but a good quality dog shampoo and conditioner will work just fine. If you’re not sure whether you can handle Lowchen maintenance, consult with a professional groomer that would help you.

Activity Level

Lowchens are perfect for apartment living and they are small enough to be carried around. However, they do love to play and have a lot of energy, so they are not recommended for those who are looking for a lazy dog. Lowchens love to be around people and they make perfect companions. They do not require as much physical activity as other dogs, however, they do need a moderate amount of exercise and play.


Since Lowchens are small dogs, they don’t require a lot of food. Lowchens only need around 80-160g of food daily, but that amount can vary depending on the Lowchen’s activity level and age. Lowchens should have a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Lowchens are prone to obesity, so it is important to ensure that they maintain a healthy weight by not overfeeding them.


Lowchens are popular and intelligent dogs that can be easy to train. They enjoy pleasing their owners and can be taught a variety of commands. Lowchens make great pets for families and are generally very well-behaved. Lowchens do require some training, but this is a fun process that will result in a well-mannered and happy Lowchen. Lowchen owners should start training their dog early on and be consistent with commands.

Lowchen Temperament And Personality

Little lions are known to be very loyal, affectionate companions. Lowchens are always up for a good time and love spending time with their families. They can be playful and entertaining, but also enjoy taking a nap next to their favorite person. Lowchens are usually friendly with everyone they meet, but can be a little wary of strangers. They are great family pets and they are good with children, although they may be too active for very small toddlers. Lowchens are also good with other pets in the home. They are quite alert and have a moderate or high tendency to bark. Overall, Lowchens are sweet, loving dogs that are sure to bring happiness into your home.

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Lowchen Health

Lowchens are considered a toy breed and typically live between 10-14 years. They are relatively healthy dogs, but do have a few health concerns that should be taken into account. Lowchens are prone to several diseases such as:

  • luxating patellas;
  • progressive retinal atrophy;
  • cataracts;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • allergies.

Luxating patellas or patellar luxation, is a common problem in Lowchens and can cause pain and lameness in the dog. Progressive retinal atrophy is a degenerative eye disease that can lead to blindness. Cataracts are a cloudy lens of the eye that can also lead to blindness. Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. If left untreated, it can lead to weight gain, hair loss, and a slowing of the dog’s metabolism. Allergies are also common in Lowchens and can cause skin problems, itchiness, and excessive shedding.

There are several things that you can do to help keep your Lowchen healthy. Make sure they get regular checkups and maintain a healthy weight. Lowchens that are overweight are more prone to developing health problems such as hip dysplasia and diabetes. Before you buy a puppy, make sure that you research the breeder and only buy from a reputable breeder that has healthy dogs.

For Whom?

Lowchens are a type of small dog that is known for being playful, friendly, and good with children. They make great family pets and can be a loyal addition to any home. Lowchens can be easily trained and love spending time with their humans. So, who will be the right owner for a Lowchen? Anyone who wants a small, playful dog that is good with kids will be a great candidate for Lowchens. Lowchens are not recommended for homes with very small children as they may inadvertantly injure the dog. Lowchens do require a moderate amount of exercise and love to play fetch or go on walks. They will be content curling up on their owner’s lap after a long day. Lowchens can be a little independent and may not always want to be handled, but they are ultimately a loving dog that wants to please their human family. If you are looking for an intelligent, low-maintenance dog that is great with kids, the Lowchen may be the perfect breed for you. Remember that these little dogs are very affectionate and don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. They may develop separation anxiety and bark or chew on furniture out of loneliness.

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Lowchen Puppies Price

Lowchens are considered one of the most expensive dog breeds. They are not only rare breed, but they are also known for their intelligence and companionship. Lowchens typically cost anywhere from $5,000 to even $8,000, making them one of the most expensive dog breeds to own. Before you buy a puppy, make sure you are prepared to invest in this high-priced breed. Lowchens are not the right dog for everyone, but they can be a great addition to the right family.

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