Naming a petite dog can be quite a feat. You want to choose a name that reflects both their size and personality. Some people don’t mind it if their Pomeranian is the fifth Daisy in the neighborhood. Others will scroll endlessly through lists of names to find something that clicks. Wherever you stand, we hope our list of small dog names will give you some inspiration!

Female Small Dog Names for Your Little Lady

Looking for a feminine name for your pint-sized pup? It’s only natural to want to give your lady dog a name that reflects the special princess she is. This is the time for the most girly names to shine! Here are some of our top female small dog names:

  • Abby;
  • Gracie;
  • Lily;
  • Lulu;
  • Mia;
  • Penny;
  • Ruby;
  • Stella;
  • Willow;
  • Zoey.

They’re all short and sweet, just like your small lady dog. If you don’t like any of them, don’t worry. Think of a name that you always thought would be nice for a little girl, but wouldn’t be that fitting in adulthood anymore. Your pup will never grow out of it!

Male Small Dog Names for Your Mighty Man

Now, let’s move on to male small dog names. Your pup will often act like a mighty warrior, despite his small stature. He deserves a name that will strike fear into the hearts of his enemies – even if those enemies are plush toys and sticks. Here are our top picks!

  • Baxter;
  • Bolt;
  • Diesel;
  • Gizmo;
  • Jax;
  • Loki;
  • MacGyver;
  • Milo;
  • Ollie;
  • Rascal.
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These small dog names all have a bit of an edge to them. They’re perfect for a small but mighty pup who’s always ready for a good time – and a good fight.

The Cutest Names for Tiny Dogs of Both Genders

If for any reason you want to give your dog a unisex name, it might be difficult. Many names have a certain “feel” or imply a specific gender. To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of cute names that work equally well for tiny girl and boy dogs.

  • Bitsy;
  • Buddy;
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy;
  • Lollipop;
  • Lucky;
  • Muffin;
  • Peanut;
  • Pebbles;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Ziggy.

These small dog names are all super cute and work perfectly for both genders. If you’re still having trouble choosing, try thinking of a name that has special meaning to you or your family. Your pup will love having a name that’s unique to them!

Funny and Ironic Names for Small Dogs

We all know that size doesn’t always dictate personality. Just because your pup is small, doesn’t mean they can’t be the life of the party! So, it’s only fitting to name them something ironic, like ‘Biggie’ or ‘Goliath.’ If you’re looking for some more small dog name inspiration, check out our list of funny and ironic names:

  • Atlas;
  • Bacon Bits;
  • Bigfoot;
  • Chunky Monkey;
  • Goliath;
  • Hairy Pawter;
  • Hercules;
  • Kielbasa;
  • King Kong;
  • Pee Wee.

These names are sure to get a few laughs – and maybe even some raised eyebrows. But at the end of the day, your pup is the only one who matters. So, name them whatever you think suits them best!

Unique Small Dog Names That Will Make Your Pup Stand Out

If you’re looking for a name that’s both different and cute for your new canine companion, we’ve got plenty of options. Some are obscure ideas you might not have thought of before. Others are common words that you’ve probably never heard used as a dog name.

  • Aloha;
  • Boba;
  • Button;
  • Fudge;
  • Kiwi;
  • Maxi;
  • Pencil;
  • Tater Tot;
  • Thumbelina;
  • Zen.
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These small dog names are all unique, but they still have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes them perfect for your pup. If you’re looking for something truly different, try one of these names on for size. For an extra bit of irony, you could name your dog Chihuahua if they’re another breed!

Famous Small Dog Names to Give Your Pup a Bit of Star Power

Do you want your pup to have a name that will make them look like a celebrity? The best way is to name them after one of the world’s most famous dogs! Check out these small dog names that are fit for a star.

  • Benji;
  • Boo;
  • Copper;
  • Gidget;
  • Lassie;
  • Marley;
  • Oliver;
  • Slinky;
  • Rin Tin Tin;
  • Toto.

These small dog names are all from famous dogs in movies, TV shows, or the real world. If you want your pup to have a name that will make them stand out, one of these might be perfect. They’re sure to live up to their celebrity namesakes.

Tips for Naming a Small Dog

Choosing the perfect small dog name can be difficult, but we hope our list has inspired you. If you want to be more creative than just picking a name from a list, here are some tips to help you get started.

Think about your pup’s personality. Do they have a spunky or laid-back personality? Are they always getting into trouble or are they the perfect angel? Their personality can be a great starting point for finding the perfect name.

Consider their physical appearance. Is your pup small and delicate-looking? Or are they muscular and stocky? Their appearance or breed can also be a great source of inspiration for their name.

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Or, if you want to think out of the box, give yourself 15 seconds to find the smallest object in your room. The name of whatever you find could be the perfect small dog name for your pup! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with the first dog ever named Hairpin?

Have You Found a Cool Name for Your Little Dog?

We hope you’ve found some inspiration from our list of small dog names. Whatever you decide to name your dog, make sure it’s something everyone at home will love. After all, you’ll all be calling your pup that name their whole life!

Do you have a small dog with a big personality? What’s their name? Let us know in the comments below!

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