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Did you know that in the original novel, Pongo’s mate was named Missis, and Perdita was another female dog with a mate named Prince? Pongo and Missis had 15 puppies, while Perdita’s puppies had been sold to Cruella de Vil. The animated movie tells quite a different story.

Our list of 101 Dalmatians dog names will combine those revealed in the books, the movie, and the products made to promote the movie.

Are All 101 Dalmatians Dog Names Known?

Unfortunately, not all 101 Dalmatians dog names are known. The number of puppies named depends on whether you’re referring to the original novel 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith, or its movie adaptation by Disney. The movie differs quite a bit from the source material, but the list we’ve compiled below includes all the names from both.

Dalmatian Puppy Names in the Book 101 Dalmatians

Dalmatian Puppy Names in the Book 101 Dalmatians

The original book by Dodie Smith, 101 Dalmatians, was first published in 1956. In the novel, Pongo and Missis have 15 puppies. 8 are boys and 7 are girls. Four of them are given names, and these are:

  • Patch – a male puppy with a black patch on his eye;
  • Lucky – a male puppy with spots on his back coat forming an inverted horseshoe;
  • Cadpig – a female puppy with spotted ears, the runt of the litter;
  • Roly Poly – a male pup, known as Rolly in the animated series.
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In addition, one of the 82 rescued puppies is thought to be Gay – the female who becomes Lucky’s wife in the sequel, The Starlight Barking. If you’d like to name your dog after one of the older characters, you have four 101 Dalmatians dog names to choose from – Pongo, Missis, Perdita and Prince.

101 Dalmatians Dog Names from the Animated Movie

The 101 Dalmatians franchise includes not only the animated Disney movie (1961), but also the live-action film released in 1996, and an animated TV series which aired from 1997 to 1998. Each of them revealed a different set of puppy names.

In the 101 Dalmatians movie, Pongo and Perdita have puppies, and there are 15 of them. Six are named, and these include:

  • Patch – male;
  • Lucky – male;
  • Rolly – male;
  • Penny – female;
  • Freckles – male;
  • Pepper – gender unclear.

According to an early draft, puppies called Itchy and Spook were also to be included in the movie. There’s also the book Lucky Puppy, published in association with the movie, which lists the following additional puppies:

  • Blackie;
  • Blob;
  • Blot;
  • Dot;
  • Jolly;
  • Latch;
  • Lenny;
  • Salter;
  • Whitie.
101 Dalmatians Dog Names from the Animated Movie

Last but not least, 26 of the 84 rescued puppies were named in the production of promotional toys and gadgets. This adds the following 101 Dalmatians dog names to the full list:

  • Bravo;
  • Bulgey;
  • Bump;
  • Corky;
  • Dipper;
  • Disco;
  • Flapper;
  • Hoofer;
  • Hungry;
  • Inky;
  • Nosey;
  • Pokey;
  • Puddles;
  • Scooter;
  • Sleepy;
  • Smokey;
  • Sniff;
  • Spanky;
  • Spark;
  • Spatter;
  • Speedy;
  • Sport;
  • Swifty;
  • Tiger;
  • Tiresome;
  • Wags;
  • Yank;
  • Yoyo.

How do these names sound to you? 101 Dalmatians dog names are a wide range of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for traditional human names, or something more original that will suit your pup’s personality.

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101 Dalmatians Dog Names from the Live-Action Movie

101 Dalmatians Dog Names from the Live-Action Movie

The live-action movie also has Lucky, but he looks different from his version in the animated 101 Dalmatians. In addition, the film introduced another five 101 Dalmatians dog names, most of which replace the original puppies of Pongo and Perdita. These are:

  • Dipstick – male;
  • Dottie – female (Dipstick’s mate in the sequel);
  • Fidget – male;
  • Jewel – female;
  • Two-Tone – female;
  • Wizzer – male;
  • Domino – male (son of Dottie);
  • Little Dipper – male (son of Dottie);
  • Oddball – female (daughter of Dottie).

If you don’t mind them being different from the original 101 Dalmatians, you can name your dog after one of them. They’re all fine Dalmatian names!

101 Dalmatian Puppy Names from the Animated TV Series

The 101 Dalmatians TV series lasted for two seasons, with a total of 44 episodes. All the puppies from the animated movie appeared in it, with the addition of Cadpig from the books and Whizzer, Dipstick, Two-Tone, and Jewel from the live-action film. The series also introduced two more 101 Dalmatians dog names:

  • Tripod – a male puppy who constantly competes with Lucky;
  • Duke – a large male puppy with spotted ears.

“The Making Of…” episode also includes a scene where Cruella calls out the following names:

  • Dingo;
  • Furrball;
  • Ham;
  • Harvey;
  • Holly;
  • Hoover;
  • Kirby;
  • Lipdip;
  • Lugnut;
  • Lumpy;
  • Pickle;
  • Plato;
  • Playdoh;
  • Polly;
  • Pooh;
  • Sa-Sa;
  • Steve.

That’s a Lot of 101 Dalmatian Dog Names – Which One to Choose?

Which 101 Dalmatians Dog Name to Choose

According to all we’ve mentioned so far, at least 74 puppy names were mentioned in the whole franchise. 101 Dalmatians dog names are definitely not in short supply!

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The question is – which one of them should you choose? It all depends on your preferences. If you want a 101 Dalmatian name that’s unique, you can go for Dipstick, Fidget, Two-Tone, or Tripod. On the other hand, you might want a name that’s more iconic and human-like. In that case, 101 Dalmatian names like Lucky, Penny, Rolly, or Pongo might be a better fit.

Have You Found the Perfect Name for Your Dalmatian?

Finally, it’s up to you to decide which 101 Dalmatians dog name best suits your pup. No matter which one you choose, they’ll always be a special part of your family.

And if you want to learn more about Dalmatians as a breed, click here!

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