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Bird 🐦Sen

Highlights: Best Studio Ghibli Names for Pets

The best Studio Ghibli names for pets have to be those of each movie’s most iconic characters! Take a look if you’re not keen on browsing through all the movies:

  • Sen – For a pet that is full of spirit and courage.
  • No-Face – For a pet that is strange or tries to imitate you.
  • Porco Rosso – For a fiery and handsome pet.
  • Totoro – For a cuddly and cute pet.
  • Kiki – For a cheerful and adventurous pet.
  • Catbus – For a mischievous and curious pet.
  • Ponyo – For a playful and adventurous pet.
  • Baron – For a noble and loyal pet.
  • San – For a tough pet that enjoys action.
  • Nausicaä – For an elegant and graceful pet.
  • Moro – For a scary-looking but caring pet.
  • Seita – For a determined and brave pet.
  • Jiji – For a chatty cat or a cat-like dog.
  • Howl – For a magical and mysterious pet.

Some of these are anime animals, while others are people whose names are just as striking. We’ll explain most of them in more detail later, in the sections dedicated to different Ghibli movies.

Highlights: Best Studio Ghibli Dog Names

Do you have a new dog to name? Then you should definitely consider one of these great Studio Ghibli dog names inspired by anime dogs and other creatures!

  • Heen – The errand dog of Suliman in Howl’s Moving Castle, this anime pup was devoted to his master. Is yours the same? 🐶
  • Jeff – While he wasn’t a very prominent character in Kiki’s Delivery Service, this elderly Saint Bernard might just lend his name to your pup! 🐶
  • Koro – The title character of Koro’s Big Day Out, this adventurous puppy will gladly lend his name to a dog that likes to run away! 🐶
  • Haku – Dogs can be as fierce as dragons, so this Spirited Away character could be a great namesake for your pup. 🐶
  • Totoro – He may not look like a dog, but this My Neighbor Totoro character is as cuddly and friendly as some of the giant canines out there. 🐶
  • Moro – She’s a wolf goddess, so what better name for your tough German Shepherd or Husky than this character from Princess Mononoke? 🐶

Editor’s Note

My absolute favorite Studio Ghibli dog name is Howl – it’s not only a tribute to the movie Howl’s Moving Castle, but also a brilliant descriptor for a noisy dog! It will also work if you want a subtle reference to the Ghibli world that doesn’t sound too anime-ish.

Highlights: Best Studio Ghibli Cat Names

There are a few unforgettable cats in the anime world, so it’s only fitting to look for the best Studio Ghibli cat names when naming your new feline friend. Here are the best of the best:

  • Jiji – Already mentioned above, this cat is a big help to Kiki in her delivery business. Just like some real-life cats who accompany their owners on trips! 🐱
  • Catbus – The iconic Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro is just as lovable as the real cats in the movies, so this simple and funny name could be great for your own kitty. 🐱
  • Haru – The protagonist of The Cat Returns, Haru is a confident (though awkward at first) human-kitty that can definitely hold her own against dogs and other cats. The perfect name for your feisty tabby or plucky Siamese! 🐱
  • Humbert (or Baron) – Baron Humbert von Gikkingen is another character from The Cat Returns. A dignified, noble cat would love a regal name like this. 🐱
  • Lune – Prince Lune in the same movie can lend his name to a Russian Blue or a handsome kitty that might look like a prince himself. 🐱
  • Yuki – The friend of Haru, who once fed her as a stray kitten, this cat is as sweet and kind as they come. Yuki also means ‘snow’ in Japanese, so it’s a perfect name for a white cat! 🐱
  • Muta – Closing our list of The Cat Returns characters, Muta is a grumpy and sarcastic cat that warms up to Haru over time and helps her out. A good name for your devoted mouser or a pet who is a little bit of a ‘grump.’ 🐱
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Highlights: Best Studio Ghibli Cat Names

Spirited Away – Names for Dreamy Dogs and Cats

Was Spirited Away your favorite movie growing up? Or did you only discover it later, but find yourself enchanted by the story just as much? Even if you haven’t seen it yet, you probably know that Spirited Away is the story of a little girl named Chihiro who falls into the spirit world. Here are some names that any dog or cat would be proud to have!

