Some wonderful dog breeds that originate from Scotland are the Cairn Terrier, Skye Terrier, Rough Collie, Scottish Deerhound and West Highland White Terrier. The Border Collie and Golden Retriever have Scottish roots, too. All of them make great companions and family pets, and they all have unique histories and origins. Don’t they deserve a Scottish dog name to reflect that?

Where to Look for Scottish Dog Names?

When it comes to Scottish dog names, you have a lot of options. You can go with traditional human names like Duncan (meaning ‘dark warrior’) or Gavin (‘godsend’ or ‘white hawk’). Or you can choose a name inspired by the Highlands like Glen (‘valley dweller’) or Bonnie (‘pretty’). There are also plenty of cute Scottish nicknames that would make great dog names, like wee lassie or braw lad.

Scottish Gaelic Dog Name Ideas

If you’re looking for something unique, you can always try a Scottish Gaelic name. These come from the traditional Celtic languages spoken in Scotland. They might be difficult to pronounce at first, but you’ll soon get used to your dog’s new name. And you’ll be able to impress your friends with your knowledge of Scottish culture!

A few Gaelic names to consider are:

  • Aoife (pronounced ‘EE-fah’), meaning ‘beautiful, radiant;’
  • Coinneach (pronounced ‘Ker-NAH-k’), meaning ‘handsome;’
  • Eilidh (pronounced ‘AY-lee’), a diminutive form of Alice or Elizabeth;
  • Iseabail (pronounced ‘ISH-uh-bel’), the Scottish form of Elizabeth, which means ‘consecrated to God;’
  • Mhairi (pronounced ‘Vaar-ree’), derived from the name Mary;
  • Seonaidh (pronounced like ‘Shoney’), a water spirit in Lewis described by Martin Martin;
  • Tadhg (pronounced ‘Tieg’), meaning ‘poet’ or ‘philosopher.’
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Does any of these Scottish dog names strike your fancy? If so, be sure to tell your friends how to spell and pronounce your pup’s Scottish Gaelic name, so they can properly show off their knowledge too!

Scottish Dog Names on the Traditional Side

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a Gaelic name, there are still plenty of options for Scottish dog names that are on the traditional side. Consider some classic given names and surnames which everyone has heard and knows how to pronounce. Here are 15 ideas for your male dog:

  • Angus (‘one choice’);
  • Brodie (‘ditch’);
  • Campbell (‘beautiful field’);
  • Douglas (‘black stream’);
  • Fraser (‘strawberry’);
  • Graham (‘gravelly homestead’);
  • Grant (‘tall, large’);
  • Hendry (variant of Henry);
  • Innes (‘from the river island’);
  • Lachlan (‘from the land of lakes’);
  • Macbeth (‘son of life’);
  • Malcolm (‘devotee of Saint Columba’);
  • Murdoch (‘sea warrior’);
  • Ramsay (‘ram’s isle’);
  • Wallace (‘of Wales’).

And for your female dog:

  • Blair (‘plain, meadow’);
  • Cameron (‘crooked nose’);
  • Darcie (‘dark’);
  • Fiona (‘fair, white’);
  • Harper (‘harper’);
  • Iona (from the island of Iona);
  • Isla (from the island of Islay);
  • Lorna (from the placename Lorn or Lorne);
  • Lyndsay (from the city of Lincoln);
  • Malvina (‘smooth brow’);
  • Paisley (‘place of worship’);
  • Quinn (‘descendant of Conn’);
  • Rhona (‘from the rough island’);
  • Sorcha (‘brightness’);
  • Yvaine (‘evening star’).

Aren’t these names just lovely? And they all have such great meanings too. If you’re looking for a Scottish dog name for your furry friend, you can’t go wrong with any of these traditional options.

Name Ideas Inspired by Scottish Culture

If you want to go for a Scottish dog name with meaning behind it, why not try something inspired by Scottish culture? For example, you could name your dog after a famous Scottish figure like:

  • Flora MacDonald – a heroine of the Jacobite Rising of 1745 who helped Charles Edward Stuart escape capture;
  • Mary, Queen of Scots – the monarch who was executed for plotting to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I of England;
  • Robert the Bruce – the King of Scots who famously defeated the English at the Battle of Bannockburn;
  • William Wallace – a Scottish knight and a leader during the First War of Scottish Independence.
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Alternatively, you could go for something inspired by Scottish food or drink, like:

  • Cock-a-leekie – a soup made with chicken and leeks;
  • Haggis – a traditional Scottish dish made from sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart, liver and lungs);
  • Kippers – smoked herring;
  • Powsowdie – a soup made with mutton, onions and barley;
  • Rollmops – pickled herring;
  • Shortbread – a type of biscuit typically made with flour, sugar and butter;
  • Whiskey – a type of alcohol that is distilled from grain.

If you’d rather go for something meaningful, here are some interesting national symbols of Scotland:

  • Claddagh – a traditional Irish ring which represents love, loyalty and friendship;
  • Saltire – the cross in the flag of Scotland;
  • Thistle – an important symbol of Scottish heraldry;
  • Triquetra – a Celtic symbol often used to represent the Holy Trinity;
  • Triskelion – a Celtic symbol consisting of three interlocking spirals;
  • Unicorn – Scotland’s national animal.

Calling your dog Unicorn also has another advantage – everyone will turn around when you shout it in the park! If you’re more of an introvert, that might not be such a good thing, but if you’re outgoing and love meeting new people, it’s the perfect icebreaker.

Popular Scottish Dog Names Inspired by Pop Culture

Finally, if you’re looking for a Scottish dog name that is more light-hearted, why not try something inspired by pop culture? For example, you could name your dog after a character from the popular Scottish TV show Outlander:

  • Claire – the main character;
  • Jamie – Claire’s husband;
  • Frank – Claire’s first husband.

Or, if you’re a fan of the movie Braveheart (1995), you could name your dog after one of the main characters:

  • William Wallace – the protagonist;
  • Murron MacClannough – William’s wife;
  • Princess Isabella of England – Robert’s wife.
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Whatever you decide, we hope you find the perfect name for your pup. And if you’re still struggling to find the right name, think about what strikes you about Scotland the most!

Have You Found the Perfect Name for Your Dog?

So there you have it – plenty of ideas for Scottish names for dogs, no matter what you’re looking for. Whether you want something traditional, meaningful or just downright quirky, there’s bound to be the perfect name out there for your pup. Happy searching!

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