Whether you’re looking for a regal name befitting a king or something cute and quirky, we’ve got you covered. So read on and decide which one of these British dog names is the most suitable for your pup.

British Dog Names for a Female Dog

Looking for a unique name for your female dog? Check out this list of British dog names. These names are perfect for giving your pup a touch of class. From Lady to Duchess, there is sure to be a name that suits your fancy. So, what are you waiting for? Start naming those puppies! Our favorite names include:

  • Isabella;
  • Sophia;
  • Ava;
  • Emily;
  • Amelia;
  • Olivia;
  • Ella;
  • Blanche;
  • Amber;
  • Beatrice;
  • Eliza;
  • Holly;
  • Lottie;
  • Cressida;
  • Gladys;
  • Tilly;
  • Violet;
  • Vivian.

Male British Dog Names

Looking for the perfect name for your new male dog? British names are a great choice! From traditional favorites to modern twists, there’s a perfect name for every pup. Here are some of our favorite British dog names for boys:

  • Noah;
  • Oscar;
  • William;
  • Tobiah;
  • Benjamin;
  • Alfie;
  • Bella;
  • Charles;
  • Dylan;
  • Elliot;
  • Ezra;
  • Ollie;
  • Samuel;
  • Theo;
  • Liam;
  • Joshua;
  • Finley.

British Dog Names Inspired by Famous People

If you’re thinking about naming your new British dog Churchill or Thatcher, you’re not alone! These and other famous British people names are often given to dogs in the UK. But why? What makes these names so popular for canines? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular British dog names inspired by famous people:

  • Churchill (Winston Churchill);
  • Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher);
  • Florence (Florence Nightingale);
  • George (George Orwell);
  • Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth I);
  • Charles (Charles Dickens);
  • Victoria (Queen Victoria);
  • Charlie (Charlie Chaplin);
  • Jane (Jane Austen).
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Posh Name for an English Dog – Funny Ideas

If you’re looking for a funny, posh name for your English dog, look no further than these ideas!

  • Lady Penelope;
  • Baroness von Barkington;
  • Duchess of Dugmore;
  • Countess Fluffbottom;
  • Marquess of Muttleyton;
  • Viscount of Sniffleton;
  • Earl of Woofington;
  • Sir Barks-a-lot;
  • Lord Fido of Fluffytown;
  • Lady Lassie of Lapdog Manor.

British Dog Names From an Old English

There are some great British dog names that come from Old English. If you’re looking for a traditional name for your pup, these might be perfect:

  • Alden (old and wise protector) – for a very brave guard dog;
  • Lucan (bringer of the light) – for a dog that brings joy to your life;
  • Colby (dark haired) – for a puppy with a dark coat;
  • Brant (proud) – for a pup that you are proud of;
  • Makepeace (peacemaker) – for a puppy that never gets into fights;
  • Feran (traveler) – for a pet that likes adventures;
  • Blythe (cheerful) – for the one who is always happy;
  • Verona (bringer of the victory) – for a proud and brave female dog;
  • Yetta (home leader) – for a puppy who is the king in your house;
  • Dwight (the fair one) – for fair-haired dog breeds;
  • Ena (soul) – for a good-hearted and lovable pet;
  • Alfred (wise counsel) – for an intelligent and calm protector of the house;
  • Wilona (desire) – for a pretty dog lady;
  • Morven (child of the sea) – for a dog that loves to swim and play in the water;
  • Averill (boar-warrior) – for brave and fearless dogs;
  • Ralph (wolf) – for a dog that looks like a wolf;
  • Vala (the chosen one) – for a dog that you picked up from a shelter;
  • Ward (to guard) – for a police or a guard dog;
  • Birch (white) – perfect for a Husky or other white dog breeds.
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Puppy Names Inspired by the Royal Family

There are few things in life more regal than the British Royal Family. From their impeccable style to their endlessly fascinating history, they’re the embodiment of everything we associate with royalty. So it’s no surprise that many people look to them for inspiration when naming their own little princes and princesses.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that has the right combination of elegance and charm, look no further than this list of puppy names inspired by the British Royal Family:

  • Charles;
  • Diana;
  • William;
  • Kate;
  • George;
  • Charlotte;
  • Elizabeth;
  • Harry;
  • Louis.

You can also name your dog one of the British noble titles:

  • Duke;
  • Earl;
  • Lady;
  • Marquess;
  • Baron;
  • Viscount;
  • Duchess;
  • Countess;
  • Baronet;
  • Knight.

Name Your Dog After Your Favorite Place in Great Britain

There are so many amazing places to visit in Great Britain, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one favorite. But if you’re looking for a truly unique name for your new dog, why not try naming them after your favorite place in Great Britain? Here are a few of our top picks for unique British dog names:

  • Stonehenge – this ancient site is one of the most famous landmarks in all of Great Britain;
  • Loch Ness – this beautiful lake in Scotland is home to the elusive and mysterious Loch Ness monster;
  • Big Ben – if you love London, this iconic clock tower should be at the top of your list;
  • London – the capital of Great Britain is a bustling and exciting city, full of stunning sights and sounds;
  • Piccadilly – this famous street in London is home to many shops and restaurants, as well as a popular theater.
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British Dog Breeds & Perfect Names for Them

To help you narrow down the options, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular British dog breeds, along with our top English dog names for each.

  • English Bulldog – Mr. Wrinkles, Bess, Duchess, Oliver Twist;
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Ladybug, Rusty, Lucy;
  • English Setter – Duke, Lassie, Rebel;
  • English Mastiff – Brutus, Apollo, Angus, Titan.

No matter which breed you choose to bring into your home, be sure to take some time to get to know them before settling on that all-important name. After all, your furry friend will be living with their name for the rest of their life!

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