  • Sen – This nickname of the movie’s protagonist, Chihiro, means ‘thousand’ in Japanese. It’s a perfect name for a spirited and adventurous pet.
  • No-Face – One of the spookier characters in Spirited Away, No-Face is a mysterious figure who can steal people’s personalities. It’s a perfect name for a cat or dog who likes to imitate people!
  • Haku –  Easy to pronounce, but still beautiful and otherworldly, Haku is the perfect name for a pet that has two sides. Its original bearer was a boy and a dragon, and your pet might be confident and gentle at the same time!
  • Yubaba – Yubaba is the hag who runs the bathhouse in Spirited Away and takes Chihiro under her wing. It sounds like a perfect pet name for a mischievous dog or cat who likes to cause trouble!
  • Sootball – These cute and tiny creatures don’t speak, but they’re a testimony of whether a family is good or bad. You might have heard them called Soot Sprites, but whichever you choose, it’s perfect as a name for any black pet!

My Neighbor Totoro – Names for Wonderful Companions

My Neighbor Totoro is more than just a movie. It’s an encyclopedia of everything sweet, funny and charming. Whether you’re thinking of getting a new pet or want to make your current buddy feel extra special, here are some Studio Ghibli names for pets inspired by the film that will warm your heart!

  • Totoro – The central character of the movie, Totoro is a giant fluffy forest spirit who loves children. His name is perfect for the biggest and most caring dog in the house!
  • Catbus – Also known as Nekobasu, this cat-like bus that takes people around the countryside is an iconic image from My Neighbor Totoro. It’s a great name for a cat with plenty of energy, who loves to go for adventures!
  • Mei – Mei is a young girl who comes to visit her sick mother and gets taken on adventures with Totoro. It’s an adorable name that can be given to a girl kitten or puppy!
  • Satsuki – Mei’s older sister, Satsuki is the most practical member of the family. It’s a great name for an older dog or cat who looks after children in the house.

Did You Know… 🔍

The name Totoro is supposedly inspired by Miyazaki’s niece who mispronounced ‘Tokorozawa’ az ‘Totorozawa.’ Miyazaki himself stated that it’s derived from Tokorozawa obake, meaning ‘Tokorozawa ghost.”

Princess Mononoke – Names for Brave and Active Animals

Princess Mononoke is a Studio Ghibli movie that’s full of action and adventure. Whether you’re looking for a name for your newest addition or want to honor a pet who’s been with you for years, here are some names inspired by the movie. They’ll show off your pet’s wild side!

  • San – The main character of the movie, San is a young woman raised by wolves in the forest. She’s brave and fierce and isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in. A great name for a similarly tough cat or dog!
  • Ashitaka (shortened to Ashi) – The prince of Emishi Village, Ashitaka is a kind and brave warrior. He’s devoted to the people he loves, making this an excellent name for a dog or cat who demonstrates loyalty.
  • Shishigami (shortened to Shishi) – Also known as Forest Spirit, this creature is a supporting character in Princess Mononoke. It’s a perfect name for a cat or dog with plenty of personality and style!
  • Moro – The 300-year-old wolf goddess who takes care of San, Moro is a powerful figure. This great name is perfect for a mature pet who seems to be full of wisdom.
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Princess Mononoke – Names for Brave and Active Animals

Grave of the Fireflies – Names for Pets That Have Been Through a Lot

Grave of the Fireflies is a story about two children who live through World War II. The movie is both heartbreaking and beautiful, making it an interesting watch for anyone, but it’s especially poignant if you have a pet who has been through hardship. Giving them one of these names will honor their courage and sense of survival!

  • Seita – The older brother of Setsuko and the film’s main character, Seita is a young man who tries his best in difficult circumstances. The name is perfect for a dog or cat who’s been through a lot, but manages to keep going!
  • Setsuko – A younger sister to Seita, Setsuko is the deuteragonist of the movie. Her story portrays hurt and hope at the same time. If your pet manages to be happy and sweet despite their trauma, this name is perfect for them.
  • Firefly – A symbolic tribute to the movie, this name is perfect for a pet who has a real heart and shines brightly in the darkness.

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Names for Youthful Pups and Kitties

Looking for some Studio Ghibli names for pets inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service? It’s a movie about an independent young woman who moves out of her home and starts to make her own way in the world. It’s a story about friendship, family and growing up! Here are some names that your pet can grow into.

  • Kiki – The movie’s main character, Kiki is a young witch who’s trying to make it on her own. If your pet has a youthful sense of adventure and independence, this is the perfect name.
  • Jiji – Kiki’s cat companion, Jiji is a great friend and possibly the most lovable character in the movie. The name is perfect for a black cat, or for any pet who you think is just as cute and cuddly!
  • Tombo – A young boy who’s fascinated with flight and introduces Kiki to the world of adults. A great name for a friendly dog, or cat who’s into joining in with the action!
  • Osono – An older woman who runs the bakery and takes prominent and kind roles in the movie. It’s an excellent choice for a cat or dog who’s mature and often acts like the adult of your family.

Did You Know… 🔍

Kiki has a plushie that looks like Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. If you have two pets to name, you can make a combo of Kiki and Totoro!

Howl’s Moving Castle – Names for Mysterious Pets

The story of Howl’s Moving Castle is unlike any other Studio Ghibli movie, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to be inspired by it! If you want a name that’s just as mysterious as your pet, try out one of these names.

  • Howl – The main character of the story, Howl is a wizard who’s both handsome and slightly mysterious. The name is perfect for a pet with an air of mystery, or for one that’s beautiful on the outside, but shy and gentle on the inside.
  • Sophie – A young girl who is cursed to be an old woman, Sophie is the hero of the story. It’s a great name for any pet that seems to defy all expectations – whether it’s because of their calmness or something else entirely!
  • Calcifer – This is Howl’s fire demon companion, who has a big personality and is always trying to make trouble. It’s the perfect name for a mischievous dog or cat – or one who just loves to have fun!
  • Turnip – This name could be a tribute to Turnip-Head, a scarecrow character who plays two very different roles in the movie and book versions. In the movie, he follows Sophie everywhere. Does your pet do the same?
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Howl's Moving Castle – Names for Mysterious Pets

The Tale of Princess Kaguya – Names for Intriguing Pets

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is a beautiful movie, released in 2013. It was the last Ghibli film directed by Isao Takahata, and it has a unique, traditional art style. These Studio Ghibli names for pets are perfect for any pet that’s as quirky and wonderful as the film!

  • Kaguya – The story’s main character, Princess Kaguya looks like a small girl, but has great power and wisdom. The name is perfect for a pet who seems to have big ideas – whether they’re as simple as learning a new trick, or as grand as getting you to adopt them!
  • Sanuki – The farmer who finds Kaguya in a bamboo stalk and adopts her. This name is perfect for a friendly dog who loves being around people, or a cat that can’t resist exploring new places.
  • Inbe (or Akita) – An honest and encouraging member of the royal court, he gave Kaguya the name Nakanaka Airashī Himegimi, meaning “beautiful and delightful princess.” This is the perfect name for a pet who’s your best friend, or for one that always has a positive attitude!

Studio Ghibli Names for Pets Are Endless

With so many wonderful movies and characters to choose from, Studio Ghibli names for pets are endless! Whether you’re looking for something sweet like a Kiki or Mei, romantic like Sophie, or funny like Totoro or Catbus, there’s a name for your new pet with the creative flair of Studio Ghibli.

Princess Mononoke | © Studio Ghibli

Of course, you can also take inspiration from some favorite characters from another anime! For example, Naruto dog names can be a great tribute to the show many of us grew up watching. And if you like fantasy critters, you might find a brilliant idea on our list of Pokemon dog names!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cat’s Name From Spirited Away?

There is no cat in Spirited Away. Perhaps you meant Jiji, the black cat in Kiki’s Delivery Service, or Moon, the fat cat from Whisper of the Heart.

What Is the Cat’s Name in Totoro?

In My Neighbor Totoro, we have Catbus (the large being that is a cat and a bus at the same time). There is also Kittenbus in the sequel Mei and the Kittenbus.

What Is the Cat Called in Arrietty?

The pet cat of Sho in The Secret World of Arrietty is called Niya. He’s a male cat who chases Arrietty and befriends her later.

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